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Top 10 Best Kitchen Trolleys in the UK 2021 (Eddingtons, Argos and More)

What's something that gives you more counter space, organised drawer and shelf storage and sits on four wheels? Well, that could only be one thing – a kitchen trolley. Kitchen trolleys come in a range of different designs, materials and colour combinations to suit the vast ways in which British families store, prep, cook and entertain.

There really is something for everyone, from compact, narrow carts to the more refined kitchen islands and industrial trolleys with a nice chunky butcher's block on top. But luckily, we've narrowed your search down to the top 10 best found on Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and eBay to ensure your kitchen will soon be both a space-savvy and a stylish one. 

  • Last updated: 13-08-2021
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How to Choose a Kitchen Trolley in the UK - Buying Guide

Bringing a kitchen trolley into your home is a simple way of creating extra counter and shelf space while injecting a sense of style. This buying guide has been put together to include the integral aspects of this handy piece of kitchen furniture, allowing you to make an easy and assured choice from the top 10 below. 

Consider Which Trolley Type Best Fits Your Kitchen

Consider Which Trolley Type Best Fits Your Kitchen

Kitchen trolleys can be purposed to look the part as a focal point of your kitchen just as easily as they can be loaded up and wheeled out of sight. Being the latter option of the two, a storage cart's sole purpose is to stow food and kitchen items and be as inconspicuous as it possibly can. 

Sure, the odd storage cart will come styled to the nines, blending well in contemporary and vintage settings, but they're rarely intended to be front and centre. Instead, they will feature several shelves, baskets and maybe a drawer to ensure your goods are safe and secure. 

Kitchen islands are easily identified by a worktop that's built into their design. This worktop can house important things like the kettle, as well as acting as a spill-over station for when you're cooking up a storm. Islands should also still have plenty of storage potential below deck for quick access to cooking and eating bits. 

Make Sure the Trolley’s Materials Are up to the Job

Kitchen trolleys and the castors they wheel on should be constructed of sturdy materials to handle plenty of weight and plenty more wheeling action. Looking into the various materials of today's carts and trolleys will leave you with a clearer idea of which products are up to scratch. 

Choose a Main Material That’ll Look the Part and Last

A trolley's material needs to be strong enough to house all you intend it to, but you'll also want to consider how you want it to look in relation to your kitchen's decor and style. Both of these points combined make material one of the most imperative aspects to get right. 

Giving any kitchen an honest and natural tone, from the uber-chic to the understated and practical, wood is one of those materials you simply cannot ignore. Consider any trolley made of beech, pine or bamboo to be strong, stylish and ready to endure. Although not as strong, MDF is also good at creating a woody feel for a friendly price. 

Plastic trolleys are budget in construction and design, suiting storage carts and a light load best. Powder-coated and stainless steels have industrial appeal and an unwavering ability to endure heavy loads with ease. A choice between these three materials, therefore, will come down to your intended workload and desired style

Opt for Steel Castors to Guarantee Your Trolley’s Longevity

The castors of a kitchen trolley are super important as they are purposed with holding the whole unit up. Referring to any wheel which has a swivelling bracket attached to it, castors make light work of manoeuvring kitchen trolleys in any direction with ease.  

The best castors are almost always constructed of steel with a rubberised wheel attached to them. They are included on premium products from brands that put worth in making kitchen trolleys last instead of lowering their price point wherever possible.

If a trolley's castors aren't constructed of steel, there's a high chance they'll be made of plastic. Plastic castors are fitted to budget and mid-range trolleys to give a smooth rolling surface minus the bigger price tag. This does, however, make for a more brittle wheel that's more likely to break under pressure. 

Factor in How Much Storage There Is and Whether It's Hidden or Open

Factor in How Much Storage There Is and Whether It's Hidden or Open

Each trolley benefits from a certain number of storage features designed to maximise your kitchen's potential and minimise its clutter. Which combination you choose will be based on what you have planned for the trolley and where you want it to go. 

Drawers are more prominent in kitchen islands for their ability to tuck items away and look presentable. Drawers can either cover the entire width of the trolley or come as two or three smaller ones to keep things orderly. If drawers are fitted to a storage cart, there's a good chance they will be open-top to allow you to see without sliding. 

Shelves are a popular feature in both islands and carts, while baskets will either be permanently fixed to the trolley's frame or able to be lifted out to make lighter work of storing. Cabinets are a feature of the most premium of islands, implemented into their designs to keep things looking clean and sleek. 

Note Whether the Trolley Comes Fully Assembled or Flat Packed

Note Whether the Trolley Comes Fully Assembled or Flat Packed

Although often overlooked, the way in which a product comes delivered to your door is essential online shopping knowledge. Some of the more high-end trolleys will come as fully-assembled units that can be rolled straight into your kitchen and stocked up in minutes. 

Unfortunately, though, the bulk of kitchen trolleys online do come flat packed. If you're someone who can't help but get a hesitant gulp in the throat at the very thought of flat-packed furniture and don't fancy shelling out for a premium trolley, then an easy-assemble one is probably a good idea. 

Easy-assemble trolleys come in as few pieces as possible and only require a small number of screws to build. Storage carts are the most likely to be easy-assemble, with their simple basket and frame design. You won't be so lucky to find this in a kitchen island, meaning the phone-a-handy-friend option might be required for some. 

Top 10 Best Kitchen Trolleys in the UK

Now for the exciting part – getting to pick between the best kitchen trolleys found online today. This top 10 has been put together to please every family's tastes. With style, practicality and budget considered, you need not worry about finding something especially suited to you and your kitchen. 


Argos HomePlastic Vegetable Trolley


TypeStorage cart
Trolley MaterialPlastic
Castor MaterialPlastic
Storage3 baskets - fixed
Assembly Easy-assemble
DimensionsH 62 x W 40 x D 29 cm

WarmiehomySlide Out Storage Cart


Trolley TypeStorage cart
Trolley MaterialPlastic, aluminium
Castor MaterialPlastic
Storing Features3 baskets
Assembly Easy-assemble
DimensionsH 60 x W 40 x D 14 cm

Chef VidaKitchen Trolley Cart


TypeStorage cart with worktop
Trolley MaterialPine, MDF
Castor MaterialPlastic
Storage4 removable baskets, 1 drawer, worktop
Assembly Flat-pack
DimensionsH 81 x W 37 x D 37 cm

LantalyBamboo Kitchen Trolley


TypeStorage cart with worktop
Trolley MaterialBamboo
Castor MaterialPlastic
Storage3 shelves, 1 drawer
Assembly Flat-pack
DimensionsH 86 x W 25 x D 52 cm

ALPIKA3-Tier Stainless Steel Trolley


TypeStorage cart
Trolley MaterialStainless steel
Castor MaterialSteel
Storage3 shelves
Assembly Easy-assemble
DimensionsH 83.5 x W 75 x D 40 cm

Argos HomePine Tile Top Kitchen Trolley


TypeKitchen island
Trolley MaterialPine
Castor MaterialPlastic
Storage6-bottle wine rack, 3 shelves, 2 baskets
Assembly Flat-pack
DimensionsH 83 x W 79 x D 38 cm

DOEWORKSMetal Utility Trolley


TypeStorage cart
Trolley MaterialSteel
Castor MaterialSteel
Storage3 basket shelves
Assembly Easy-assemble
DimensionsH 70 x W 40 x D 30 cm
TypeKitchen island
Trolley MaterialStainless steel, wood, MDF
Castor MaterialSteel
Storage1 drawer, 1 cabinet, 1 shelf
Assembly Flat-pack
DimensionsH 91 x W 60 x D 44.5 cm

EddingtonsLambourn Butcher's Trolley


TypeKitchen island
Trolley MaterialBeech wood, stainless steel
Castor MaterialSteel
Storage2 shelves, 3 drawers
Assembly Fully assembled
DimensionsH 90 x W 120 x D 60cm

QivangeKitchen Trolley


TypeKitchen island
Trolley MaterialPine, MDF
Castor MaterialSteel
Storage3 shelves, 1 cabinet, 1 drawer
Assembly Flat-pack
DimensionsH 88 x W 92 x D 47 cm

Compare the Best Kitchen Trolleys

Qivange Kitchen Trolley 1


Eddingtons Lambourn Butcher's Trolley 1


SoBuy Kitchen Trolley 1


DOEWORKS Metal Utility Trolley 1


Argos Home Pine Tile Top Kitchen Trolley 1

Argos Home

ALPIKA 3-Tier Stainless Steel Trolley 1


Lantaly Bamboo Kitchen Trolley 1


Chef Vida Kitchen Trolley Cart 1

Chef Vida

Warmiehomy Slide Out Storage Cart 1


Argos Home Plastic Vegetable Trolley 1

Argos Home


Kitchen Trolley

Lambourn Butcher's Trolley

Kitchen Trolley

Metal Utility Trolley

Pine Tile Top Kitchen Trolley

3-Tier Stainless Steel Trolley

Bamboo Kitchen Trolley

Kitchen Trolley Cart

Slide Out Storage Cart

Plastic Vegetable Trolley


Stylish, Sturdy and Stacked With Storing Potential

A Premium Option in Stunning Beech Wood and Steel

Contemporary Kitchen Island to Create More Space

Easy to Assemble and Available in Nine Trendy Colours

Tile-Topped Pine Island to Store Wine and More

Made With Industrial Stainless Steel to Last a Lifetime

Bamboo to Bring Warm Tones to Your Home

Clean and Compact With Four Removable Baskets

A Narrow Cart That Makes the Most of Every Nook

A Cheap Storage Solution for Your Veggies

TypeKitchen islandKitchen islandKitchen islandStorage cartKitchen islandStorage cartStorage cart with worktopStorage cart with worktopStorage cartStorage cart
Trolley MaterialPine, MDFBeech wood, stainless steelStainless steel, wood, MDFSteelPineStainless steelBambooPine, MDFPlastic, aluminiumPlastic
Castor MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelPlasticSteelPlasticPlasticPlasticPlastic
Storage3 shelves, 1 cabinet, 1 drawer2 shelves, 3 drawers1 drawer, 1 cabinet, 1 shelf3 basket shelves6-bottle wine rack, 3 shelves, 2 baskets3 shelves3 shelves, 1 drawer4 removable baskets, 1 drawer, worktop3 baskets3 baskets - fixed
Assembly Flat-packFully assembledFlat-packEasy-assembleFlat-packEasy-assembleFlat-packFlat-packEasy-assembleEasy-assemble
DimensionsH 88 x W 92 x D 47 cm H 90 x W 120 x D 60cmH 91 x W 60 x D 44.5 cmH 70 x W 40 x D 30 cmH 83 x W 79 x D 38 cmH 83.5 x W 75 x D 40 cmH 86 x W 25 x D 52 cmH 81 x W 37 x D 37 cmH 60 x W 40 x D 14 cmH 62 x W 40 x D 29 cm

Products to Store and Wheel to Your Heart's Content

Products to Store and Wheel to Your Heart's Content

We're guessing that the fact that you're here searching for ways to create more space in the kitchen means you enjoy it when items are organised. That's why we've included a few more of our product recommendations that seek to put things in their place and look good while doing it. 


For a lot of us, it seems that our kitchens are never quite as big as we'd like them to be. This lack of space inherently turns us into hawk-eyed people who are forever seeking out new ways to utilise what little space we do have. So here's hoping this article has helped you find a space-saving trolley for your home's kitchen.

Author: Connor Macanally

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