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10 Best Food Processors UK 2023

Stuck in the kitchen slicing and dicing for what feels like hours can get tiresome. A quality food processor can save you tons of time and help you handle arduous tasks, all the while adding a touch of class to your kitchen aesthetic. Whether you're a chef, a wannabe kitchen superstar or need to cook large batches in little time, there's an appliance for you.

To help you choose a product to suit your budget and needs, we've pulled together our favourite food processors to buy online from trusted websites Amazon, eBay and John Lewis. We've also created a buying guide based on our experience, user reviews and expert opinions. Household brands like Tefal, Kenwood and Bosch make our list, while brands used by people who know their stuff, like Cuisinart and Ninja also secured a place.

Last updated 28/01/2023
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How to Choose a Food Processor in the UK - Buying Guide

When choosing a food processor, consider your reasoning behind your purchase. Ask yourself what tasks you plan to tackle with your new appliance, how much space do you have on your kitchen top, and think about the appliances you already have, so you don't plump for unnecessary attachments and power.

① Think About the Bowl Capacity

Think About the Bowl Capacity

A bigger bowl size equals more food processed in each batch. So, when you peruse the web for your food processor, consider the number of people you normally cook for and the type of meals you like to rustle up. Cooking for a big family takes a bigger bowl, as do more elaborate recipes, as they will need larger quantities of food. 

Bowl capacities are measured in litres and range from smaller sizes like 0.5 L up to far larger, such as 3.7 L. You can get the best of both worlds when you buy products that come with both smaller and larger bowls.

② Does the Size and Weight Suits Your Needs?

Does the Size and Weight Suits Your Needs?

Food processors come in all shapes and sizes, as do kitchens and the space you have to store the accessories. More powerful products equipped with lots of great extras take up more room but offer more functions. Smaller processors, like the Ninja Chopper, which is 14 x 14 x 25 cm, cover less room but have less capacity and are usually limited to functions like chopping, mincing and pureeing.

Weight plays a role in your decision because there's a good chance you'll have to lug the machine and its attachments from the cupboard to the kitchen top. Unless you're blessed with vast kitchen space! The weights on our Top 10 list range from a lightweight 1.5kg to a hefty 5.1kg.

③ Need for Speed: More Settings Mean More Control

Need for Speed: More Settings Mean More Control

Most food processors give you at least two speeds and one pulse setting, but higher-end machines offer more, and more speed equals more control. When you have more control over the speed, you can perform the tasks with more flexibility, shaping food to match your needs. 

For example, when you want to roughly chop carrots, it's better to pulse, while kneading dough requires a low constant speed to ensure it's stretched, instead of spun. Recipes call for more wide ranges of cuts, so a variable speed control lets you leave the knife in the drawer and depend on your new kitchen assistant. 

Our specifications list counts the pulse function as a speed, so when you see 3 speeds, it includes this feature.

④ Consider the Types of Blades and Other Attachments

Consider the Types of Blades and Other Attachments

There are a number of attachments and tools to look out for when perusing the internet shelves for your food processor. Blades play an instrumental role in cutting your food down to size, making it imperative you understand what you need. Anticipate one or two S-shape blades, shredding and slicing discs for fruits and vegetables, and a dough blade for your yeast-based cooking escapades. 

Multipurpose and high-end food processors come with a range of extras, including julienne discs for long fine cuts, whisks for beating eggs, a citrus press for juicing, and more. Another popular extra is a blender for creating tasty smoothies. Check the product specifications before you buy to discover exactly what you can expect. 

⑤ Make Sure There's Enough Wattage for the Task

Make Sure There's Enough Wattage for the Task

You'll want a processor that can deal with the tough jobs. Powerful enough to chop raw parsnip, knead rigid dough and cut through hard cheese. So, consider the power the machine gives you to ensure it can handle the rigour without the motor giving up or chucking out nonuniform results.  

Smaller processors require less power as they're handling smaller batches while offering reduced functions. When going for bigger machines, with all the bells and whistles, look for a product with at least 600 watts or more

⑥ Check for Dishwasher Safe Parts

Check for Dishwasher Safe Parts

While food processors can make preparing food and cooking a piece of cake, they can be a real pain to wash up by hand. It's worth looking for something that you can pop into the dishwasher if you really want to save time, so check that the food processor parts are dishwasher safe.

If you do have the time to wash up, however, or either don't have a dishwasher, then washing parts by hand is also perfectly fine.

Top 10 Best Food Processors in the UK

Now that you know all the important features to keep in mind, let's move on to our top 10 recommendations for food processors to buy right now. You'll be cooking in no time! 
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Multifunctional Food Processor

Topchef Multifunctional Food Processor 1枚目

A Multifunctional Processor With Rafts of Extras



Compact Food Processor

Kenwood Compact Food Processor 1枚目

Shred, Crush and Grind With This Food Processor



Blend Active Compact Food Processor

Breville Blend Active Compact Food Processor 1枚目

A Small, Powerful and Portable Food Processor



Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor

Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor 1枚目

The Professional's Food Processor



KitchenAid Mini Food Processor

KitchenAid KitchenAid Mini Food Processor 1枚目

A Simple, One Touch Operation



750W Food Processor

VonShef 750W Food Processor 1枚目

Versatile Processor With Tons of Attachments



Double Force Pro

Tefal Double Force Pro 1枚目

A Powerful and Complete Food Processor and Blender



MultiTalent3 Food Processor

Bosch MultiTalent3 Food Processor 1枚目

Multipurpose and Compact Food Processor



Auto IQ Food Processor and Blender

Ninja Auto IQ Food Processor and Blender 1枚目

Blend Up a Storm With This Processor



Easy Prep Pro

Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro 1枚目

A Silent Kitchen Partner

Product details

TopchefMultifunctional Food Processor


A Multifunctional Processor With Rafts of Extras

The joint second most powerful processor secures top spot on our list thanks to its versatility, affordability and great functionality. You'll get 11 dishwasher safe attachments, a large bowl, three speeds, an added blender, and a coffee grinder for your money. You even get advice on the suitable speeds to process your food at, thanks to a modern glass panel on the front of the machine. 

If you hate clutter and love getting busy in the kitchen then look no further than this fantastic food processor. You're spoiled for choice with attachments, which removes the need for extra appliances, and at just over £100, it's a real snip.  


KenwoodCompact Food ProcessorFP210


Shred, Crush and Grind With This Food Processor

Kenwood deliver a fantastic option for lower budgets with this simple all-rounder. Though missing the accessories of its more expensive counterparts, it offers good user control and comfort and handles all your basic food processing needs. 

If you normally work with small quantities, have restricted worktop and storage, and want to limit costs then this processor offers you excellent value for money: great for students!


BrevilleBlend Active Compact Food ProcessorVBL241


A Small, Powerful and Portable Food Processor

Processors come in all shapes and sizes and this machine epitomises the lower end of the scale. But that doesn't mean it sacrifices quality, especially with the patented Breville blade. You can chop, mince and puree to a consistent size with a few pulses, so you get the result you want fast. 

Now, this product should be bought for purpose as it has limited functions. However, it's light enough to transport easily around your kitchen, making it great for people who will only need it occasionally


SageKitchen Wizz Pro Food ProcessorBFP800UK


The Professional's Food Processor

Sage brings you the most expensive food processor on our list, and you get a great return on your investment. This product has just one speed but delivers 24 settings that shave food down from 0.5mm all the way up to 8mm thick. It's metal shaft attachments and magnetic motor guarantee a machine that gives you a lifetime. 

If you fancy yourself quite the chef, take your cooking seriously, and revel in cooking up a feast for guests, then this machine is a winner; if you don't mind splashing the cash


KitchenAidKitchenAid Mini Food Processor5KFC3516BCU


A Simple, One Touch Operation

KitchenAid produce fantastic machines and this 'mini' food processor stands out for affordability and the ability to handle smaller chopping jobs with ease. Two speeds and one pulse setting allow you to chop, mince and puree while its one-touch operation gives you an easy to use kitchen accessory.

This product is perfect for you if you cook in small batches and like to knock up your meals quick without the fuss of tons of extras. Some people purchase this to accompany bigger processors and stand mixers. Plus, it's a great addition to the kitchen aesthetic!


VonShef750W Food Processor


Versatile Processor With Tons of Attachments

This compact processor packs a punch with a 750-watt motor. It gives you two speeds and one pulse setting and eight functions that allow you to knead dough, grate hard cheese, emulsify eggs and much more. A feature that stands out is the juicing attachment, so you can knock up fresh OJ every morning!

This processor is a great budget choice, giving you plenty for your money. it handles a multitude of food preparation tasks and the accessories and the parts are dishwasher friendly. Reviews seem to have trouble clicking elements into place so be careful of that!


TefalDouble Force ProD0824H40


A Powerful and Complete Food Processor and Blender

Tefal produced this machine to process and blend food to perfection. Its two motors, one for speed and one for spinning, are both powerful 1000 watts to deal with almost all food job you desire. Plus, it includes a 3 L bowl, 2 L blending jug and a citrus press for your breakfast juices.

Some customers experienced struggles with the processor's stability when asking it to work hard, with the two rubber feet no match for tough tasks like kneading dough. However, a strong hand can solve this problem. If you can make the most of the attachments, and love a good smoothie, this machine offers great value for money.


BoschMultiTalent3 Food ProcessorMCM3501MGB


Multipurpose and Compact Food Processor

This midsize processor offers over 50 functions, making it an excellent and versatile kitchen assistant. 800 watts of power and a range of speeds allow you to chop, slice and dice the toughest of foods, with a 2.3 L bowl catering for large quantities. And, this includes a blender to sweeten the deal! 

If you're looking for a wide array of attachments at a good price then this processor could be for you. An issue reviewers mention is trouble starting the machine for the first time. Resolve this by lining the arrows on the container to get the motor ticking. 


NinjaAuto IQ Food Processor and BlenderBN800UK


Blend Up a Storm With This Processor

If you love your gadgets, then this 3-in-1 food processor could be the one for you. Make delicious smoothies for yourself or the whole family with the personal and multi-serve blenders. There's even a travel lid if you want to enjoy your smoothie on the go!

We'd place this higher on our list, but this machine's capability concentrates on the blender over the food processing. So, if you're serious about smoothies, and happy with what's still a great food processor, it could be worth it.


CuisinartEasy Prep Pro FP8U


A Silent Kitchen Partner

Cuisinart enjoy a large slice of the food processor market, and if you're a fan of Gordon Ramsey's hell series, you'll notice this brand earns the celebrity chefs vote. It's quiet and powerful with a small bowl for smaller quantities and a large bowl for the big stuff, giving you the best of both worlds. 

This processor looks great on your kitchen side and takes up very little space, or you can easily store it away. However, reviewers have mentioned that when mixing flour, it can puff out of the side, creating a mess. But the general consensus is that this is a sturdy, dependable and quality machine. 

What Is a Food Processor?

What Is a Food Processor?

Food processors are wonderful kitchen appliances that chop, grate, slice, shred, mince and grind your food. But that's not all they can do: many of these handy tools offer far more functions and accessories, so keep that in mind before investing your money.

Smaller choppers satisfy your basic food processing needs while handling small quantities. Larger, more expensive processors offer a number of attachments and functions that allow you to knead dough, blend smoothies, emulsify eggs and much more. Plus, there are plenty of different food processors that sit in between, so make sure you examine the product specifications before you buy.

Kit Our Your Kitchen With these Handy Appliances

Kit Our Your Kitchen With these Handy Appliances

Food processors offer you the most complete kitchen assistants on the market, but they can't do it all. Check out our articles below and discover other kitchen gadgets designed to support your kitchen needs. Enjoy!

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