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  • 10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More 1
  • 10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More 2
  • 10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More 3
  • 10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More 4
  • 10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More 5

10 Best Scrapers UK 2022 | Bahco, Coral and More

Whether you're an amateur redecorator or a skilful DIY pro, a wall scraper is an important item to have in your tool belt. Having this handy equipment ensures that when the time comes to make changes to your home, you'll have all you need to complete the job correctly. 

However, you really shouldn't add just any scraper to your tool kit because whether you're scraping paint, doing wall art, or removing old wallpaper, you want something strong that can cut through soft materials. Our buying guide will help you identify which are up to the job, and our recommendations of the best scrapers in the UK from Amazon and Argos will make your selection easier.

Last updated 27/09/2022
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Scraper in the UK

Key Points to Consider
  1. Consider the Uses of Each Blade Width
  2. Select a Blade With the Most Practical Properties for Your Tasks
  3. Choose a Soft Handle Material Like TPR or Rubber for a Comfortable Grip

① Consider Blade Width and Style: Smaller Tools Reach Into Corners While Angled Edges Help Get Under Paint

Consider Blade Width and Style: Smaller Tools Reach Into Corners While Angled Edges Help Get Under Paint

Begin by considering the blade size and whether it fits the scope of your project. Smaller scrapers with blade widths of 3 inches or less are perfect for jobs like scraping dried paint blobs along the edges of doors and windows. The compact size reaches into tight corners easily and depending on the task, they can produce less dust.

If you want to work through a larger area quickly and efficiently opt for a standard scraper with a blade of 4 inches or more. Most have angled edges to help get under paint and their robustness significantly reduces the amount of effort you need to put into scraping. Choose these for use in multiple other DIY tasks such as spreading materials, filling and smoothing holes and cracks, and drywall taping. 

② Select the Blade With the Most Practical Properties for Your Tasks

Pick a Carbide Blade if You're After the Most Durable Option

Pick a Carbide Blade if You're After the Most Durable Option

Carbide blades offer better performance and a longer life expectancy than carbon steel blades, which makes them more economical in the long term. And because they're also much more resistant to heat, they're ideal for removing stubborn, stuck-on debris from hot surfaces.

These advantages come at a price, though. Carbide tools generally tend to be more expensive than comparable implements. However, scraping is hard work so it's worth investing in a blade that will make short work of the entire process.

Opt For Stainless Steel to Reduce Rust, or Go For Spring Steel if You Want a Flexible Blade

Opt For Stainless Steel to Reduce Rust, or Go For Spring Steel if You Want a Flexible Blade

Known for their strength, wear resistance and toughness, steel blades are a popular choice. They can come in a number of variations, including carbon steel, stainless steel and spring steel. One steel isn't better than the others; base your selection on the nature of the project and your expected outcome.

If you intend to use your scraper for cleaning on wet surfaces or with cleaning agents that are acidic or moist, it's best to opt for a stainless steel blade. This is because stainless steel is much less reactive to acids and moisture, so it will be slower in corroding than carbon steel.

Spring steel, on the other hand, may refer to either stainless steel spring or carbon steel spring. They have high yield strength, which allows them to return to their original shape despite significant bending and twisting. This elastic feature makes them perfect for someone after a tool that's more resilient and pliable.

Redecorating? Make the room pop with a statement wallpaper

Get a Plastic Blade for Delicate Surfaces Like Mirrors, Wood or Even Fish Tanks

There are times when using a metal blade isn't appropriate. At such times, a plastic blade will help you scrape away unwanted materials without scratching the surface you're working on. Although they're not as sharp as metal, they eliminate the hazard of using a metal blade.

They are a safer and more versatile option that can be used on a variety of surfaces for scraping, cleaning or peeling off debris like stickers and adhesive residue. These are a must-have for delicate surfaces like mirrors, cars, wood or even fish tanks.

③ For a Comfortable Grip, Choose a Soft, Ergonomic Handle Like TPR or Rubber

For a Comfortable Grip, Choose a Soft, Ergonomic Handle Like TPR or Rubber

For a more comfortable experience, select scrapers with rubber or TPR handles as they provide good traction. Rubber handles are slip-resistant and allow for a soft grip. TPR (thermoplastic rubber) possesses the attributes of both rubber and plastic, including good abrasion resistance. That means TPR handles will withstand the friction that comes with repetitive rubbing while you scrape, and they won't get worn away quickly.

The disadvantage of TPR is that it can be a little weighty. So if weight is of major concern to you, opt for scrapers with plastic handles as they tend to be more lightweight, but be mindful that they may also be slippery.

Alternatively, you may want to consider wooden handles. While less grippy than rubber and plastic, wood is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and inexpensive. As a result, scrapers made with wooden handles are budget-friendly.

For scouring ice or snow off your car, you'll need a separate ice scraper

10 Best Scrapers in the UK

This ranking has been compiled by the writing team at mybest UK via careful evaluation of the points made in the buying guide and thorough research of each product and comparing multiple verified customer reviews across the EC sites used.
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650 Carbide Edged Power Scraper

Bahco 650 Carbide Edged Power Scraper 1枚目

A Slender Tool With Great Power



Multipurpose Scraper Tool

Yontree Multipurpose Scraper Tool 1枚目

An Indispensable Tool for DIY and Cleaning



Endurance Scraper Tool

Coral Endurance Scraper Tool 1枚目

The Best Choice for Safer Working



Wallpaper Scraper Set

Workpro Wallpaper Scraper Set 1枚目

A Versatile Set


151 Decorators Tools

Safety Scraper

151 Decorators Tools Safety Scraper 1枚目

The Decorator's Companion



Paint Scraper

Manufore Paint Scraper 1枚目

Sharp Blades for Paint, Glue and Grout That Don't Yield Easily



Heavy Duty Scraper

Amtech Heavy Duty Scraper  1枚目

Affordable Yet Heavy-Duty and Great for Tough Jobs



2'' Professional Scraper Set

Dekton 2'' Professional Scraper Set 1枚目

A Hard-Wearing Scraper Set That Won't Go Dull Quickly



175mm (7") Scraper

Amtech 175mm (7") Scraper 1枚目

A Lightweight, Budget Scraper for Decorating and DIY



Plastic Scraper

Ehdis Plastic Scraper 1枚目

The Best for Delicate Surfaces

Product details

A Slender Tool With Great Power

This product from Bahco works wonders for scraping tough areas. It manages this thanks to the heavy-duty carbide blade that performs well on rough surfaces like floor and wood, solving the problem of stubborn stains in no time. The blade also stays sharp for a long time and is resistant to wear.

Our favourite feature though? The slimline front that makes it easier to use in confined spaces. While larger blades may reduce the amount of time spent scraping, this narrow tool is better for getting into tight corners such as stair spindles or the trim around a window. 


YontreeMultipurpose Scraper Tool


An Indispensable Tool for DIY and Cleaning

The unique design of this scraper stands out through its angled head that offers increased leverage and the long handle that helps you reach more areas. It's ideal for stripping wallpaper or stickers and also for cleaning induction hobs, ovens, windows and floors.

As well as 10 blades, the package comes with some extras including a screwdriver and two screws to save you money. It's made of mostly aluminium alloy and some plastic which makes it not only strong and lightweight but harder to rust than stainless steel.


CoralEndurance Scraper Tool53705


The Best Choice for Safer Working

Here's another long-handled tool with an angled head to help you cover more ground with less effort. This option has the added benefit of a bigger-sized 5-inch blade head that'll make light work of your large DIY projects. It comes with four additional replacement blades conveniently stored in the handle.

Additionally, the triple screw blade retention system is a brilliant feature that sticks out. It provides a more secure hold of the blade, so you can rest assured of its safety. This is a top choice for those after extra blade security.


WorkproWallpaper Scraper SetSet of 4


A Versatile Set

If you're finding it difficult to decide on the right size or texture for your projects, consider these scrapers. This 4-piece set comes can be used for a variety of tasks from drywall finishing to plaster scraping to applying materials. 

Three of the blades are flexible while one is stiff, providing you with both options of soft or a harder blade that can carry more load. The blades are also hardened to HRC 48-52 which is a fair rating in the Rockwell hardness scale, indicating that they're practical for the purpose and long-lasting.


151 Decorators ToolsSafety ScraperPack of 2


The Decorator's Companion

Are you looking for a simple tool to use when decorating or renovating your home? This set is perfect for you. Compact and portable, they're easy to carry around the house without taking up too much space in your tool belt or box.

Carefully designed with a retractable blade for your safety, they're an excellent option for scraping paint and varnish from smooth surfaces like windows and worktops, as well as many other DIY jobs. 


ManuforePaint Scraper


Sharp Blades for Paint, Glue and Grout That Don't Yield Easily

This is a sturdy, well-made scraper that's comfortable to use. The blade is a hard steel that withstands impact, keeping the edges sharp for a long time. The high-performance head is supported by a functional plastic knob that's easy to grasp for two-handed operation.

Ideal for chipping off tough paint, glue and grout, it has an anti-slip PP & TPR grip too, a feature that lets you work more safely and conveniently. That said, some reviewers have noted that the handle may require tightening as it tends to come off.


AmtechHeavy Duty Scraper G0900


Affordable Yet Heavy-Duty and Great for Tough Jobs

When it comes to areas of your home with years of accumulated grime and limescale formed from hard water deposits, tough tactics are needed. This is the chap for the job. It is a strong, durable scraper for those jobs that require a little more effort.

This scraper comprises a top-quality stainless steel blade fastened to a hardwood handle, with brass rivets to keep the handle firmly attached to the blade. Unfortunately, the handle isn't as soft as rubber-based materials and there is no finger guide rail to enhance comfort.


Dekton2'' Professional Scraper SetPack of 2


A Hard-Wearing Scraper Set That Won't Go Dull Quickly

Another heard-wearing pick that will last you a long time, this scraper (coming as a pack of two) will be invaluable for removing old finish and glue or filling cracks and repairing holes. The wide head makes it easier to scrape large areas and pull whatever substance you're trying to take off towards you when working, which makes the overall process less cumbersome.

The blade also makes it easier to scrape more deeply and the design and shape of the handle promote better grip. On the downside, when it comes to working on delicate surfaces, this may not be the best tool to use.


Amtech175mm (7") ScraperAM-G0950


A Lightweight, Budget Scraper for Decorating and DIY

If you're after something wider, this large 7'' scraper is a better option. The width of the blade covers more surface area at once so that you're able to complete projects in much less time than you would with other blades. Its flexibility means it can be used to apply and spread products like filler. 

Since it's a bigger size, you may be thinking it's quite weighty, but that's not the case at all. It's actually lightweight and easy to hold for a long time. While it's an affordable scraper that gets the job done quickly, be mindful that the edges aren't that smooth and may need a little sanding before use.


EhdisPlastic ScraperPack of 2


The Best for Delicate Surfaces

For those after a scraper that will be more gentle on surfaces, this product is a safe option. The replaceable blades are made of scratch-free plastic, so they can be used to take particles off surfaces without leaving behind unsightly marks.

Users of this scraper will benefit from the EVA foam pad, which allows for a more comfortable grip. This gives you the chance to work for several hours with much less pain. Just bear in mind that the fragile blades are not suitable for tougher jobs.

Written and Researched by David Gbe

Top 5 Scrapers

No. 1Bahco650 Carbide Edged Power Scraper

No. 2YontreeMultipurpose Scraper Tool

No. 3CoralEndurance Scraper Tool53705

No. 4WorkproWallpaper Scraper SetSet of 4

No. 5151 Decorators ToolsSafety ScraperPack of 2

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