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Top 7 Best Kitchen Splashbacks in the UK 2021

Whether you're giving your kitchen a total overhaul or you're just looking to freshen it up on a budget, a kitchen splashback is a surprisingly impactful way to bring out the potential of the space. They combine practicality with interior design, protect your kitchen from heat and steam and, as the name suggests, stop splashes of food or liquids from staining your walls.

Kitchen splashbacks can be made from glass, stainless steel, or, if you want to make a real statement - a sheet of laminate. We've created this buying guide and paired it with our top ten favourites in the UK available on Amazon, eBay and B&Q – to help you decide on your perfect look. From simple grey panels, a chic black tile effect, or even some decorative wall art, we've got a whole host of ideas for kitchen splashback for you to peruse!

  • Last updated: 14-09-2021
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How to Choose a Kitchen Splashback in the UK – Buying Guide

When shopping for a kitchen splashback, there are a few things to think about before clicking the 'checkout' button. This guide will go through the important points to consider, such as the type of splashback, the material it's made from, and much more.

Tile Stickers or a Panel: What Type of Splashback Should You Go For?

When you think of a splashback, a one-piece panel design might be what springs to mind, but there are actually a few different options. This section will go through the main one's to consider, looking at the pros and cons of each.

Tile Stickers Provide a Low Commitment Way to Spruce up Your Kitchen

Tile Stickers Provide a Low Commitment Way to Spruce up Your Kitchen

These come in lots of patterns and colour schemes and are a stylish and low commitment way to change the look of your kitchen. Being stick on, they're easy to apply yourself within a few minutes. Simply measure, cut, and stick them to your kitchen wall. 

Most tile stickers are made from water-resistant vinyl, which can easily survive daily wear and tear and create a chic effect that won't break the bank. Just be careful not to soak the stickers with water too regularly, as the edges might start to peel. Although hassle-free, they aren't as durable or long-lasting as a classic panel splashback.

A Once-Piece Panel Is Durable and Reliable

A Once-Piece Panel Is Durable and Reliable

On the other hand, the classic one-piece panel style is a solid, reliable choice that will last a long time. This type of kitchen splashback can be a bit more of an investment than self-adhesive tile stickers, but it's the best option if you don't intend to redecorate your kitchen very often.

No matter what style of splashback panel you go for, most can be easily attached with a simple adhesive, but make sure to choose one with clear instructions and check the reviews to ensure it isn't too difficult to install. Once it's installed, it will protect your walls from steam, stains and other possible kinds of damage while keeping your kitchen looking sleek and stylish.

Materials Effect the Cost, Durability and Look

The materials you chose for your kitchen splashback don't just affect the end look. They play a huge part in how long the splashback will actually last, how easy it is to clean, and of course, the cost. This section will look at the main choices of material available.

Laminate, Vinyl and MDF Are Affordable Options

Laminate, Vinyl and MDF Are Affordable Options

Alternatively, MDF or laminate and chipboard splashbacks are light, easy to install and come in a range of attractive designs. MDF and laminate provide gorgeous results, but they aren't as long-lasting as glass or steel, so might chip or dent over time.

Tile stickers are usually made from laminated vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which creates a glossy, flexible look that provides partial resistance to water. Vinyl or PVC tile stickers work especially well with awkward corners, making them a great option for unusually shaped kitchens. Just be careful not to get them too wet, too often, as they might peel off or become damaged.

Glass and Steel Are Stylish and Durable

Glass and Steel Are Stylish and Durable

If safety, functionality, and durability are some of your biggest concerns, glass or stainless steel might be the best choice of material for you. Glass is naturally resistant to water and bacteria, making it easy to clean, and splashbacks made from tempered or toughened glass are extremely heat resistant and durable.  

For a splashback that looks super modern, is very hygienic, and will pretty much last forever – stainless steel is king. Available in both a shiny steel finish and a brushed matte, the smooth texture of stainless steel means there are no seams or cracks for bacteria to get caught in. That said, they are notoriously heavy to install, so it's best to hire a professional or get someone to help.

Graphic Prints, Decorative Patterns or Mirror Shine: Choose a Design That Fits Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Graphic Prints, Decorative Patterns or Mirror Shine: Choose a Design That Fits Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Love the look of sleek, minimalist design? Or do you prefer bold patterns or a decorative art piece for your wall? In the world of kitchen splashbacks, there really is something for everyone, no matter your style.

For a contemporary look, try opting for a sleek steel or glass splashback with a mirror shine to reflect light and create ambience. If you have a country-style kitchen or prefer a splashback with a more rustic feel, go for coloured tiles, a mosaic design, or bold patterns. However, if graphic prints are more 'you', try a splashback displaying words such as 'home' or 'love' on the tiles to create a welcoming, warming space.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Splashbacks in the UK

Now that you're fully equipped to begin shopping for your new kitchen splashback, it's time to take a look at our top ten favourites. Featuring decorative wall art, mosaic-style designs, and safety-focused tiles made from tempered glass and steel – there's lots to choose from!


Tic Tac Tiles3D Kitchen Tile Stickers

10 Sheets


MaterialPolyvinyl chloride
StyleGlossy tiles
Size30 x 30 cm

murandoGlass Splashback


MaterialTempered glass
StyleDecorative wall art
Size60 x 60 cm

SIAToughened Glass Kitchen Splashback


MaterialToughened glass
Size60 x 75 cm

SplashwallMatt Grey & White MDF Splashback


StyleHerringbone effect
Size60 x 244 cm

Fire Door GuruSatin Stainless Steel Splashback


MaterialStainless steel
StyleSatin effect, plain
Size60 x 70 cm

SplashwallMatt Brown MDF Splashback


StyleDecorative tiles
Size60 x 244 cm

Colour 2 Glass SplashbacksClear Kitchen Glass Splashback


MaterialToughened glass
Size60 x 60 cm, can be custom made to size

Compare the Best Kitchen Splashbacks

Colour 2 Glass Splashbacks Clear Kitchen Glass Splashback 1

Colour 2 Glass Splashbacks

Splashwall Matt Brown MDF Splashback 1


Fire Door Guru Satin Stainless Steel Splashback 1

Fire Door Guru

Splashwall Matt Grey & White MDF Splashback 1


SIA Toughened Glass Kitchen Splashback 1


murando Glass Splashback 1


Tic Tac Tiles 3D Kitchen Tile Stickers 1

Tic Tac Tiles


Clear Kitchen Glass Splashback

Matt Brown MDF Splashback

Satin Stainless Steel Splashback

Matt Grey & White MDF Splashback

Toughened Glass Kitchen Splashback

Glass Splashback

3D Kitchen Tile Stickers


Made From Toughened and Heat Resistant Glass

A Chic Mosaic Tile Design for Your Kitchen

Easy-to-Install One Panel Splashback Made in the UK

A Contemporary Herringbone-Effect Splashback Panel

Keep Things Sleek and Stylish in Classic Black

Create a Homely Feel With This Decorative Panel

Self Adhesive 3D Tile Stickers for a Quick Fix

MaterialToughened glassMDFStainless steelMDFToughened glassTempered glassPolyvinyl chloride
StyleClearDecorative tilesSatin effect, plainHerringbone effectPlainDecorative wall artGlossy tiles
Size60 x 60 cm, can be custom made to size60 x 244 cm60 x 70 cm60 x 244 cm60 x 75 cm60 x 60 cm30 x 30 cm

Freshen up Your Kitchen With Some More Well-Designed Products

Freshen up Your Kitchen With Some More Well-Designed Products

Considering kitting out your kitchen? It really doesn't take much to create a fresh new look, whether you're just looking for some new items or want to replace key components such as taps. Check out our related articles for some inspiration!


So now you've reached the end of our guide, and you've browsed our favourite picks, it's time to choose a kitchen splashback of your own. Easy to install and effective in protecting your walls, splashbacks can also be a great way to express your style. We hope you enjoy the process!

Author: Melanie Mac

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