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10 Best Bathroom Taps UK 2023

While many folks rightly focus a lot of their attention on the big purchases in the bathroom, such as the bath, shower and basin, it’s vital not to neglect the smaller fittings. Bathroom taps are the jewellery of the room and provide an instant update to the space. Luckily, it’s also relatively easy to find a set online that looks good and complements your space; you just need to know what you’re looking for!

Ergo, we put together this nifty little buying guide to walk you through all the different features you should think about. For example, the finish - should you go for traditional brass, gold or even a striking black? After you’re all clued up on the buying process, check out our list of the best bathroom taps in the UK from popular brands such as Hansgrohe, all available from online UK retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Last updated 27/01/2023
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How to Choose Bathroom Taps in the UK – Buying Guide

In this section, we’ll not only be looking at the taps and what differences you should consider when buying, but we’ll also be thinking about the basin you own (or hope to own) to ensure these pieces work together. Therefore, before reading on, it might be worth getting the dimensions of the sink so that you have them handy. 

① Your Number of Tap Holes Indicate Your Options

Your Number of Tap Holes Indicate Your Options

You won’t get very far when shopping for taps if you don’t know how many tap holes you have, as this will determine the type that will work with your basin. You can have either single or double holes

With a single tap hole, the water flows from one spout, giving you the option of monobloc or single-lever taps. Monobloc taps only have one lever that moves from one side to another for either hot or cold. The taps, however, will function as two separate duties. Only all the water will come from one place.

Two tap holes, on the other hand, is a more traditional style. This will mean that you’ll need to purchase two pillar taps, although they'll come in a set. These are available in many styles, from various handles (more on these later) to different finishes. In case there is any confusion, each will independently control either the hot or cold water. 

② The Basin's Size Determines the Size of the Spout

The Basin's Size Determines the Size of the Spout

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as not being able to get your hands or rinse your mouth under the tap. That's why it’s so important to find a tap (or taps) that are the correct size for your basin. However, there is no official measurement scale, so this is left down to you.

There are a few features you need to consider. Firstly, think about the depth of the basin. Secondly, think about the distance between the edge of the sink and the tap holes and if are there any cabinets above the sink that could interfere when using it. Finally, what are you using the taps for? Whether it's hand washing, brushing your teeth or shaving, this could all affect your decision.

Once you’ve answered those questions, you can start to look at your options. As you can imagine, there's a wide range of sizes, so consider smaller spouts for compact sinks in places such as downstairs bathrooms where space is minimal or look for higher and wider spouts if you have a larger basin. 

③ Lever or Knob: Choose the Handle for You

Lever or Knob: Choose the Handle for You

At this point, we can turn our focus away from the basin and start to look at the taps themselves - and where better to start than with the handles. You have two options – levers or knobs. These will affect both the aesthetics and the ease of use, so they’re worth paying attention to.

Lever handles are the more contemporary option and, therefore, look great in modern bathrooms. They tend to be finished in chrome and are easy to operate, which can be handy if you’re sharing your home with a tiny human, or you have reduced mobility in your hands. Plus, these are a good option if you’re concerned about hygiene as they can easily be turned on and off using the back of your hand or elbow.

Knobs are the more classic option and control the water flow with a twisting motion. Generally, they’ll have cross heads, which are favoured by those looking to add a period charm to their lavatory. While you may find chunkier or sleeker versions, they’ll all operate the same way. 

④ Find a Finish to Suit Your Decor

Find a Finish to Suit Your Decor

Finally, you’ll want to think about the finish. Nowadays, more often than not, people tend to opt for something with a chrome effect. They work well with a wide variety of bathroom styles and basins, from contemporary to classic. Plus, it’s also easier to find a basin waste to match this colourway, giving the bathroom a more complete and complementary look.

However, this is quite common, so some might want to push the boat out and look for something a little different. Another popular, modern colourway is a black finish. These work well on their own or alongside chrome effect fittings, which is handy because finding a black shower can be troublesome.

Other than these, you have classic finishes such as brass or gold. Again, these are a solid choice if you’re looking to create a vintage-themed bathroom with fittings to match. For instance, we can’t imagine a free-standing bath without taps like this. However, these can easily look out of place and clash with other fixtures in the bathroom, so you’ll need to commit to the look for the whole room! 

Top 10 Bathroom Taps in the UK

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to consider when looking for bathroom taps, it’s time to take a look at some of the best options out there! All of the products are available from established sites such as Amazon or John Lewis, so get ready to add the final touches to the cleanest and freshest room in the house!
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CLI 1/2 C Clio Basin Pillar Taps

Bristan CLI 1/2 C Clio Basin Pillar Taps 1枚目

The Most Universally Acceptable Taps Available



Waterfall Basin Tap

Hapilife Waterfall Basin Tap 1枚目

Modern Style for Those Without Deep Pockets



1/2 G Regency Basin Taps

Bristan 1/2 G Regency Basin Taps 1枚目

Works Well With Any Type of Water Pressure



Chrome Sink Mixer Taps

Celala Chrome Sink Mixer Taps 1枚目

An Excellent Economical Option in Chrome



Sentiment Basin Pillar Bathroom Taps

Abode Sentiment Basin Pillar Bathroom Taps 1枚目

Balancing Contemporary and Classic Design



Talis E Single Lever 240 Basin Mixer Tap

Hansgrohe Talis E Single Lever 240 Basin Mixer Tap 1枚目

A Large Tap With Style and Substance



Logis Basin Mixer Tap

Hansgrohe Logis Basin Mixer Tap 1枚目

A Chunky, Modern Design That Cuts Consumption



Serenitie Deck Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

Abode Serenitie Deck Mounted Basin Mixer Tap 1枚目

An Antique Brass Tap Fit for a Queen



DT28G Taps Pair

WasserRhythm DT28G Taps Pair 1枚目

Decrease Water Consumption by up to 20%



Sentiment Basin Mixer Bathroom Tap

Abode Sentiment Basin Mixer Bathroom Tap 1枚目

Ideal for Large Basins Under Cupboards

Product details

BristanCLI 1/2 C Clio Basin Pillar Taps


The Most Universally Acceptable Taps Available

It was hard work choosing our number one. After all, ranking something that is effectively subjective is hard. That said, we settled on these Bristian Clio Basin Pillar Taps. The reason? Their height and reach make them suitable for a range of different basins, thus ensuring they're more versatile. 

Not only that, but they also employ lever-style handles, which might not be to everybody's taste, but are the most comfortable and easiest to use. Add to that the chrome-plated finish, and we think these might be some of the most universally acceptable taps in the game, and it's this that fired them to the top.


HapilifeWaterfall Basin Tap


Modern Style for Those Without Deep Pockets

If you're looking for modern taps without breaking the bank, then you'll be over the moon to discover Hapilife's Waterfall Basin Tap. This contemporary piece has the sought-after black finish, which is the same standard grade of paint used on vehicles, so you don't have to worry about it fading any time soon. 

Not only that, they built the tap with a height and reach that is likely to suit any average home, meaning that style isn't solely for those who have deep pockets. We're sure it'll split the crowd, but for those who are set on this style, we know you'll be happy! 


Bristan1/2 G Regency Basin Taps


Works Well With Any Type of Water Pressure

In our opinion, nothing quite says traditional style like a pair of gold finished, coss head knob taps. Therefore, if you're looking to lean into a classic aesthetic, these will be one of the best final touches you could want for the bathroom. Luckily, they're more than just looks, though.

One of the standout points from this set is that they work with both high and low pressure, meaning they'll be suitable for practically any bathroom with two tap holes. Plus, many buyers comment on how well and steadily they flow. 


CelalaChrome Sink Mixer Taps


An Excellent Economical Option in Chrome

This waterfall basin tap from Celala has a square design that will fit nicely with a modern bathroom. Further inside the tap is a built-in ceramic cartridge that efficiently mixes the hot and cold water, ensuring that it's easy to find the perfect temperature. 

One other aspect we love - and this is just who we are - is the economical price, making this a grand option if you're putting your bathroom together on a small budget. After all, who's to say you shouldn't have quality as well? 


AbodeSentiment Basin Pillar Bathroom Taps


Balancing Contemporary and Classic Design

These pillar taps from Abode are a great way of adding a traditional touch to your bathroom. However, they're not 100% classic as they still employ a more modern chrome finish, meaning they strike a nice balance between classic and contemporary. 

It's also worth noting that these are designed to work with lower water pressure, so they're a solid option for those in this situation. They're also a little on the smaller side, which could be positive or negative depending on what type of basin you have.  


HansgroheTalis E Single Lever 240 Basin Mixer Tap


A Large Tap With Style and Substance

If you've got a free wall behind the basin or a large bathroom with plenty of space, then this mammoth tap could be right up your street. This offering from Hansgrohe is the largest option in our ranking in both height and reach, so, while it's expensive, you're getting a lot of tap for your money. 

In addition to the size, this also uses a very modern aesthetic with a stylish matt black finish that wouldn't look out of place on Pinterest. Plus, it's both eco-friendly and anti-limescale. It's probably too big and pricey for most folks, but if you've got the space and the money, and you want this look, you'll be hard-pressed to find any quite this good. 


HansgroheLogis Basin Mixer Tap


A Chunky, Modern Design That Cuts Consumption

Hansgrohe makes excellent taps for the bathroom, more of which we'll see later, but for now, we have the Logis Basin Mixer Tap. This tap utilises technology that has a reduced flow rate of 5 L/per minute, meaning you'll significantly cut down your water consumption. 

When it comes to the design, it's a bit unique in that it's a little chunkier than many other options on the market, which will appeal to some, but not others. Sadly, this will only work in homes with high pressure, which isn't overly common in the UK. 


AbodeSerenitie Deck Mounted Basin Mixer Tap


An Antique Brass Tap Fit for a Queen

With its swan-like spout, this isn't only one of the tallest bathroom taps in our ranking, it's also one of (if not the) most regal looking. This is especially pertinent when you consider the antique brass finish. While we can't confirm it, we're pretty sure the Queen would have a few of these knocking about in her many rooms! 

Of course, when purchasing a tap fit for a palace, you expect to pay a premium price, so while this is stunning, it's likely to be a bit more than many are willing to pay. That said, it is cheaper if you opt for the more contemporary chrome finish they have available. 


WasserRhythmDT28G Taps Pair


Decrease Water Consumption by up to 20%

One of the features that stands out with this set is the materials. Although they have a chrome effect finish, inside, they use brass, which the company claims is a more durable and healthier option. On the outer layer, they have employed a no spot or chrome surface, so you won't have to worry about blemishes. 

Furthermore, the taps also include oxygen injection technology, which can decrease your water consumption by up to 20%, saving you a little on your water bills. They have been known to be a little tricky to fit, though, so you'll need to be confident in your handy work!


AbodeSentiment Basin Mixer Bathroom Tap


Ideal for Large Basins Under Cupboards

Getting the ranking underway, we have this Sentiment Basin Mixer Bathroom Tap from Abode. It employs independent cross head knobs for both hot and cold water, and while the tap is a single spout, the design still makes this feel rather traditional. 

Moreover, the spout measurements show that the piece isn't too high but still has good reach, making it ideal for large basins under cupboards. However, these might not work efficiently for those with low pressure, as the system requires a minimum of 0.15 bar. 

More Furnishings for Your Bathroom Makeover

More Furnishings for Your Bathroom Makeover

The finishing touches are what really brings a room together, and with bathrooms, that's taking a look at towel rails, toilet roll holders and bathroom bins. Check out more of our bathroom styling articles below to get that finished look you've been dreaming of.


You've now seen our list of the top 10 best bathroom taps and read our advice for choosing the best ones. We hope you've found the information helpful and you've managed to pick out a new set for your bathroom. Whether you went for a classic or modern option, we're sure you'll love your new purchase!

Author: Lewis Clark

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