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Top 10 Best Maternity Coats in the UK 2021 (ASOS, New Look and More)

As you progress through your pregnancy and your bump continues to grow, you’ll soon find that your old clothes no longer seem to fit - and that means it's time for some new additions to your wardrobe! One essential item of clothing that every expecting mother needs, particularly during the cooler months, is a maternity coat. This is a coat that's designed to adapt with your bump as you go from one trimester to the next.

There are lots of styles to choose from, and you don't want to make the wrong decision, particularly as maternity coats can get quite expensive. That’s why our buying guide is here to show you how to find the right maternity coat to see you through your pregnancy. We've even ranked the top 10 best in the UK on Amazon and ASOS.

  • Last updated: 04-03-2021
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What Is a Maternity Coat?

What Is a Maternity Coat?

Maternity coats are an essential item of clothing for ladies with burgeoning bumps, but what exactly are they? Well, despite the different name, maternity coats really don’t differ too much from regular coats

What really sets maternity coats apart is that they’re designed to accommodate your bump throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. This means you will be able to increase the size of your coat as your bump grows.

How to Choose a Maternity Coat in the UK - Buying Guide

With maternity coats, there’s more than meets the eye. They're packed with hidden features, but unless you know what you're looking for, this can make shopping for one rather difficult. Don’t fear! We’ve outlined exactly what to keep an eye out for for when searching for the next addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Maternity Coats Use Different Adaptability Methods to Grow With Your Bump

Maternity Coats Use Different Adaptability Methods to Grow With Your Bump

Maternity coats are designed to grow with you and your bump as your progress through your pregnancy. Some maternity coats are simply designed to be larger and roomier around the stomach. This is achieved by using a design that widens towards the bottom. This doesn't look strange in the way that you might expect and, in fact, is often not noticeable at all. 

Other coats have a zip or a drawstring that allows them to be widened as your bump grows. Finally, there are those that come with several variously-sized fabric panels that can be fitted between the zips of your coat. That way, you can gradually increase the size of the panels, widening your coat as you reach the end of your pregnancy. Buy these panels separately, and they can even be used to widen an ordinary coat!

The Right Materials Will Keep You Warm and Dry Throughout Your Pregnancy

As with any coat, you'll need to make sure it's fit for purpose. By choosing a coat made from suitable materials for the time of year in which you plan to wear it, you can ensure both you and your bump stay warm and dry throughout the coldest months.

Choose Thermal Fabrics for Winter, and Lighter Materials for Autumn and Spring

Choose Thermal Fabrics for Winter, and Lighter Materials for Autumn and Spring

The best thing about throwing on a new coat is keeping nice and snug when you head out for a walk in the cold, but some materials are better than others at keeping you warm during winter. Thicker materials such as wool and fleece are great at insulating heat and keeping you as cosy as possible when you're out and about in cooler temperatures.

Temperatures can remain pretty chilly in the spring and during the autumn, but ideally you'll want something lighter than those worn during the winter months. Thinner materials, such as polyester or soft shell, provide enough insulation to keep the wind at bay, without making you sweat, and they're highly waterproof too! 

Keep a Waterproof Coat Ready for April Showers

Keep a Waterproof Coat Ready for April Showers

Coats aren’t just for keeping you warm, they’re also for keeping you dry during unexpected downpours! They say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation, and living in the UK, it pays to be prepared. Fortunately, there are tons of waterproof maternity coats to choose from.

When browsing online, it can be tough to tell from sight whether a coat is waterproof or not. The best way is to check the product description (often the name of the coat itself will tell you if it’s waterproof or not). Failing that, check the list of materials. For example, avoid materials like fleece or cotton, as they’ll simply absorb rainwater like a sponge!

Things get more difficult where polyester is concerned, as its water-resistance varies depending on thread count and whether it has a water-repellant coating. Don't worry if you’re struggling, for every maternity coat included in our top 10, we’ve stated whether it’s waterproof or not.

The Style and Choice of Colours Can Mean the Difference Between Formal and Informal

The Style and Choice of Colours Can Mean the Difference Between Formal and Informal

Every outfit has a time and a place, and perhaps the best thing to do when shopping for a new maternity coat is decide whether you’re looking for something casual or a coat for more formal occasions

There’s no hard and fast rule about what makes something more appropriate for formal wear. Although, generally, coats that come in darker colours tend to look a little more formal, especially those made from matte fabrics. Look for full or three quarter length coats, trench coats and blazers for office wear and formal attire.

The Style and Choice of Colours Can Mean the Difference Between Formal and Informal

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, you’ll be spoiled for choice as there are nearly as many varieties of maternity coat as there are regular ones! Everything from parkas to mackintoshes and fleeces are now available in adjustable versions that will grow with you and your bump.

Why not express your vibrant personality by picking your favourite bright colour? If you're not sure what shade to pick, find a coat in a shade that complements your hair colour, or the colour of your favourite accessories. You could even use the colour of your coat to reflect the changing seasons - reds and oranges look wonderful in autumn, whereas blues and greens look splendid in spring.

Pick a Coat With a Carrying Pouch to Bond With Baby As You Walk

Pick a Coat With a Carrying Pouch to Bond With Baby As You Walk

Every maternity coat is designed to accommodate your growing bump, but did you know that, once they’ve arrived, some coats feature handy pouches that allow you to carry baby on your front as you walk?

Often named ‘kangaroo’ jackets, they feature small pouches that can be zipped and securely attached onto the front of the coat itself. The motion of your walking and the sound of your heartbeat will be sure to soothe baby and, if you find a maternity coat with a pouch that allows your baby to face you, you can enjoy strengthening your bond and feeling all gooey inside as your baby looks up at you while you walk!

Extra Features Like Pockets Are So Handy They're Not Worth Missing Out On

Extra Features Like Pockets Are So Handy They're Not Worth Missing Out On

A fashion retailer will never miss an opportunity to set their clothing apart from the rest, and maternity coats offer the perfect canvas for all sorts of wonderful features. Seemingly simple additions, such as the ability to tighten the bottom of your coat, can make a world of difference when the wind begins to pick up. Similarly, a coat with plenty of pockets avoids having to carry a bag when you’re only making a quick trip to the shops. 

Other coats include features to keep you extra warm, such as cuffs that can be wrapped around like gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty. These extra features might seem insignificant in and of themselves, but sometimes a little goes a long way, and they’re well worth looking out for!

Top 10 Best Maternity Coats in the UK

Now you're a little more acquainted with the wonderful world of maternity coats, it’s time to find something that’ll keep you and your bump warm and toasty throughout the rest of the winter and the coming spring. Take a look at our ranking, to discover the top 10 best maternity coats online in the UK!


Maternal AmericaWomen's Maternity Peplum Blazer


AdaptabilityStretchable fabric
MaterialsPolyester, rayon, elastane
Colours AvailableNavy
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesFront flap pockets

ASOS DesignMaternity Lightweight Parka In Sage


AdaptabilityExtra room for bump
Colours AvailableSage
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesDrawstring hood and waist, side pockets

New LookMaternity Longline Teddy Borg Coat


AdaptabilityExtra room for bump
Colours AvailableStone
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesDouble-breasted style, side pockets

ASOS DesignMaternity sateen belted puffer jacket


AdaptabilityExtra room for bump, waist-tie
Colours AvailableBlack
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesFunnel neck, zip and press studs, tie waist, side pockets

Be MammyWomen's Maternity Drawstring Jacket


AdaptabilityZipper to adjust circumference
Colours AvailableNavy blue, black, grey, khaki
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesAdjustable circumference, pockets, detachable hood

Zip Us InJacket Expander Panel


Colours AvailableGrey and black
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesAdjustable length

Be MammyMaternity Trenchcoat


AdaptabilityAttachable expander panels
Colours AvailableBlack, graphite, dark blue, heather
Carrying PouchNo
Extra FeaturesZip fasten, pockets

Be! MamaAll-Weather Waterproof 3in1 Softshell Maternity Jacket


AdaptabilityAttachable expander panel
Colours AvailableGrey
Carrying PouchYes
Extra FeaturesFunnel neck, side pockets

GoFutureWithLoveKangaroo Jacket


AdaptabilityAttachable panel extender
MaterialsFleece, cotton, elastane
Colours Available12 colours available
Carrying PouchYes
Extra FeaturesFunnel neck, fleece-lined

MijaCulture3-in-1 Front And Back Facing Maternity Jacket


AdaptabilityAttachable panel extender
MaterialsSoft shell
ColourBlack, grey, red
Carrying PouchYes
Extra FeaturesSide pockets, drawstring hood

Compare the Best Maternity Coats

MijaCulture 3-in-1 Front And Back Facing Maternity Jacket 1


GoFutureWithLove Kangaroo Jacket 1


Be! Mama All-Weather Waterproof 3in1 Softshell Maternity Jacket 1

Be! Mama

Be Mammy Maternity Trenchcoat 1

Be Mammy

Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel 1

Zip Us In

Be Mammy Women's Maternity Drawstring Jacket 1

Be Mammy

ASOS Design Maternity sateen belted puffer jacket 1

ASOS Design

New Look Maternity Longline Teddy Borg Coat 1

New Look

ASOS Design Maternity Lightweight Parka In Sage 1

ASOS Design

Maternal America Women's Maternity Peplum Blazer 1

Maternal America


3-in-1 Front And Back Facing Maternity Jacket

Kangaroo Jacket

All-Weather Waterproof 3in1 Softshell Maternity Jacket

Maternity Trenchcoat

Jacket Expander Panel

Women's Maternity Drawstring Jacket

Maternity sateen belted puffer jacket

Maternity Longline Teddy Borg Coat

Maternity Lightweight Parka In Sage

Women's Maternity Peplum Blazer


Let Your Baby See the World In a Coat That Does it All

Keep You and Your Little One Cosy With This Fleece Jacket

Embrace the Great Outdoors With this All Weather Jacket

A Stylish Trenchcoat for Before, After and During Pregnancy

Versatile Panels to Wear With Your Favourite Coat

Get the Perfect Fit With this Drawstring Jacket

Stay Extra Toasty With This Belted Puffer Jacket

Get That New Coat Feeling From Bump to Baby and Beyond

A Fresh and Lightweight Coat That's Perfect For Spring

The Perfect Office Pick For Working Mums To be

AdaptabilityAttachable panel extenderAttachable panel extenderAttachable expander panelAttachable expander panels-Zipper to adjust circumferenceExtra room for bump, waist-tieExtra room for bumpExtra room for bumpStretchable fabric
MaterialsSoft shellFleece, cotton, elastanePolyesterPolyesterPolyesterPolyesterPolyesterPolyesterCottonPolyester, rayon, elastane
ColourBlack, grey, red12 colours availableGrey Black, graphite, dark blue, heatherGrey and blackNavy blue, black, grey, khakiBlackStoneSageNavy
Carrying PouchYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Extra FeaturesSide pockets, drawstring hoodFunnel neck, fleece-linedFunnel neck, side pocketsZip fasten, pocketsAdjustable lengthAdjustable circumference, pockets, detachable hoodFunnel neck, zip and press studs, tie waist, side pocketsDouble-breasted style, side pocketsDrawstring hood and waist, side pocketsFront flap pockets

The Perfect Products to Aid You on Your Pregnancy Journey

The Perfect Products to Aid You on Your Pregnancy Journey

There’s so much to think about during pregnancy. Luckily, one thing you no longer need worry about is which products to buy! we’ve got plenty of articles full of information on the best pregnancy must-haves, from comfy maternity underwear to books that’ll tell you everything you need to know. Click the links below to find out more.


There’s nothing better than a coat that’ll keep you cosy on a winter’s walk, and both you and your bump deserve to stay sheltered from the elements. We hope our buying guide has helped you find a maternity coat that’ll keep you nice and warm while remaining utterly fabulous!

Author: Ben Willimett

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