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  • 10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More 1
  • 10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More 2
  • 10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More 3
  • 10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More 4
  • 10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More 5

10 Best Window Restrictors UK 2023 | Yale, BeeGo and More

Knowing the kids are free to roam around the house safely is a feeling that only a parent can appreciate. Window restrictors are a fantastic tool that will keep your inquisitive kids from opening and leaning out of windows - a priceless thing for obvious reasons. We've been on the hunt to find out which window restrictors will hold up to particularly keen kids - and cats, for that matter!

Our top 10 of the best window restrictors found on Amazon and eBay include a sturdy selection of locks, code and latch restrictors from reputable brands like Yale, BeeGo and Jackloc. Whether your window frames are UPVC, metal or wood, we've got you covered. Our buying guide will go through all of your options, including choosing between screw-in or adhesive restrictors, depending on your intended level of security. Let's dive in!

Last updated 27/01/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Window Restrictor in the UK - Buying Guide

Before you scope out your newest security item, it'll help to first understand what window restrictors are all about. We've put together this simple buying guide to give you some clear advice on the defining features of these small but ever so important safeguards.

① Look To the Locking System for a Clear Idea on Its Safety

When discussing a window restrictor's ability to lock, it pays to break it down into two equally important parts. Looking into the various locking mechanisms and lock types separately will go a long way in figuring out which restrictor is best for you. 

Consider Which Mechanism Will Best Curb Your Kid’s Curiosity

Consider Which Mechanism Will Best Curb Your Kid’s Curiosity

Kid's are curious little souls, always looking to explore and figure things out. But it's this zest for the unknown that can make it a hard task to figure out what their next move is. This is why most parents feel best with a key or code locking mechanism built into their window's restrictors.

Key locks are the most popular style of restrictor because, if placed out of reach of the children, they offer a very secure window minus the added worry of knowing and remembering a code. If you do like the sound of a code lock, look for a 4-digit code which makes it especially hard to crack

Levers and push and pinch-buttons offer the swiftest solution to keeping window's restricted. By doing away with the need for keys and codes, they are great at keeping faff levels to a minimum. The downside is, as children begin to develop and get craftier, they could potentially learn how to open them!

Factor in Lock Type to Get the Whole View on a Restrictor’s Effectiveness to Lock

Factor in Lock Type to Get the Whole View on a Restrictor’s Effectiveness to Lock

When looking at lock type, we're talking about the part that keeps the window shut. Without it, there would be no restrictor - just two inept pieces of metal or plastic stuck to your window frame with no purpose to speak of. 

When it comes to lock type, the cable reigns supreme. Working in conjunction with keys and codes, cables are great at promoting airflow while keeping the kids and pets safe. Cables are made of steel wire but are the most durable when encased in rubber. 

Latches are another popular type of lock that's used with levers, buttons and occasionally keys. Latch locks come in various types but the best in the business, unlike cables, allow your windows to be fixed ajar (sometimes at multiple lengths) to promote airflow without fear of your window's slamming. 

② It’s Worth Knowing Which Materials Are Used When Safety Is at Stake

It’s Worth Knowing Which Materials Are Used When Safety Is at Stake

There's no dancing around the fact that when it comes to the safety of your children - material matters. The most enduring restrictors are built from heavy-duty stainless steel, which offers the strongest and safest window protection. Zinc alloy is a weaker and cheaper metal when compared to steel, which is why it's commonly used in the more budget-friendly restrictors.

These metal types usually come with thick UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) clip-on covers for aesthetic appeal and extra protection. Basic plastic restrictors are more likely to snap under pressure and become brittle over time when in direct sunlight. However, their low price makes them a clever temporary fixture for safeguarding children. 

③ Restrictors Affix to Surfaces With Tape, Screws or a Combo of Both

Restrictors Affix to Surfaces With Tape, Screws or a Combo of Both

Window restrictors either come with included tape or screws. Sometimes they are equipped with both tape and screw holes - minus the screws - giving you both options. When it comes to safety, screws are considered the premier way of affixing restrictors.

Screws ensure that no matter whether a restrictor is kid-handled or soaked through, it will keep on protecting for years to come. The negative comes when the kids are grown up enough to know the dangers that window's present, and you are left with unnecessary restrictors or, if you remove them, little screw holes for your efforts. 

To combat this, 3M double-sided tape allows you to apply restrictors for your children's younger years and easily remove them, leaving behind just a little glue residue. However, with this desirable prospect comes the potential threat of the restrictor peeling off without your knowledge, leaving you ill-prepared for roaming kids. 

Top 10 Best Window Restrictors in the UK

So that's it! With the buying guide done and dusted, you're now ready to select the perfect window restrictors for your home. Our top 10 has been put together with a keen eye on quality alongside budget and versatility to ensure that every window can be restricted and every child is safe. 
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Window and Door Restrictor

Jackloc Window and Door Restrictor 1枚目

The Best High-Grade Stainless Steel Restrictor



Latch Window Restrictor

BeeGo Latch Window Restrictor 1枚目

Highly Rated, Easy to Use Latch and Lever Lock



Ventilation Window Lock

Yale Ventilation Window Lock 1枚目

Security-Focused Premium Steel Lock



4 Window Cable Restrictors

Proster 4 Window Cable Restrictors 1枚目

4-Pack of Sturdy Stainless Steel Restrictors



Window Restrictor Lock

Neoteck Window Restrictor Lock 1枚目

Well-Priced Zinc Alloy Key and Cable Pair



4-Digit Window Restrictor

AOSITE 4-Digit Window Restrictor  1枚目

4-Digit Codes Are a Hard Case to Crack



Sliding Window Restrictor

Aongray Sliding Window Restrictor 1枚目

Sleek Stainless Steel Sliding Latch Locks



Code and Cable Restrictor

Homy Code and Cable Restrictor 1枚目

Black Code Lock With a Minimal Design



Cable Window Restrictor

Cyleibe Cable Window Restrictor 1枚目

Competitively Priced 2-Pack of Cable Locks



Window Lock

Dreambaby Window Lock 1枚目

Popular Plastic Latch With Multiple Stops

Product details

The Best High-Grade Stainless Steel Restrictor

It was a very hard decision between Jackloc, BeeGo and Yale's window restrictors for the win, and in all honesty, the top spot could have gone to all three for varying reasons. But we chose to go with Jackloc because the lock's classic key and cable style tend to be the preferred choice by parents. 

Jackloc's window and door restrictor is constructed of the highest quality stainless steel with purpose-built security screws with a holding force of 3000N (newtons) - which is a lot! The lock has been built to meet British standards and is, simply put, as secure as window restrictors get. 


BeeGoLatch Window Restrictor


Highly Rated, Easy to Use Latch and Lever Lock

BeeGo's latch window restrictor is Amazon's best selling restrictor for a few reasons. Firstly, it uses 3M VHB (very high bonding) tape, which is an even stronger adhesive than the standard 3M.

To our knowledge, BeeGo is the only company using this type of tape in restrictors found online. It's also made of a more durable and hardwearing plastic, and last but not least, its push-button opener is faff-free for adults but still makes it very hard for young children to crack. 


YaleVentilation Window Lock


Security-Focused Premium Steel Lock

Yale is a high-end, highly regarded lock company that has been at the forefront of the lock industry for well over 150 years. Their unflinching commitment to quality through construction is what has built and kept their global customer base going. 

This latch lock is intended for ventilating bedrooms while keeping things very secure with a specialist lock that can only be opened with Yale's unique pin key. The whole kit and kaboodle is, unsurprisingly, made of premium steel which will see your window through plenty of years of service. 


Proster4 Window Cable Restrictors


4-Pack of Sturdy Stainless Steel Restrictors

Proster's 4-pack of cable window restrictors is slightly more expensive than Neotecks, but there is a good reason. Instead of using the slightly weaker and cheaper zinc alloy metal, Proster has constructed its restrictors out of ultra-durable and long-lasting stainless steel. 

This increase in strength will help parents rest easier with their kid's windows open and no chance of intruders entering. A well-made 4-pack of cable and key locks for the parents that are serious about security. 


NeoteckWindow Restrictor Lock


Well-Priced Zinc Alloy Key and Cable Pair

Neoteck's pair of key and cable restrictors are extremely popular online for their competitive price and dedication to security. Made of zinc alloy with a chunky rubber-coated steel cable, nobody will be getting in or out of your windows any time soon. 

Being screw-in only adds to the high level of security that this pair of restrictors offer. If you like the sound of them, then click on through and opt for the 4-pack for some serious savings and window protection. 


AOSITE4-Digit Window Restrictor


4-Digit Codes Are a Hard Case to Crack

We love this 2-pack of code and cable window restrictors for their beefed-up 4-digits, which makes them much harder to crack. The additional screw holes are another welcome touch that gives you the choice of 3M tape, screws or a combo of both. 

What has kept it from climbing the ranks higher is that it's constructed of plastic, which doesn't bode well with a cable lock. It might be unlikely, but children who have been eating their greens could really pull on it and potentially break the plastic by tugging the cable. 


AongraySliding Window Restrictor


Sleek Stainless Steel Sliding Latch Locks

In this bundle, you receive two left-handed and two right-handed stainless steel restrictors with just enough included screws to securely fit them to your windows. For the price, this is quite an astonishing find but is best suited for parents with mature children.

We say this because of the sliding latch's inability to be locked. The fixing pin will sit nice and tight at the end of the latch, but with enough know-how, the window can be shimmied free easier than you would like. 


HomyCode and Cable Restrictor


Black Code Lock With a Minimal Design

Similarly to number nine, this restrictor has a 20 cm steel cable, is plastic, and has a sleek black finish. It edges ahead of number nine with clearly labelled 3M tape, a 3-digit code lock and a slimmed-down, circular design. 

This minimal design makes it a great addition to other, more visible parts of the home, like the fridge and the no-go-zone kitchen drawers. Although its slimmed-down design is pleasing to the eye, it does increase the risk of the restrictor peeling off over time and under pressure.


CyleibeCable Window Restrictor


Competitively Priced 2-Pack of Cable Locks

The bread and butter of window restrictor design, key and cable locks are a tried and tested way of securing your windows. This budget-focused pair is made of plastic with a standard steel wire cable wrapped in rubber

Each restrictor comes with a set of two keys in case you misplace one and need to call on the spare in a hurry. One thing to consider is there's no mention of the tape being the preferred 3M, which means it will more than likely be an inferior and less sticky type of double-sided tape. 


DreambabyWindow Lock


Popular Plastic Latch With Multiple Stops

This plastic latch and lever restrictor is both simple by design and light on the back pocket. One feature of the latch that really stands out is its multitude of stops that give you incremental control on the opening of your window, which is a great tool for ventilation.

The questionable aspect of Dreambaby's restrictor is that it's applied with included screws (which is good) but that it's also made of basic plastic. This means that, although it will be secured on strong, it has the potential to break and subsequently leave behind unwanted screw holes. 

Make the Home a Safe Place to Play

Make the Home a Safe Place to Play

Seeing as your windows are soon to be secured, why not keep the safety-first trend going and safeguard other questionable areas of the home? By compiling the ten best child safety locks, corner protectors and dog gates, we'll put you in the ideal position of knowing your children are safe and where the pouch is playing. 


Unwinding from a long day with the confidence that your kids are safe while they wear themselves out on their own is made possible by products like window restrictors. We hope this article helped you find what you were looking for, and you can now rest and relax easy.

Author: Connor Macanally

Top 5 Window Restrictors

No. 1JacklocWindow and Door Restrictor

No. 2BeeGoLatch Window Restrictor

No. 3YaleVentilation Window Lock

No. 4Proster4 Window Cable Restrictors

No. 5NeoteckWindow Restrictor Lock

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