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Top 10 Best Sideboards in the UK 2021 (John Lewis, Habitat and More)

Sideboards and buffets were traditionally reserved for the dining room where they would store crockery and glassware while giving you a place to display photos or flowers. However, as our layouts changed – hello open plan living – so did the application of this piece of furniture. Nowadays, they are centrepieces of style and function and have earned their place in the modern home. 

So, how do you go about finding the perfect sideboard cabinet? In this guide, we’ll explore both the aspects that need considering – form and function. From there, we’ll go on to show you our favourites available to buy online from Amazon, John Lewis and Argos ranging in style from modern black to cool Scandi chic and from small and narrow to statement pieces. 

  • Last updated: 10-08-2021
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How to Choose a Sideboard in the UK – Buying Guide

Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. We’ll look at the different styles of sideboards available as well as dimensions, storage options, common materials used and finishes. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a better understanding of what you want from your purchase and how to find it. 

Traditional Sideboard vs Dresser – What’s the Best Style for You?

First up, you’ll want to consider the different styles of sideboards. Now, if we were talking about the various styles of furniture, like art deco, rustic or modern, we’d be here all day. Instead, we’ve grouped them into two easily distinguishable groups – traditional sideboards and dresser sideboards. Let’s get to know them individually. 

Traditional Sideboards Are Long, Low and Great for Displaying

Traditional Sideboards Are Long, Low and Great for Displaying

A traditional sideboard takes the form of a low piece of furniture that usually measures no more than 100 cm in height. The storage is easily accessible and can be drawers, doors or both, while the tabletop is the perfect display surface for both functional and decorative items such as lighting, art or trinkets. 

Most commonly they are free-standing units (which all of our picks are), but there are occasionally some wall-mounted options. They come in a wide array of different styles from traditional chest-like options to mid-century modern and Art Deco, so you’ll never be stuck finding something that suits your home and your tastes. 

Dresser Sideboards Are Taller With More Storage Options

Dresser Sideboards Are Taller With More Storage Options

Dresser sideboards are different in the way that they are taller rather than wider. Therefore, they tend to be narrower, which is ideal if you’re low on floor space but still require some extra storage. They too utilise both drawers and doors, but you may also find some open storage cubes or shelves.

One facet unique to dresser syles is that glass can be used for the compartments. This makes the item look somewhat like a display unit itself, which might not be ideal if you’re trying to hide clutter but may be desirable if you’d like to exhibit your fancy crockery or glassware.

Nonetheless, a person does have to consider the room when buying a dresser sideboard as they can become overbearing rather quickly and make the room feel smaller and more cluttered than it is.  

Consider the Dimensions in Relation to the Room

Consider the Dimensions in Relation to the Room

When it comes to furniture, you should never overlook the dimensions. If you purchase a sideboard that is too small, then it will look lost in the room. On the other hand, if it’s too big then it will take up valuable space and, as we mentioned, make the room feel cluttered.

Therefore, you must measure the space you wish to place the unit. Once you have those dimensions, you’ll want to then ensure that you have enough space so that all of the drawers and doors can be accessed comfortably

Also, you will want to consider its size in relation to the other elements of the room, as you won’t want it to be domineering. So, if you have a small room, then opt for lighter colours or reflective surfaces, as this will keep the space looking a little more open.  

Drawers, Doors, Open or Closed? Select the Storage You Want

Drawers, Doors, Open or Closed? Select the Storage You Want

The number one function of a sideboard, whether traditionally or in a contemporary home, is that of a storage unit. Thus, it makes sense to consider the storage type and volume offered by the various options available.

Customarily, your options are drawers, doors and cubes (or shelves). Drawers will likely be shallow and work best when used for smaller items. It’s often that place in the house where your stuff drawer is, where you’ll find batteries, old iPod headphones and a few biros. In our opinion, it’s a criminally underrated part of the home. 

Drawers, Doors, Open or Closed? Select the Storage You Want

The doors will be larger compartments, either as one bigger space or with shelves inside to double up on storage. However, as you'll probably have to assemble the unit, if you don’t want the shelves, you don’t have to have them. These areas are traditionally used for things like blenders or other overflow kitchenware, but of course, what you put inside is up to you! 

Finally, you have open cubes, although they’re not always cube-shaped. These are good for storing objects or utensils that you use daily as they’re easy to get to. Either that or they work well as a space to place decorative items. 

The Material Will Affect the Cost, Weight and Finish

The Material Will Affect the Cost, Weight and Finish

Last but not least, you’ll want to consider the materials. As with most furniture, solid woods are favoured as the highest-quality option, but they’ll be considerably heavier and more expensive. Ergo, if you plan on moving home in the near future, you’re going to need to call in the A-Team to help. 

Manufactured boards, such as plywood or MDF, can be used in conjunction with solid woods or steel frames and help keep both the cost and weight down. Steel frames aren't too common but assist in the solidity of more delicate woods, plus they can give the furniture a smart, industrial-style finish.

Talking of finishes, the materials used will also dictate this to a certain degree. So, if you’re after a unit for a traditionally styled home, darker woods may work better. On the flip side, lighter wood finishes work better with contemporary decor. Or, you can always opt for the classic black or white painted wood to take away the fear of clashing with other furniture.  

Top 10 Best Sideboards in the UK

So, here’s our roundup of ten of the best sideboards available today. We have a range of different styles at several price points, but all were picked because they have a solid combination of form and function, just like the modern home. 


John Lewis & PartnersHarvard TV Stand Sideboard


Dimensions160 x 75 x 40 cm
Storage4 doors (with shelves)
MaterialsMDF, steel
FinishGrey and wood
Weight55 kg

MeerveilSideboard Storage Cabinet


Dimensions120 x 85 x 30 cm
Storage5 cubes, 2 doors (with shelf)
Weight26.5 kg

Mercers FurnitureCorona Large Sideboard


Dimensions125 x 76 x 40 cm
Storage5 drawer, 2 door (with shelves)
FinishNatural wood
Weight43 kg

John Lewis & PartnersFrame Storage Cabinet


Dimensions110 x 79 x 42 cm
Storage2 doors (with shelves)
MaterialsSolid oak, glass
Weight48.8 kg

HabitatMalibu Sideboard


Dimensions110.2 x 76.6 x 39.6 cm
Storage4 drawers, 2 doors (with shelves)
FinishOak effect
Weight35 kg

John Lewis & PartnersANYDAY Mix it Double White Unit


Dimensions199 x 60 x 38 cm
Storage4 cubes, 2 doors (with shelves)

Argos HomeSerenity Sideboard


Dimensions80 x 80 x 40 cm
Storage2 drawers, 2 doors (with shelves)
MaterialsPinewood, MDF
Weight31 kg

John Lewis & PartnersGrayson TV Stand Sideboard


Dimensions120 x 57.5 x 40 cm
Storage2 doors
MaterialsOak, MDF
FinishNatural wood
Weight33 kg

HOMCOMFree Standing Sideboard, Walnut


Dimensions123 x 80 x 23.5 cm
Storage4 cubes, 2 doors
MaterialsPinewood, particle board
FinishDark wood
Weight21 kg

BTMBlack Wood Sideboard


Dimensions100 x 66 x 40 cm
Storage2 drawers, 3 cubes, 1 door
Weight32 kg

Compare the Best Sideboards

BTM Black Wood Sideboard 1


HOMCOM Free Standing Sideboard, Walnut 1


John Lewis & Partners Grayson TV Stand Sideboard 1

John Lewis & Partners

Argos Home Serenity Sideboard 1

Argos Home

John Lewis & Partners ANYDAY Mix it Double White Unit 1

John Lewis & Partners

Habitat Malibu Sideboard  1


John Lewis & Partners Frame Storage Cabinet 1

John Lewis & Partners

Mercers Furniture Corona Large Sideboard 1

Mercers Furniture

Meerveil Sideboard Storage Cabinet 1


John Lewis & Partners Harvard TV Stand Sideboard 1

John Lewis & Partners


Black Wood Sideboard

Free Standing Sideboard, Walnut

Grayson TV Stand Sideboard

Serenity Sideboard

ANYDAY Mix it Double White Unit

Malibu Sideboard

Frame Storage Cabinet

Corona Large Sideboard

Sideboard Storage Cabinet

Harvard TV Stand Sideboard


The Every Home Sideboard

A Significant Amount of Storage Space for the Money

Achieve the Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

Disney-Esque and Perfect for a Kid's Room or Nursery

High Quality Without the High Cost

An Affordable Solution for a Clutter-Free Home

An Ideal Way to Display

The Perfect Hallway Sideboard

For Those Who Want Plenty of Open Storage

A Versatile, Art Deco-Inspired Piece

Dimensions100 x 66 x 40 cm 123 x 80 x 23.5 cm 120 x 57.5 x 40 cm 80 x 80 x 40 cm 199 x 60 x 38 cm 110.2 x 76.6 x 39.6 cm 110 x 79 x 42 cm 125 x 76 x 40 cm 120 x 85 x 30 cm 160 x 75 x 40 cm
Storage2 drawers, 3 cubes, 1 door4 cubes, 2 doors2 doors2 drawers, 2 doors (with shelves)4 cubes, 2 doors (with shelves)4 drawers, 2 doors (with shelves)2 doors (with shelves)5 drawer, 2 door (with shelves)5 cubes, 2 doors (with shelf)4 doors (with shelves)
MaterialsWoodPinewood, particle boardOak, MDFPinewood, MDFUnknownUnknownSolid oak, glassPinewoodWoodMDF, steel
FinishBlackDark woodNatural woodWhiteWhiteOak effectBlueNatural woodWhiteGrey and wood
Weight32 kg 21 kg 33 kg 31 kg Unknown35 kg 48.8 kg43 kg 26.5 kg 55 kg

Finishing Touches for Your Sideboard

Finishing Touches for Your Sideboard

If you're anything like us, you'll be excited by the fact that you've got a whole new surface to decorate with a selection of stylish bits and pieces. Check out some of our ideas below for inspiration as well as where to shop our favourite items. 


Nowadays, sideboards are much more than just practical pieces of furniture – they add style to many different rooms around the home. We believe that if you follow the advice given in the buying guide, then you'll find yourself a brilliant option in no time. Who knows? You might have already seen it in our ranking. 

Author: Lewis Clark

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