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Top 10 Best Dog Whistles in the UK 2020 (ACME, Storm and More)

Whether you’re training a newly-adopted puppy and looking to correct behaviour from an older pooch, a whistle can be an excellent training tool for your dog. These are often said to help with ‘anti-barking’ training, but they’re not just useful for aversive training, they're excellent for command training too!

But which whistle is best? Most people consider ultrasonic ‘silent’ whistles to be best but there are pros to using audible whistles as well. Our buying guide will walk you through the benefits of each whistle type and then our top 10 listings will show you our favourite whistles from popular brands such as ACME and Storm.

  • Last updated: 12-10-2020
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How to Choose a Dog Whistle in the UK - Buying Guide

If you’re not sure of the differences between a pea whistle you can trill, a pealess whistle or an ultrasonic whistle, read our buying guide below to find out which one is best for you and your pooch. We'll also get into the different materials available and other features to look for while you shop. 

Decide Between an Audible Whistle or a 'Silent' Ultrasonic Whistle

Although ultrasonic whistles are often cited to be the best choice for dog training, they are not the be all and end all of dog whistles. There can be pros and cons to all types, so it all comes down to your needs and preferences – and obviously your pooch’s, too!

Ultrasonic Whistles Are Best for Dogs That Are Hard of Hearing

Ultrasonic or silent dog whistles are what most people refer to when talking about dog whistles. These are great as dogs can usually hear these whistles better, even if you have a dog that is hard of hearing or even deaf. Plus, there’s no risk of bothering your neighbours by blowing a loud whistle at all hours of the night!

However, silent whistles are not necessarily perfect for everyone. Although they have their benefits, it may be harder to train your dog if you can’t hear the sound yourself. Plus, in some cases your dog may not respond to the whistle at all – or worse, the sound may even irritate your poor pooch's ears!

Audible Whistles Come in Two Types and Are Best for Beginners

Audible whistles are better for beginners for obvious reasons – being able to hear it makes your life a lot easier! Although there's a risk they can be damaging to your ears or a nuisance to others, if you're doing long-distance training this can be a positive as the sound travels further than silent whistles.

They can come in two types: pea whistles or pealess whistles. Pea whistles contain a ‘pea’ inside, which is often a cork ball. This ‘pea’ allows you to make a greater combination of sounds with trills incorporated. This is great for command training as it means you can make a different sound for each command

However, these whistles don’t work well in cold weather, as the ‘pea’ may freeze and prevent you from making the proper sounds, so keep this in mind when training in winter!

Pealess whistles are obviously best for colder climates as there’s no pea inside to become frozen. Plus, they are better for quicker blasts of sound rather than long notes, if that is your preference for your commands. However, the range of sounds isn't as large as with a pea or ultrasonic whistle, so it may be harder to train your dog with different commands.

Ensure Your Whistle Has the Optimum Frequency for Your Dog's Hearing

Ensure Your Whistle Has the Optimum Frequency for Your Dog's Hearing

The frequency of a whistle is measured in Hertz (Hz) and is a very important factor to consider. While an average middle-aged adult has a hearing range from 20 Hz - 15,000-17,000 Hz, an average dog’s range goes from 40-60,000 Hz. 

This a huge difference in range and the reason why most ultrasonic dog whistles are considered ‘silent’ to human ears. You should also consider that different dog breeds have different hearing ranges. Smaller breeds such as Jack Russells have a higher range of hearing, whereas larger breeds usually respond better to lower ranges. 

Luckily, many whistles have adjustable frequencies so make sure you pick one with this feature if you're unsure – that way, you can test which range your dog responds best to!

Choose Between a Plastic or Metal Whistle

Now you’ve learnt about whistle types and frequencies, it’s time to consider the material of your whistle. You usually get two options to pick from: plastic or metal.

Plastic Is Cheap and Cheerful and Comes in Bright Colours

Plastic Is Cheap and Cheerful and Comes in Bright Colours

Plastic whistles are great for both ease of use and the purse strings as they are often more affordable than metal ones. Not only are they better for all weather types, but they’re often more comfortable to use. 

Although they may not be as durable as metal whistles, if you're prone to losing things on your dog walks (or in general!) a plastic one is probably a better option for you – they can come in a variety of fun, eye-catching colours, and they're cheaper to replace. 

Metal Is Sturdier but Can Be Affected by Cold Weather

Metal Is Sturdier but Can Be Affected by Cold Weather

Metal whistles are of course sturdier and more durable, so if you want a product that will last you for a long while, this is the way to go. Some even have a lifetime warranty! They also look more sleek and stylish, if you care about that kind of thing.

However, the downside is that cold weather may affect these whistles negatively. Not only will it be cold and uncomfortable to use, but the tone of your whistle may change from the cold.

Look for Additional Accessories Like Lanyards or Key Rings

Look for Additional Accessories Like Lanyards or Key Rings

A tiny item like a whistle on its own can be easily misplaced, which is why many dog owners choose to use key rings or lanyards to keep track of themSome whistles also come with covers to protect the mouthpiece when it's not in use. You're putting it in your mouth after all, and who knows what germs could've gotten on it!

While you can choose to buy these accessories separately, it's helpful to look for a whistle set which comes with these additional extras. It's definitely an incentive to buy a particular product and one less thing for you to worry about.

Top 10 Best Dog Whistles in the UK

Now you know what to look out for in your training aid, it’s time to take a look at our list of top dog whistles and select your favourite for your pup!


KIEPAWS2 in 1 Dog Clicker and Whistle


Whistle TypePealess
Frequency RangeHigh frequency
Extras2-in-1 clicker and whistle

AncolConstant Frequency Pro Whistle


Whistle TypePealess
Frequency Range-
ExtrasKeyring and ball chain

BenbulbenTwin Pack High Pitch Dog Whistles


Whistle TypePealess
Frequency RangeHigh frequency
ExtrasKeyrings and lanyards

StormAll-Weather Safety Whistle


Whistle TypePealess
Frequency Range3150 Hz

SimplyNatural Ultrasonic Copper Core Dog Whistle


Whistle TypeUltrasonic
Frequency RangeAdjustable
MaterialMetal with copper core
ExtrasLanyard and whistle cover
Whistle TypePealess
Frequency Range-
ExtrasCushioned mouth grip, lanyard
Whistle TypePea whistle
Frequency Range-
MaterialMetal (chrome-plated brass)

SportDOGRoy Gonia Special Whistle


Whistle TypePea whistle
Frequency RangeLow pitch
Whistle TypePealess
Frequency Range5900 Hz
ExtrasKeyring and strap
Whistle TypeUltrasonic
Frequency Range5,800 - 12,400 Hz
MaterialMetal (solid brass with nickel plating)
ExtrasWhistle cover, chain with keyring

Compare the Best Dog Whistles

ACME Silent Dog Whistle 535 1


ACME Dog Whistle 210.5 1


SportDOG Roy Gonia Special Whistle 1


ACME Thunderer No. 58 1


Fox Classic CMG Whistle 1


SimplyNatural  Ultrasonic Copper Core Dog Whistle 1


Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle 1


Benbulben Twin Pack High Pitch Dog Whistles 1


Ancol Constant Frequency Pro Whistle 1


KIEPAWS 2 in 1 Dog Clicker and Whistle 1



Silent Dog Whistle 535

Dog Whistle 210.5

Roy Gonia Special Whistle

Thunderer No. 58

Classic CMG Whistle

Ultrasonic Copper Core Dog Whistle

All-Weather Safety Whistle

Twin Pack High Pitch Dog Whistles

Constant Frequency Pro Whistle

2 in 1 Dog Clicker and Whistle


The Most Recommended Ultrasonic Whistle With a Lifetime Warranty

Offers a High Pitch That's Sufficiently Loud for Dogs but Quiet for Humans

Low-Pitched and Ideal for Larger Breeds or Older Dogs

A Top-Quality Pea Whistle Perfect for Long Range Trills

Ultra-Comfortable for Use Over Extended Periods of Time

An Ultrasonic Whistle With an Adjustable Frequency Range

The Loudest Whistle on the Market for Long-Distance Training

A High-Frequency Set Perfect for Smaller Dogs

A Metal Whistle That Promises a Consistent Frequency

2-in-1 Training Accessory for Dual-Purpose Training

Whistle TypeUltrasonicPealessPea whistlePea whistlePealessUltrasonicPealessPealessPealessPealess
Frequency Range5,800 - 12,400 Hz5900 HzLow pitch-- Adjustable3150 HzHigh frequency- High frequency
MaterialMetal (solid brass with nickel plating)PlasticPlasticMetal (chrome-plated brass)PlasticMetal with copper corePlasticPlasticMetalPlastic
ExtrasWhistle cover, chain with keyringKeyring and strapNoneKeyringCushioned mouth grip, lanyardLanyard and whistle coverNoneKeyrings and lanyardsKeyring and ball chain2-in-1 clicker and whistle

More Handy Dog Training Accessories

More Handy Dog Training Accessories

Worried about your new pup running off during a training session? Or perhaps you'd just like to know which other items could help to make your training sessions a bit easier! Whichever type of canine pal you have by your side, we think you'll both find our related articles helpful. 


So there we have our top best dog whistles, all available to purchase quickly and easily online. Whether you prefer audible or silent, plastic or metal, we hope you’ve found a suitable whistle that you like and your dog responds well to. All that’s left to say is good luck in your training! 

Author: Dodo Wang

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