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10 Best Star Projectors for Ceilings and More in the UK 2021

Star projectors, or home planetariums, are great to use as night lights to help soothe babies and toddlers to sleep. They can also be used by adults to project stars on the wall or ceiling for educational purposes or to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one. They are dome-shaped LED projection lamps that emit light through filters in order to bring the night sky to your room.

In this article, we will explain the different points to consider when shopping for your ideal star projector, and then give a review of our most recommended products from Amazon and John Lewis, evaluating them in terms of quality, price, and features. By the end of this article, you or your child should be feeling like the next Galileo Galilei!
  • Last updated: 15-07-2021
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How to Choose a Star Projector in the UK – Buying Guide

If you have never owned a star projector before, it can be difficult to know what different features you should look for. Luckily we are here to guide you through some of the points you should think about while browsing the internet.

The Type of Images You Should Look for Depend On Your Intended Use

You will come across two main types of projection lamps during your search: star projectors and home planetariums. They both have different intended uses which you should bear in mind.

Night Lights With Simple Stars and Shapes Are Great for Luring Babies and Children to Sleep

Most star projectors that you will see online function as night lights for young ones, projecting stylised stars, moons, and sometimes other shapes. They tend to be dome-shaped, so can illuminate both your ceiling and walls. As creating a relaxing atmosphere is more important than showing a realistic image of the night sky, they can often project in a variety of different colours.

While these lamps are more aimed at young children, there’s nothing stopping an adult from getting one in order to splash some ambient, colourful lighting all over the room!

Home Planetariums Which Project Realistic Stars on the Ceiling or Wall Are Perfect for Adults

Home planetarium projectors are more aimed at teaching children or adults about stars or entertaining those interested in the cosmos, as they project realistic images of stars and planets. Rather than a dome, they usually emit light through a single hole, so can only project onto either the ceiling or wall and not the whole room.
These realistic projectors are also great for creating a romantic atmosphere at home when you want the magical experience of a planetarium in the privacy of your own abode. Lay a picnic blanket in the middle of the floor, pop open a bottle of wine, play some relaxing music, and lie down to enjoy the view of the stars next to your beau.

Pick a Projector With Various Colour and Image Modes to Create a Different Effect Each Time

When shopping for star projectors, especially those aimed at children, you will find that many can project in different colours, such as green, red, blue, or a combination. This is something to take into consideration if you want to create different atmospheres depending on your mood.
In addition, some night-light star projectors have different projection modes in order to create a variety of enjoyable atmospheres for children. For example, some may be able to project images of fish from under the sea as well as just stars and planets.
Realistic home planetariums can also have various effects and images; high-quality projectors come with multiple discs which display different star scenes. Some projectors also have extra disks that you can order online. Keep this in mind if you would like to gaze at different views of the stars each time.

Choose a Star Projector With Sound to Enhance the Experience

To enhance the experience, some projectors have built-in speakers, so that you can plug in your phone and listen to your favourite playlist while gazing upon the cosmos, while others even have radios that you can listen to.
Among those aimed at small children, you can also find some with a built-in selection of lullabies or relaxing tunes that you can play to help your child or baby relax and fall asleep.
On the topic of sound, many lamps and planetariums naturally make a soft noise as they project the stars, and some children and adults may find this white noise to be relaxing. But if you don’t want any machine noises to get in the way of your music, look for a projector that guarantees silent projection and disc rotation.

Select the Power Options Based on Your Desired Portability and Length of Use

Like other home electronics, star projectors have various power options that you should take into consideration while thinking about where you’ll want to place the projector, and how long you plan on using it each time.
Projectors that are only powered with batteries are completely portable, but as you don’t know when the power will run out they aren’t the best for leaving on for long periods of time. You will also find varieties with built-in batteries which can be charged with a USB cable, meaning you don’t have to constantly have an extra supply of batteries on you.
Some are powered with USB cables that can be plugged into portable power banks, but you will have to make sure your power source has enough juice. Projectors with USB cables can also be plugged into the mains with an adapter, as well as those which only come with AC plugs. This means that they won’t run out of power, but aren’t as portable as battery-powered projectors.
For ultimate freedom and convenience, you can also choose to pick a projector with multiple of these power options.

Remote Controls, Timers, and Other Features Facilitate Easy Control

Projectors that have added timers means that you can place it in your child’s room as a night light, or let it project stars by your bed as you fall asleep, knowing that they will automatically turn off in the amount of time of your choice.
Some projectors also have an auto-off feature, so you can rest assured that the projector won’t waste energy even if you don’t set a timer yourself. It is best for both children and adults to sleep in darkness, so also consider getting a night light with a timer in order to create the healthiest sleeping environment for you or your child.
Additionally, if you don’t want to constantly get up from the bed or sofa to turn the power on and off or change the settings, you may want to find a projector with a remote control so that you can control the lamp from afar.

Top 10 Best Star Projectors in the UK

Now that we’ve introduced the main points to think about when selecting a star projector, we’ll introduce our recommendations of the best buys for this year, which will keep you gazing at the stars every day.

Shayson BrandsStarry Sky Projector Night Light


TypeNight Light
Image Modes5 Optional Films, Removable White Cover, 6 Colour Options
Power OptionsBatteries (not included), USB cable (included)

PaboboMusical Star Projector


TypeNight Light
Image Modes3 Colour Options
Sound2 Lullabies
Power OptionsBatteries (not included)
FeaturesAutomatic Timer

SOAIYColour Changing LED Aurora Borealis Projector


TypeAurora Borealis Projector
Image Modes3 Brightness Levels, 7 Lighting Modes
Sound6 Built-in Sounds, Bluetooth Speaker
Power OptionsUSB Cable (included)
FeaturesRemote Controller, Removable Cover, Timer

Laser Cosmos Star Light Projector


TypeNight Light/ Star Projector
Image ModesAdjustable Clouds & Brightness
Power OptionsAC Plug (included)
Features4 Hour Automatic Timer

Cloud bTwilight Turtle Night Light


TypeNight Light
Image Modes3 Colour Options
Power OptionsBatteries
FeaturesAutomatic Timer

LBellStar Light Projector Night Light


TypeNight Light
Image Modes9 Colour Options
Power OptionsBatteries (not included), USB Cable (included)
FeaturesRemovable Cover, Hanging Hook, Compulsory Timer

MoredigDream Rotating Projection Lamp


TypeNight Light
Image Modes2 Projection Modes, 9 Colour Modes
Sound12 Songs
Power OptionsBatteries (not included), USB Cable (included)
FeaturesRemote Control, Timer, Rotation Button

Brainstorm ToysDeep Space Home Planetarium & Projector


TypeHome Planetarium
Image Modes3 Discs, 24 Images, Planetarium Mode
Power OptionsBatteries (not included)

National Geographic Astro Planetarium Multimedia


TypeHome Planetarium
Image ModesStar Slide, Constellation Slide, Shooting Star Function
SoundAudio Input, Radio
Power OptionsBatteries (included), USB Cable (included)
FeaturesTime & Date Scale, Automatic Timer, Rotation Button

Sega ToysHomestar Flux Home Planetarium


TypeHome Planetarium
Image Modes30 Discs, Shooting Star Function, Optional Discs Available Separately
Power OptionsUSB Cable (included)

Compare the Best Star Projectors

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium 1

Sega Toys

National Geographic  Astro Planetarium Multimedia 1

National Geographic

Brainstorm Toys Deep Space Home Planetarium & Projector 1

Brainstorm Toys

Moredig Dream Rotating Projection Lamp 1


LBell Star Light Projector Night Light 1


Cloud b Twilight Turtle Night Light 1

Cloud b

Laser Cosmos Star Light Projector 1

SOAIY Colour Changing LED Aurora Borealis Projector 1


Pabobo Musical Star Projector 1


Shayson Brands Starry Sky Projector Night Light 1

Shayson Brands


Homestar Flux Home Planetarium

Astro Planetarium Multimedia

Deep Space Home Planetarium & Projector

Dream Rotating Projection Lamp

Star Light Projector Night Light

Twilight Turtle Night Light

Laser Cosmos Star Light Projector

Colour Changing LED Aurora Borealis Projector

Musical Star Projector

Starry Sky Projector Night Light


The Most Realistic Night Sky That You Can Find

An Home Planetarium that Shows the Stars Based on the Time and Day

Dual-Use Educational Planetarium and Projector for Children

A Musical Night Light that Projects the Stars or Sea

A Multipurpose Night Light to Fill the Room with Stars

A Soft Turtle Night Light to Comfort Children

A Laser Galaxy for the Walls or Ceiling

A Marvelous Laser Show on Your Ceiling

A Star Shaped Musical Night Light to Place by Prams or Beds

Simple and Affordable Night Light with Multiple Images for Kids

TypeHome PlanetariumHome PlanetariumHome PlanetariumNight LightNight LightNight LightNight Light/ Star ProjectorAurora Borealis ProjectorNight LightNight Light
Image Modes30 Discs, Shooting Star Function, Optional Discs Available SeparatelyStar Slide, Constellation Slide, Shooting Star Function3 Discs, 24 Images, Planetarium Mode2 Projection Modes, 9 Colour Modes9 Colour Options3 Colour OptionsAdjustable Clouds & Brightness3 Brightness Levels, 7 Lighting Modes3 Colour Options5 Optional Films, Removable White Cover, 6 Colour Options
SoundAudio Input, Radio12 Songs6 Built-in Sounds, Bluetooth Speaker2 Lullabies
Power OptionsUSB Cable (included)Batteries (included), USB Cable (included)Batteries (not included)Batteries (not included), USB Cable (included)Batteries (not included), USB Cable (included)BatteriesAC Plug (included)USB Cable (included)Batteries (not included)Batteries (not included), USB cable (included)
FeaturesTimerTime & Date Scale, Automatic Timer, Rotation ButtonRemote Control, Timer, Rotation ButtonRemovable Cover, Hanging Hook, Compulsory TimerAutomatic Timer4 Hour Automatic TimerRemote Controller, Removable Cover, TimerAutomatic Timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Star projectors are truly mesmerising to look at no matter old you are but are they beneficial to babies? And how can we use them without compromising the safety of the people around them? Find the answers below.

Are Star Projectors Good for Babies?

The soft glow from a star projector can be very soothing and help your little one to drift off if they have trouble doing so. However, there are studies suggesting that the colour of the lights can affect their circadian rhythm, so consider keeping this in mind when choosing one. 

Are Star Projectors Safe?

Yes, star projectors are safe when used correctly. However, you must always ensure that the lasers are pointed away from anyone's eyes - especially children. It is also strongly advised that you don’t leave children unattended with these projectors as they won’t know to avoid direct eye contact and the exposure could cause eye damage.

More Products for a Peaceful Night's Sleep

More Products for a Peaceful Night's Sleep

If you're a parent, you'll know that night time isn't the easiest for young children, whether it's because they are scared of the dark or they don't want to be alone. Luckily there are many products online that solve these problems and help children have a great nights sleep every night. Take a look! 


That’s all for our recommended products to bring the wonders of the night sky to your abode. We hope that we have helped you find the perfect star projector to keep you and your child relaxed every night!

Author: Brigid Bernard

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