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Top 10 Best Floor Chairs to Buy Online in the UK 2020

Whether you’re working from home, looking for somewhere comfortable for gaming, searching for support while meditating, or simply want to relax, a Japanese-style floor chair is the perfect way to stay close to the ground without sacrificing on back support and comfort. 

A unique and stylish alternative to more traditional seating options, there are many different designs to choose from nowadays, which can make your decision all the more difficult. To help you find your perfect floor chair, we've outlined the factors we think you should know when browsing online, as well as sharing our top buys from Amazon and eBay. 

  • Last updated: 05-06-2020
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How to Choose a Floor Chair in the UK - Buying Guide

Floor chairs can be used for a number of different purposes, and to that end, they come in many different shapes and sizes. With such a variety to choose from, and as a product new to many of us, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Let us guide you through some of the points to consider.

Choose Between Adjustable or Solid-Back Chairs

Some floor chairs have an adjustable back that can recline to one or more different angles, whereas others simply stick to a solid-backed design. Think about where and how you mostly plan on using your chair as we go over the pros and cons of each below. 

An Adjustable Back Can Increase Comfort and Ease of Storage

One of the huge advantages of floor chairs over traditional seating is that they are highly versatile. You will find that many of them come with an adjustable back, and this can serve many benefits. 

Firstly, you can almost definitely ensure that you relax at the perfect angle, whether that be sitting upright at a table or lounging back watching TV. 

Chairs with adjustable backs also provide an advantage in terms of storing your chair. If you are considering a floor chair because you're low on space, a design with an adjustable back is ideal – they can be completely flattened for convenient storage under other furniture, such as a bed, or even in a cupboard. 

A Solid, Curved Back Offers More Support for Working

A Solid, Curved Back Offers More Support for Working

Floor chairs are more supportive than you'd think, mainly because your legs are not just hanging down, rather, they receive support from the floor. To increase the health benefits, you may alternatively want to look for one with a solid back, and in particular, an ergonomic design

Sitting on a chair with a curved back provides more support to your upper back and shoulders, and will help promote good posture and reduce the amount of stress placed on your spine. 

This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking for a floor chair to work or game from – sitting for long periods of time can be tough on the body, but sitting on an ergonomic chair can make it a bit easier! The only downsides are that they are not as versatile for relaxing in, or storing. 

Look at the Weight of Your Floor Chair to Judge Its Sturdiness and Portability

Look at the Weight of Your Floor Chair to Judge Its Sturdiness and Portability

We definitely recommend checking the weight of your floor chair before making your purchase. One of the huge benefits of a floor chair is that it is very portable, so you want to be sure that you are getting something that's easy to pick up and move around, without being so light that it can easily be knocked over! 

We advise looking at something between 2 kg and 5 kg, to ensure good stability alongside ease of carrying. 

Choose a Colour and Aesthetic That Fits Your Space and Your Tastes

Of course, considering the design of any new piece of furniture you're adding to your home is important. However, with floor chairs being portable, we would advise that you also look into getting something that is versatile, which usually means sticking to neutral designs

This will allow your chair to have a variety of uses, in different contexts and different rooms, so it's worth checking the colours available. 

Beige is a shade that'll match up with different rooms or future redecorations, whilst darker blues or greys won't show dirt too easily but can still look good in any space. Bright colours can add a pop of colour to a dark room or one you're not able to decorate, such as in a rented flat. 

A Removable Cover Will Make Cleaning Much Easier

A Removable Cover Will Make Cleaning Much Easier

Although some cheaper floor chairs will have covers that are sewn into the chair, we recommend that you look for something with a removable cover. This way, you can put it in the washing machine to clean up any marks, spots or stains, or just to wash it thoroughly every so often

Alternatively, materials such as PU leather or leather should be waterproof and able to be wiped clean, so are a good choice if you live in a home with pets or kids. 

Note the Padding Material: Cotton Is Soft, Foam and Sponge Provide Comfort and Support

Note the Padding Material: Cotton Is Soft, Foam and Sponge Provide Comfort and Support

Just like in your sofa, the padding of your chair is also an important consideration, as this is what will help you to judge how comfortable it is to sit on, and how firm or soft it is. 

Instinctively, you may go for thicker-looking chairs because they appear more comfortable, but we advise looking instead at the material the padding is made from

For instance, cotton is squidgy and soft but not too supportive, so you may find that your chair to be comfortable for short periods, but a little uncomfortable when it comes to longer sitting periods. 

Materials such as foam and sponge have more structural integrity, and will support your weight for longer, so look out for these. 

Top 10 Best Floor Chairs to Buy Online in the UK

Now we've covered the aspects that you should take into consideration for your floor chair, let us take you through our selection. We hope you can find the perfect piece of furniture for your relaxing needs!

Chair TypeCurved back
Weight4 kg
Colours AvailableBeige, brown, red, black
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialCotton
Dimensions105 × 5 × 16cm

NanXiJapanese Legless Floor Chair


Chair TypeCurved back
Weight3 kg
Colours AvailableGreen, brown, blue, beige
Removable Cover-
Padding Material-
Dimensions36 x 4 x 42 cm
Chair TypeAdjustable back, 5 angles
Weight5.6 kg
Colours AvailableBeige, brown, grey, blue
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialPolyester
Dimensions105 x 10 x 48 cm
Chair TypeAdjustable back
Weight2.6 kg
Colours AvailableBeige
Removable CoverYes, zipper cover
Padding MaterialSponge
Dimensions44 x 8 x 50 cm
Chair TypeAdjustable back
Weight4 kg
Colours AvailableGrey, blue, coffee, beige
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialSponge and cotton
Dimensions105 x 16 x 54 cm

HomcomFoldable Padded Floor Chair


Chair TypeAdjustable back, 5 angles
Weight2.6 kg
Colours AvailableDark blue
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialSponge
Dimensions41 x 5 x 50 cm

LLGBDLazy Floor Chair



Chair TypeAdjustable back and base, 6 options
Weight998 g
Colours AvailableBlue, grey, purple
Removable CoverYes
Padding MaterialSponge and cotton
Dimensions120 × 13 × 50 cm

DHRFloor Swivel Chair


Chair TypeErgonomic back rest
Weight5 kg
Colours AvailableBeige, brown, grey, blue, green
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialSponge
Dimensions40 x 7 x 47 cm
Chair TypeAdjustable back, 5 angles
Weight2.7 kg
Colours AvailableBlue
Removable CoverYes, zipper cover
Padding MaterialSponge
Dimensions76 x 7.5 x 48 cm

bonVIVOEasy Lounge Floor Chair


Chair TypeAdjustable back, 5 angles
Weight5.6 kg
Colours AvailableBlue, grey
Removable Cover-
Padding MaterialFoam
Dimensions65 x 28 x 58 cm

Compare the Best Floor Chairs

bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair 1


 Nnewvante Floor Chair 1


DHR Floor Swivel Chair 1


LLGBD Lazy Floor Chair 1


Homcom Foldable Padded Floor Chair 1


GHM Floor Chair 1


 Rebecca Mobili Yoga Chair 1

Rebecca Mobili

RM Design Floor Chair 1

RM Design

NanXi Japanese Legless Floor Chair 1


 GHM Floor Chair 1



Easy Lounge Floor Chair

Floor Chair

Floor Swivel Chair

Lazy Floor Chair

Foldable Padded Floor Chair

Floor Chair

Yoga Chair

Floor Chair

Japanese Legless Floor Chair

Floor Chair


A Luxuriously Comfortable Floor Chair

An Adjustable Floor Chair That's Easy to Wash

An Office Chair for Your Floor

Sit Back in Exactly the Position You Want With This Lazy Chair

Space-Saving With 5 Adjustable Levels

Stylish and Soft Seating

A Simple Floor Chair for Meditating or Relaxing

A Durable Floor Chair for Many Uses

Elegant Tatami-Style Wooden Floor Chair

An Easy-to-Clean Chair With an Ergonomic Curved Back

Chair TypeAdjustable back, 5 anglesAdjustable back, 5 anglesErgonomic back restAdjustable back and base, 6 optionsAdjustable back, 5 anglesAdjustable backAdjustable backAdjustable back, 5 anglesCurved backCurved back
Weight5.6 kg2.7 kg5 kg998 g2.6 kg4 kg2.6 kg5.6 kg3 kg4 kg
Colours AvailableBlue, greyBlueBeige, brown, grey, blue, greenBlue, grey, purpleDark blueGrey, blue, coffee, beigeBeigeBeige, brown, grey, blueGreen, brown, blue, beigeBeige, brown, red, black
Removable Cover-Yes, zipper cover-Yes--Yes, zipper cover---
Padding MaterialFoamSpongeSpongeSponge and cottonSpongeSponge and cottonSpongePolyester-Cotton
Dimensions65 x 28 x 58 cm76 x 7.5 x 48 cm40 x 7 x 47 cm120 × 13 × 50 cm41 x 5 x 50 cm105 x 16 x 54 cm44 x 8 x 50 cm105 x 10 x 48 cm 36 x 4 x 42 cm105 × 5 × 16cm

Our Picks for a Cosy Lounge

Our Picks for a Cosy Lounge

If you're on a mission to cosy up your living space and looking for some further inspiration, we can help! Check out some of the related articles below which include advice and product recommendations for pieces big and small. 


A floor chair can be a comfortable and versatile alternative to a traditional chair, and makes for a stylish addition to any room. We hope that with our guide you have a better idea for what to look for, and that you can find your perfect match from our top 10. Now all that's left to do is sit back and relax!

Author: Hannah Kato

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