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10 Best LEGO Sets 2022 | UK Paediatrician Reviewed

The small and colourful bricks have long been immensely popular with both the young and young at heart. From tiny tots to adults, there is a LEGO set out there to satisfy everyone's interests and price range. More than just a toy, LEGO has also been used in educational facilities the world over to help support core learning and skills development. LEGO boasts a fine collection of movie-themed sets which include the Avengers, Disney Princesses, Star Wars and Harry Potter. 

There are also many popular LEGO theme sets designed for both girls and boys such as LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Technic, and LEGO City to choose from. So be the creator you have always wanted to be and let's get building! We have also partnered with paediatrician Dr Jonathan Henderson for reviewing and fact-checking the article to deliver you the best information.

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Fact-Checked & Approved by Paediatrician Dr Jonathan Henderson

Fact-Checked & Approved by Paediatrician Dr Jonathan Henderson

Dr Jonathan Henderson is a consultant paediatrician practising for the NHS, as well as privately. His medical qualifications (MB, BAO and BCh) were all completed at Queen's University Belfast in 2007.

He then obtained his membership with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2012. In addition to his clinical work, he contributes to e-learning programmes and teaches paediatrics internationally to other healthcare professionals. Check out more about him on his website.

Compare the Best LEGO sets

For those after a quick look, here is our Top 5:

  1. Classic Large Creative Brick Box for £34.99 
  2. Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall for £136.99
  3. Technic Monster Jam Grave Digger Truck 2 in 1 Set for £18.00 
  4. Police Helicopter Chase for £21.99
  5. Number Train for £7.00 

For a more in-depth look at the comprehensive top 10 selection, make sure to read on to learn more about the different types of LEGO sets available and understand how our ranking was determined.

This article's chosen EC site price listings are reflective of its publishing date.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 1


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 1


LEGO Technic Monster Jam Grave Digger Truck 2 in 1 Set 1


LEGO Police Helicopter Chase 1


LEGO Number Train 1


LEGO Ninjago Tournament of Elements 1


LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park Resort Playset 1


LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor Lab 1


LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1


LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 1



Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Technic Monster Jam Grave Digger Truck 2 in 1 Set

Police Helicopter Chase

Number Train

Ninjago Tournament of Elements

Friends Summer Fun Water Park Resort Playset

Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor Lab

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


800 Pieces for Endless Possibilities Made for Those Who Don’t Like Instructions

An Intricate Set Featuring 10 Minifigures Perfect for Harry Potter Fans

Lego Technic Monster Truck Set Designed for 7-14 Year Olds

A Small Box of 200 Pieces Bursting With Challenges, Including Minifigures and a Range of Accessories

An Ideal Starter Set for Younger Children Including Train Features and Brightly-Coloured Bricks

For Children Over 6 Years Who Want to Build an Extravagant Temple

A Challenging Waterpark Complete With Slides, Figures and Over 1000 Pieces

The Perfect Modern Set for Comic Book Fans With 6 Iron Men Characters

One of the Top Lego Sets of Over 1300 Pieces Perfect for Those Who Love Star Wars

A Challenging Set for Teens and Adults to Create Classic VW Camper Vans

Age4 - 99 years9 - 14 years7 - 14 years5 - 12 years1.5 - 3 years6+ years8+ years7+ years9+ years16+ years
ThemeClassic bricksHarry PotterTechnic CityTrainNinjagoFriendsMarvelStar WarsCampervan
ComplexityStandardStandardStandardStandardEasy StandardStandardStandardStandardCreator Expert
No. of Pieces79078721321223 2831,0015241,3531322

How to Choose a LEGO Set in the UK

Key Points to Consider

  1. Choose A Lego Set Which Is Age Appropriate 
  2. Pick A Lego Set Based Off Of The Person's Interests
  3. Take Into Account The Complexity And Size Of The Set

1. Make Sure the Type of Lego Set You Choose Is Suitable for the Right Age

Choose a DUPLO Set for Children Under 6 Years as They Include Larger Blocks and Figures

DUPLO is a range aimed at children under six and comprises of a range of larger bricks and figures to suit little hands that have not yet gained the dexterity to handle the tiny “big kid” LEGO bricks. However, many older children - and adults! - have also been caught enjoying DUPLO.

Available, like standard LEGO, in a variety of themed sets as well as creative brick sets, DUPLO is compatible with the smaller LEGO bricks so you can build creations incorporating both types of blocks, which can work really well as your little builders grow.

It also helps develop fine motor skills, meaning hand-eye coordination, and play skills both in isolation and with other children, helping to improve their social communication.

Pick a Standard LEGO Set for Children Over 6, but Make Sure You Check the Age Range on Each Box

Standard LEGO bricks are generally best suited to those over six years of age, but the complexity of individual sets can affect which age group becomes a better fit for them. If in doubt, look at the packaging for the set as LEGO handily labels each set according to their target age range.

The larger sets with more pieces are generally more suited to older children or even adults, and additional features in ranges, such as LEGO Technic, also adds to their difficulty level, making them better for older children or adults.

If you are wanting to add more to your child's toy collection, check out our comprehensive guides on the best finger paints and water guns

2. Decide on a LEGO Range by Looking at the Persons Interests, Such as Real Worlds, Ninjas or Films

If You’re After Something ‘Real Life’ to Build Such as a Real World City, Opt For a Lego City Set

LEGO City is a range developed to reflect the real world and includes a wide range of sets that feature vehicles, buildings and more city-themes. Each set can stand alone or be collected to form part of a modular cityscape. There are tiny sets that have one or two mini-figures as well as a small vehicle or building, and there are huge sets that include multiple complex vehicles and buildings.

It is a really popular range that, once built, also serves as fun toys to play with. Your child will have hours of endless fun as they use their creativity to build their own original city filled with many adventures. If you are wanting to start your LEGO city landscape, we recommend first purchasing either the fire brigade or police chase at the bank set as these have proven to be the most highly rated!  

For Kids That Are Fans of Ninjas, Martial Arts or Fighting Baddies, Try a Lego Ninjago Set

The LEGO Ninjago range is aimed at children over six and focuses on a group of ninja heroes. The sets vary in complexity, with a few for ages 6+, but most being generally aimed at the 8-14 years age range. These sets tie in with LEGO’s Ninjago film and tv series.

Ninjago sets are a good choice for anyone with an interest in martial arts or fighting baddies. They are popular with girls, boys and grown-ups alike! As of recently, LEGO has released a new wave of Ninjago products. In addition to this, the official LEGO website has a whole section dedicated to the series which has a variety of games and videos to add to the overall experience! 

Those Who Are Fans of Certain Movies and TV Shows Should Check Out Themed Sets Such as Harry Potter or Star Wars

In a somewhat magical partnership, LEGO has produced a series of enchanting Harry Potter minifigures and sets that are sure to be the perfect choice for any Harry Potter fan. These sets are generally of medium complexity, although, there is a Hogwarts Castle set for older builders 16+ that boasts over 6,000 pieces! If you’ve got a Harry Potter fan to buy for, you might want to consider one of the great sets available. 

If, however, your child is more into Disney princess or superheroes and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are lots of LEGO sets with this theme too! The great thing about these film sets is that they are not only designed for kids but for adult LEGO enthusiasts and collectors! Some of these film sets can get quite expensive, so if you are passionate about one film or series, try and get the set when it's first released! 

For Girls Who Want to Combine Their Sets to Make a Larger Complex, Go For a LEGO Friends Set

This fun range revolves around a group of friends who live in Heartlake City. With figures that are a bit bigger than the usual LEGO minifigure, these characters are more lifelike. The sets can stand alone, although many can also be combined to build a complex Heartlake City set. 

You can choose between a range of sets from a pet parlour to a glamping site as well as lighthouse rescue set. LEGO Friends is aimed at builders over six years of age and targeted primarily at girls. There is also a TV series of the same name, featuring the LEGO characters.

3. Ensure the Set Is Suitable for It’s Recipient by Looking at the Size and Complexity

Select a LEGO Technic Kit for Children Over 9 Who Want to Expand Their Skills and Try New Things

This series from LEGO was developed to give experienced LEGO builders additional challenges in their builds. Using additional real-life features such as gearboxes, motors and steering systems, these sets offer a new dimension in LEGO building.

Most of these sets are aimed at the over nines, although a few, simpler Technic sets are available for children from seven. Technic sets are perfect for young builders who are keen to extend their skills and try new things.

Want to further boost your memory as well as your creativity? Then why not consider getting a 3D puzzle!

Expert Teen or Adult Builders Should Look at Lego Creator Kits for Creating Modular Houses, Cars and World Buildings

Creator Expert is the advanced series' developed to offer the ultimate building challenge for expert builders. The series includes modular houses, cars, world buildings, and more. This range is best for older teens or adults who are very keen LEGO model builders.

10 Best Lego Sets in the UK

This ranking has been compiled by the writing team at mybest UK via careful evaluation of the points made in the buying guide and thorough research of each product and comparing multiple verified customer reviews across the EC sites used.


LEGOClassic Large Creative Brick Box



Age4 - 99 years
ThemeClassic bricks
No. of Pieces790

LEGOHarry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall



Age9 - 14 years
ThemeHarry Potter
No. of Pieces787

LEGOTechnic Monster Jam Grave Digger Truck 2 in 1 Set



Age7 - 14 years
No. of Pieces213
Age5 - 12 years
No. of Pieces212
Age1.5 - 3 years
No. of Pieces23
Age6+ years
No. of Pieces283

LEGOFriends Summer Fun Water Park Resort Playset



Age8+ years
No. of Pieces1,001

LEGOMarvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor Lab



Age7+ years
No. of Pieces524

LEGOStar Wars Millennium Falcon



Age9+ years
ThemeStar Wars
No. of Pieces1,353

LEGOCreator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van



Age16+ years
ComplexityCreator Expert
No. of Pieces1322

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do LEGO Sets Retire?

Every year a number of the LEGO sets retire. Once they are gone, they are much harder or nearly impossible to get your hands on. To make sure that you don't miss out, keep an eye on the official LEGO website as they have a section with all the products set to retire soon.

Which LEGO Sets Have the Most Pieces?

As of now, the LEGO set with the most pieces is the LEGO Art World Map which has over 11,000 pieces! Coming in close second is the LEGO Titanic with 9,090 and then the LEGO Colosseum with 9,036.

Can You Rent LEGO Sets?

Yes, there are a number of websites where you can rent LEGO sets from. If this is something you are interested in, it is best to do some more in-depth research to find which services are the most reputable and affordable!

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Written and researched by Sonata Winchester

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Dr J Henderson

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