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  • 10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More 1
  • 10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More 2
  • 10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More 3
  • 10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More 4
  • 10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More 5

10 Best Crocs UK 2023 | Bae Clog, Brooklyn Wedge and More

Crocs. Bear with us, they're in fashion again - honest! These comfortable rubber slip-on shoes may divide opinion, but the odour-resistant, lightweight footwear is having a(nother) moment, not just with older wearers who love the foot-friendly, ventilated clogs, but also with youngsters enjoying platform Crocs, fur lined versions, flip flops and slides!

Our article will help you compare the best Crocs for men, women, kids and toddlers, before revealing our ranking of the top 10 best Crocs in the UK. We've compared the nation's favourite styles on Amazon, John Lewis and eBay including the trendy Bae clog and the Brooklyn wedge to save you hours of scrolling online. Thank Croc for that!

Last updated 26/08/2022
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Table of Contents

How to Choose Crocs in the UK - Buying Guide

Selecting a good pair of Crocs may seem simple, but there are a few options you may not even know about yet. Fear not, this section is all about the different variations on the classic Croc, and the benefits of each. Before you know it, you'll have a collection to rival Imelda Marcos!

① Bored of Gendered Footwear? Unisex Crocs Are Sized for Everyone

Bored of Gendered Footwear? Unisex Crocs Are Sized for Everyone

Most Crocs are unisex, and many reviews say they tend to be larger than the size advertised. But, of course, you'd expect nothing less from a shoe that's designed to be loose-fitting, breathable and easy on the feet. 

You will find Crocs available in men's and women's styles and sizes. So if you favour a particularly masculine or traditionally feminine shoe shape, you'll find plenty of pairs you'll want to add to basket ASAP. 

What we love most about Crocs, however, is the laid-back, ever so slightly hippie vibe that comes along with these comfy clogs. So choose a unisex version if you're tired of gender rules when it comes to shoe-shopping. 

② Choose Crocs For Kids to Keep Little Feet Comfy and Cool

Choose Crocs For Kids to Keep Little Feet Comfy and Cool

It's not just adults who can enjoy the comfort of a Crocs clog, children also benefit from these ventilated, sea-worthy shoes that are as appropriate for the paddling pool as they are for the park. They're light and cool, and sometimes sport fun and colourful designs such as cartoon characters or movie favourites.

While Crocs are billed as the ultimate in comfort, it's important to note that the spacious toe area only provides so much support. This part of the shoe is quite large, so it's natural to grip the soles with our toes to stop the clog falling off. 

This means while Crocs are comfy for young'uns, they should be worn alongside more supportive shoes, to stop bad habits developing and avoid damage to growing spines.

③ Decide on a Croc Shape Based on the Season and Your Plans

Decide on a Croc Shape Based on the Season and Your Plans

While the famous clog shaped Croc is an excellent shoe for pebbled beaches, rock-pooling, sunny day gardening or a gentle dog walk, other designs are available for a variety of occasions. What's that? You didn't know Crocs had a whole host of other shapes? You've been missing out!

Sliders or slides - those simple, single-strap, slip-on sandals everyone is wearing lately - are wonderful for a lazy Sunday wander to the corner shop when only trackie bottoms and a giant bag of Wotsits will do. Crocs have their own stylish version, with ventilation holes you can plug with your favourite Jibbitz charms.

Crocs can also be bought in more structured designs, such as chunky wedge sandals, slimline slip-ons (not unlike a flip flop), hefty platform clogs and fur-lined versions ideal for chillier climes. Already envisaging a year-round Crocs collection for your wardrobe? You won't be the first.

④ Consider How Heel Height Affects Comfort When Walking

Consider How Heel Height Affects Comfort When Walking

If you are going for a less popular, more exciting style of Croc, take a moment to consider the practicality of the heel height. A chunky wedge or a retro-style platform heel may not be as risky to walk in as a stiletto heel, but if you do like to march along at a decent pace, a flat heel will be kinder to ankles and safer on an incline.

Of course, higher heeled or platformed Crocs are great for making a fashion statement or adding a little height. In fact, the more elegant shapes could even be worn to classy occasions, such as birthdays and even weddings, as a super comfortable alternative to more typical heels. 

⑤ Choose Neutral Crocs for Regular Wear or Bold Colours and Patterns for a Unique Look

Choose Neutral Crocs for Regular Wear or Bold Colours and Patterns for a Unique Look

One of the most appealing aspects of the humble Croc is that many pairs have those convenient holes. Although originally added for ventilation, they can now be jazzed up with cute Jibbitz charms, designed by the Crocs brand to take their shoes to new levels of fun and self-expression. 

Choose a pair of Crocs in a colourway that will work best with the shapes and styles of charm you like best, or simply find one which matches your personal style and favourite wardrobe staples. We love the fact that Crocs come in a rainbow of colours, including bold brights as well as neutrals like black, white, navy and grey.

Top 10 Best Crocs in the UK 2021

OK, enough procrastinating, let's get stuck in and reveal the ten best Crocs you can buy online in the UK! There are some lovely options on our list for men, women and kids, so the whole family can rock a pair of Crocs, whilst enjoying the comfort of this iconic footwear.
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Classic Clog

Crocs Classic Clog 1枚目

The Ultimate Croc for Comfort and Style



Classic Platform Clogs

Crocs Classic Platform Clogs 1枚目

Statement Platforms For a Retro Throwback



Crocband Kids' Sandals

Crocs Crocband Kids' Sandals 1枚目

Secure, Snug Sandals for Sun, Sea and Sand



Classic Fur Lined Fuzzy Slipper Clogs

Crocs Classic Fur Lined Fuzzy Slipper Clogs 1枚目

Ultra Fuzzy Slippers You Can Wear Outside



Crocband Slides

Crocs Crocband Slides 1枚目

The Perfect Lazy Day Sliders



Brooklyn Wedge Heel Sandal

Crocs Brooklyn Wedge Heel Sandal 1枚目

Stylish Wedges You Can Wear All Day



Baya Unisex Clogs

Crocs Baya Unisex Clogs 1枚目

Say Goodbye to Sweaty Feet With Superior Ventilation



Kids' Movie Character Clogs

Crocs Kids' Movie Character Clogs 1枚目

Movie Favourites for Little Feet



Classic Bae Clogs

Crocs Classic Bae Clogs 1枚目

Bring Back the 90s in Platform Crocs



Swiftwater Slip On Sandals

Crocs Swiftwater Slip On Sandals 1枚目

The Perfect Beach Footwear

Product details

The Ultimate Croc for Comfort and Style

These are the ultimate in comfort and temperature control, making them perfect for hot summer days when a breeze is key to preventing sweaty feet. Choose from more than twenty colours and designs and team with casual shorts or a cute floral dress, depending on the day. 

These unisex sandals are ideal for both men and women, plus there's an identical option in a broad range of children's sizes, so the whole household can enjoy a pair in their favourite shade. The minimal flat sole makes them easy to walk in, while the generous toe space helps you avoid that crushed-in feeling and allows enough room to chuck on some socks come autumn and winter!


CrocsClassic Platform Clogs


Statement Platforms For a Retro Throwback

Flower Power never goes out of style. It's not so much the print that gives these clogs their fashion forward status, but rather the chunky platform heel. They're also available in soft yellow, dusky pink, black, white and psychedelic marble swirls!

The platform shape just about edges these Crocs away from their (undeserved) frumpy image, and into more modish territory, reminiscent of highly fashionable Swedish clogs or the designer slip-ons that are bang on trend these days. They're officially aimed at women, although the wide fit means men can enjoy the whimsy of these cool kicks in larger sizes too.


CrocsCrocband Kids' Sandals


Secure, Snug Sandals for Sun, Sea and Sand

We think these are the best kids' crocs as they're lightning quick to put on, even when the wearer is reluctant. Add to that the fact they're super secure on fast-running feet, boast a feather-light weight and  you can add socks whilst still keeping little feet fresh when the temperature drops... what more could a parent ask for?

The sole of these shoes is chunky enough to protect precious growing feet from sharp stones at the beach, while the Velcro fastening ensures your child's foot is held in tightly - no more missing shoes after the chair-o-planes. Plus, the colour range is brilliant!


CrocsClassic Fur Lined Fuzzy Slipper Clogs


Ultra Fuzzy Slippers You Can Wear Outside

Ahhhh! That's the stuff. If you thought classic Crocs were comfy, get ready to plunge your tired trotters into these sumptuous fur-lined slip-ons! We love the fact they're unisex and sized accordingly, though the extra layer of fur provides good support for toes compared to other pairs.

There's a veritable kaleidoscope of colours to choose from in this soft, cosy range to carry you from scorching summer into the milder days of autumn. Reviewers describe them as the ideal warm, snuggly slippers you can also wear outside, and who doesn't love having two-shoes-in-one? 


CrocsCrocband Slides


The Perfect Lazy Day Sliders

If you're looking for a new (or your very first) pair of sliders, this lemon yellow pair with a slice of white around the sole might just be the holy grail. The three perfectly placed ventilation holes are just crying out to be decorated with whimsical Jibbitz charms, such as a flower or your spirit emoji. 

The wide strap holds tightly onto feet while letting them breathe, so you can slip these on as you walk from changing room to pool, or down from your towel to the edge of the waves. If yellow's not your thing, you can choose from a decent range of shades, whether you're matching them with sportswear or a bright block colour bikini.


CrocsBrooklyn Wedge Heel Sandal


Stylish Wedges You Can Wear All Day

Here is another gorgeous shoe, proving that Crocs are so much more than just clogs! Even though the wedge is high, it's curved to fit the arch of your foot, making them super comfy even if you've got a fair distance to walk or plans to dance.

These pretty wedge-heel sandals are available in classic black, tan and chirpy tomato red, among other fun shades and patterns. The sling back straps are adjustable to four different lengths, and, while leather sandals and cheaper versions of this same shape can rub and blister skin, the trademark silicone used in Crocs is kind to skin and convenient to wear in hot sun or pesky rain. 


CrocsBaya Unisex Clogs


Say Goodbye to Sweaty Feet With Superior Ventilation

Profess your love of Crocs to the world with these logo-emblazoned clogs with the famous adjustable heel strap. While the standard Croc has that shiny crocodile pin, these ones also have the brand name carved out of the body of the shoe, ensuring no one is mistaken about your loyalties!

The other benefit of these cut-out sandals, is the fact they are more cooling and have better ventilated than standard Crocs, allowing a gentle breeze to pass through the shoe as well as down through the top. The Baya Crocs are all the rage right now, so don't hesitate!


CrocsKids' Movie Character Clogs


Movie Favourites for Little Feet

Your kids are going to love these classic clogs. Not only are they spacious and comfy enough for growing toes, but come covered in cool artwork celebrating their favourite animated stars. With choices ranging from Lightning McQueen to Buzz Lightyear and the gang from Paw Patrol, they'll be the talk of the playground! 

As with all Crocs clogs, these feature a heel strap that can be adjusted to hold the foot in place, or moved to convert the shoe to a slip-on. The extra-grip waterproof rubber soles are just right for running, jumping, kicking and splashing, so pack these for holidays and beach days to keep young feet protected.


CrocsClassic Bae Clogs


Bring Back the 90s in Platform Crocs

If you had any doubt that Crocs could be edgy, these rave-ready space age platform clogs will surely put that thought to an end. No 90s look is complete without a chunky platform heel, but these grungy clogs are way more comfy than most similar options, trust us!

The chic white pair, or the statement black, would look just as amazing with impossibly baggy combat trousers as they would with a low-cut midi skirt straight out of 1998. Just note that these aren't advisable for those who favour a high-speed power-walk from A to B, or who may be prone to a mild ankle-twist risk on the dance floor, so take care!


CrocsSwiftwater Slip On Sandals


The Perfect Beach Footwear

If you're not well versed in the world of Crocs, you'd be forgiven for thinking they only exist in the classic clog shape, but these gorgeous streamlined sandals are one of a multitude of variations available. The water-resistant, rubberised tread provides comfort, while the stylish criss-cross straps offer simple elegance. 

These shoes are aimed at women and are only available in sizes 2 to 9, so don't boast the same universality of some of Crocs' unisex options. They are also perhaps the least Croc-ish of our choices, so may not appeal to those seeking the classic clog.

Looking for More Comfy Footwear?

Looking for More Comfy Footwear?

Treating your feet kindly is one of the best things you can do for your body - not just your feet either, but your posture, spine and neck too! Have a look at the links below for more ways to keep your trotters comfortable and secure, whether hard at work or lazing round the house. 


Wasn't it Coco Chanel who once said: 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, then put on a pair of crocs'...? Maybe we're getting that wrong, but now you've read this article, you're well equipped to invest in a comfy shoe that is kind to feet and just right for gardening, pottering or chilling at home!

Author: Annie Hopkins

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No. 2CrocsClassic Platform Clogs

No. 3CrocsCrocband Kids' Sandals

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No. 5CrocsCrocband Slides

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