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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in the UK 2021

With summer on its way and stuffy indoor temperatures imminent, everyone that doesn’t already have one should be looking for the comfort of a home ceiling fan. Simple, charming and practical, their airflow will keep you cool, lower your energy bills and even be a surprising ally in the winter months, too.

Whether you’d like better air circulation in the bedroom, living room, or larger room, and a fan with or without lights or a remote, it can be tricky discerning which fits your needs, and your house, flawlessly. Our guide is here to help! Plus, our top 10 buys from Amazon and eBay feature trusted brands from low to luxury prices, so we’re sure to cater to everyone’s budget. 

  • Last updated: 28-06-2021
Table of Contents

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan in the UK – Buying Guide

So, let’s take a look at what factors we should consider when purchasing a ceiling fan. We’ll be looking at the dimensions of both the ceiling fan and the room you plan on installing it in, as well as lights, rotation type, and control methods. 

Where Are You Putting Your Ceiling Fan?

The first, and most vital, point to consider is where you'll fit your ceiling fan. This is because to identify the size of the fan required, you need to know the square feet and height of your room. We’ll break this down into two smaller sections, height and size, and take a look at which fans are best for which type of room. 

The Height of the Room Will Determine the Length of Drop You Require

The Height of the Room Will Determine the Length of Drop You Require

First off, let's take a look at the height of your room, as this will determine how long you need – or don’t need – the mount downrod of your fan to be. A downrod is the metal rod that extends from the ceiling bracket to the top of the fan. 

For rooms with lower ceiling heights, say, 8 ft or less, you’ll require a flush mount which sits approximately 20-25 cm from the ceiling, otherwise it'll hang too low and pose a safety risk.

The Height of the Room Will Determine the Length of Drop You Require

If the room height is 8-10 ft, most standard downrods of 21-35 cm will be fine, and if you have a very spacious room with even higher ceilings, you’ll need an extended downrod, which refers to any over 36 cm.

We’ll be putting the downrod size below each product, but a larger size won’t always come with every fan. However, it is possible, and relatively easy, to buy another rod and combine it with your fan of choice to get what you need.

Consider the Room's Square Foot Measurement for Optimal Fan Size

Consider the Room's Square Foot Measurement for Optimal Fan Size

Next, you'll need to know the square foot (sq ft) of the room to find the correct fan size, which is measured by diameter.

These recommendations are from Energy Star, a US company that provides information on ensuring the most efficient energy consumption for your home. Therefore, following these measurements will make sure you obtain the most efficient production of airflow.

  • 75 sq ft: 73-91 cm diameters.
  • 76 – 144 sq ft: 91-106 cm diameters.
  • 144 – 225 sq ft: 111-121 cm diameters.
  • 225 – 400 sq ft: 127-52 cm diameters.
  • Over 400 sq ft: Over 157 cm diameters.

Contemplate Whether You'd Like Additional Lighting From Your Ceiling Fan

Contemplate Whether You'd Like Additional Lighting From Your Ceiling Fan

Whether you want additional lighting or not primarily comes down to preference, and whether you already have ample natural lighting or satisfactory light fixtures in place within the room. 

If this isn’t the case and the room could use a little boost, then you'll be pleased to hear there are plenty of fans on the UK market with an added light. Usually LED, halogen or fluorescent, you'll simply need to pick whichever you prefer, or which matches the rest of your home. 

A Reverse Function Will Make It Useful All Year Around

A Reverse Function Will Make It Useful All Year Around

Another good feature to look out for, particularly in the UK, is the option to reverse the fan's direction

During the summer months, it's preferable to have the blade moving in a counterclockwise direction, as this creates a 'down and out' movement which will push the hot air away and keep you cool. 

When the cooler months arrive, the ability to switch to a clockwise direction will allow the fan to redistribute the hot air that has gathered near the ceiling, helping to eliminate cold spots and drafts. 

Take Control the Way You Prefer

Take Control the Way You Prefer

How do you want to wield your new breezy power? There are generally 3 options:

Remote controls offer the most convenience, tending to operate within 30-50 ft of the unit. They're spot-on for fans positioned in hard-to-reach reach places, such as high ceilings, and will save you having to get out of bed to turn it off if you’re cold in the night. 

Wall controls are good for living, dining or kitchen areas, as well as for families that have small children who could easily make the control disappear for weeks in a crayon box. 

Finally, pull chains. These are the most basic, and require operation by hand, but are no less ideal for spaces that aren’t frequented as often or for those who are content with a lower-profile fan.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans to Buy Online in the UK

Now you’re all clued up, it’s time to check out our favourites. From small bedroom fans for kids to large fans that'll keep you cool if you’re feeling the heat in the kitchen, we’ve got something for every family. 


CasaFanLow Ceiling Fan Eco Flat II


Mount Downrod24 cm
Diameter112 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlRemote control

WestinghouseBendan One

7255740 72557


Mount Downrod36 cm
Diameter132 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlRemote control

QAZQACeiling Fan With Light


Mount Downrod30 cm
Diameter106 cm
LightingHalogen or LED
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlPull chain




Mount Downrod30 cm
Diameter90 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlRemote control

LAMPKids Room Fan


Mount Downrod35 cm
Diameter107 cm
Reverse SwitchNo
ControlRemote or pull chain

WestinghouseIndustrial Ceiling Fan

7250140 72501


Mount Droprod39 cm
Diameter142 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlWall mount



Mount Downrod34.5-44.5 cm
Diameter132 cm
Reverse SwitchNo
ControlRemote control
Mount Downrod23 cm
Diameter91 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlPull chain
Mount Downrod38 cm
Diameter107 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlRemote control, wall mount or pull chain

WestinghouseJet II Ceiling Fan



Mount Downrod29 cm
Diameter105 cm
Reverse SwitchYes
ControlRemote control

Compare the Best Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse Jet II Ceiling Fan 1


AireRyder Cyrus 1


Fantasia Capri 1


IKOHS Windwood 1


Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan 1


LAMP Kids Room Fan 1


Westinghouse Colosseum 1


QAZQA Ceiling Fan With Light  1


Westinghouse Bendan One 1


CasaFan Low Ceiling Fan Eco Flat II  1



Jet II Ceiling Fan




Industrial Ceiling Fan

Kids Room Fan


Ceiling Fan With Light

Bendan One

Low Ceiling Fan Eco Flat II


An A* All-Rounder

A Truly Customisable Option

Small Sound, Big Breeze

Tropical Vibes and a Nifty Self-Timer

Built With Large Living Spaces or Commercial Properties in Mind

A Quieter Motor and a Gentle Breeze to Help Your Little One Sleep

A Perfect Fan for Small Home Offices or Guest Bedrooms

Get Twice the Aesthetics With Double-Finished Leaves

A Perfect Fit for Those With Lodge Style Furniture

A Low Ceiling Wonder with a Contemporary Design

Mount Downrod29 cm38 cm23 cm34.5-44.5 cm 39 cm35 cm 30 cm30 cm36 cm24 cm
Diameter105 cm107 cm91 cm132 cm142 cm107 cm90 cm106 cm132 cm112 cm
LightingLEDLEDNoNo-LEDLEDHalogen or LEDHalogenNo
Reverse SwitchYesYesYesNoYesNoYesYesYesYes
ControlRemote controlRemote control, wall mount or pull chainPull chainRemote controlWall mountRemote or pull chainRemote controlPull chainRemote controlRemote control

Installation: If in Doubt, Call in Professional Help

Installation: If in Doubt, Call in Professional Help

When it comes to installing your new ceiling fan, you have a couple of options. Instructions will be included with your purchase (which will, of course, vary between models), so if you are skilled at DIY, you may wish to have a go yourself. 

However, if you are in any doubt whatsoever it's best to call an electrician, as we all know messing around with electrics can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. This rings particularly true if you've chosen a fan with a light fixture.

For an indication of what you'll be dealing with during a typical DIY fan installation process, have a read of this article by the ever-popular 'Dummies' guides. 

Make the Most of Summer at Home

Make the Most of Summer at Home

Gearing up for warmer weather? Stay cool and enjoy every last drop of sunshine (while we've got it) with our related buying guides, featuring recommendations for more at-home summer must-haves


So there it is – our comprehensive guide to ceiling fans. Whether you're buying for the first time or looking to upgrade, we hope you've learned something and found a product that will suit your needs, and your home. Let's just hope the weather does its part now!

Author: Lewis Clark 

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