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  • 10 Best Glass Cleaners UK 2021 | Windex, Mr Muscle, and More 2
  • 10 Best Glass Cleaners UK 2021 | Windex, Mr Muscle, and More 3
  • 10 Best Glass Cleaners UK 2021 | Windex, Mr Muscle, and More 4
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10 Best Glass Cleaners UK 2021 | Windex, Mr Muscle, and More

Nothing says 'clean' like sparkling, streak-free windows and mirrors, but achieving that elusive shine can be difficult without the right glass cleaner! To help you choose the best one for the job, we've put together a guide to the different types: sprays, wipes, and bottles of concentrated liquid. Eco-friendly cleaners that harness plant power are also a popular choice, so we'll cover the benefits of natural ingredients too.

Once you've read our handy guide, check out our top 10 products to buy at Amazon, eBay, and Asda, from brands such as Windex, Method, and Mr Muscle. Whether you're after an ammonia-free, vinegar-based formula for your car or something with alcohol that'll cut through household grime, our picks are guaranteed to get everything gleaming!

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Compare the Best Glass Cleaners

For those after a quick look, here is our Top 5:

  1. Astonish - Trigger Window & Glass Cleaner for £1.49
  2. Ecozone - Window & Glass Cleaner Spray for £3.60
  3. Method - Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray for £3.25
  4. Nilco - Nilglass Professional H3 Glass & Mirror Cleaner for £6.00
  5. HG - Window Cleaner for £4.97

For a more in-depth look at the comprehensive top 10 selection, make sure to read on to learn more about the different types of glass cleaners available and understand how our ranking was determined.
Astonish Trigger Window & Glass Cleaner 1


Ecozone Window & Glass Cleaner Spray 1


Method Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray 1


Nilco Nilglass Professional H3 Glass & Mirror Cleaner 1


HG Window Cleaner 1


Unger Unger's Liquid 1


Windolene Emulsion Original Cream Cleaner 1


Mr Muscle Advanced Power Window & Glass Spray 1

Mr Muscle

Windex Original Glass Cleaner 1


Windolene Glass & Surface Cleaning Wipes 1



Trigger Window & Glass Cleaner

Window & Glass Cleaner Spray

Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray

Nilglass Professional H3 Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Window Cleaner

Unger's Liquid

Emulsion Original Cream Cleaner

Advanced Power Window & Glass Spray

Original Glass Cleaner

Glass & Surface Cleaning Wipes


Vegan Glass Cleaner That Delivers a Streak-Free Shine Every Time

Eco Glass Cleaner That’s Safe for Children and Pets

Non-toxic Formula for a Variety of Surfaces

Professional Grade Cleaner for Windows, Mirrors and Other Non-porous Surfaces

Super-concentrated Solution to Leave Your Windows Streak-Free

Finishing Solution for Polishing Glass

Glass Cleaning Cream That Won’t Scratch or Smear

Budget-Friendly Vinegar Based Cleaner From a Trusted Brand

Dissolves Dirt and Grease for a Sparkling Finish

Convenient Wipes for Cleaning Tablets and Smartphones

Cleaner TypeSpraySpraySpraySprayConcentrated solution Concentrated solutionCream (also available as a spray or wipes)Spray bottleSpray bottleWipes
Suitable ForWindows, mirrors, glass furniture/screensWindow, glassGlassGlass, mirrorsWindows, glass, mirrorsGlass, windowsGlass, windows, other shiny surfacesWindows, glassGlass, windows, mirrorssmartphones, tablets, screens
Active IngredientsVinegarPlant-based alcoholCorn-based alcoholAlcoholAlcoholAlcoholAlcoholVinegarAmmonia-DVinegar
Best ForShrek-free, vegan, cruelty-freeShrek-free, vegan, natural ingredients Eco-friendly, multi-surface, streak-freeIntense cleanStreak-free, professional, super concentratedStreak-free, economical, professionalStreak-free, non-smear formulaStreak-freeTough stains, streak-freeStreak-free
Safety Advice-Safe around children and petsNon-toxicOnly use on non-porous surfacesDilute before use, pH neutralDilute before use, biodegradableSkin irritation, allergic reaction, toxic to aquatic lifeKeep out of eyes, do not breathe inAirborne mist can cause skin and eye irritationNot suitable for plasma/laptop screens, wood, or waxed surfaces
Volume500 ml500 ml828 ml500 ml500 ml1 L500 ml750 ml950 ml30 wipes

How to Choose a Glass Cleaner in the UK

Key Points to Consider

  1. Pick a Format to Suit Your Needs
  2. Look for Active Ingredients if You Want to Leave Glass Streak-Free

1. Choose a Suitable Glass Cleaner for Your Surfaces: Sprays Are Great for Car Windscreens and Mirrors, Wipes Are Best for Tablets and Laptops

1. Choose a Suitable Glass Cleaner for Your Surfaces: Sprays Are Great for Car Windscreens and Mirrors, Wipes Are Best for Tablets and Laptops

Spray Bottles Provide More Coverage When Cleaning Mirrors, Windscreens and Glass Tabletops

Spray bottles are a popular format for glass cleaners as they deliver great coverage and dispense the correct amount of product with each squirt - this makes them ideal for small surfaces like car windows and mirrors. 

As there's no need to dilute the formula before use, they're ready to go straight away. Plus, they're an incredibly affordable option so they offer a happy compromise between cost and convenience.

Just make sure you look for bottles that allow you to shut the spray function off, to avoid any accidents after you've finished cleaning!

Using a Concentrated Solution Will Save You Money When Cleaning Windows and Patio Doors

Investing in a bottle of concentrated liquid is a very economical choice when it comes to purchasing glass cleaner - a little goes a long, long way! If you need to polish a large area like your household windows or patio door, this is a great option. 

However, this type of formula does generally need to be diluted before use, so you'll also need a bucket and a squeegee or a spray bottle in order to start cleaning. Still, it's what most professional cleaners use so you know it'll do the job well!

For a great finish on large scale glass, try our Best Shower Squeegees!

Glass Cleaning Wipes Will Safely Remove Fingerprints From Tablet and Laptop Screens

Cleaning wipes are a speedy, ultra-convenient way to clean your home. Just whip out your wipes - swish, swipe, and you’re done! Unfortunately though, they're expensive if you need to cover a large area and they're not environmentally friendly either.

Perhaps best used in "on the go" situations rather than for regular household cleaning, wipes are handy to have in your car for touch-ups when you don’t have access to your full cleaning kit.

If you're keen on eco-friendly options, try our Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products!

2. Look For Active Ingredients Like Alcohol or Ammonia for Streak Free Glass

2. Look For Active Ingredients Like Alcohol or Ammonia for Streak Free Glass

Pick an Alcohol-Based Cleaner to Remove Fingerprints From Sliding Doors and Glass Surfaces

Various types of alcohol, including isopropyl alcohol, are commonly found in the top brands of glass cleaners. These work by speeding up the drying process so that water marks won't be visible on the glass. 

While alcohol is a really effective ingredient for cleaning, it can be a bit stinky! It’s always a good idea to ensure that wherever you’re cleaning is well ventilated, so you don’t breathe in too much of the product.

Ammonia Cuts Through the Grease and Grime That Builds up on Glass Appliances and Kitchen Windows

Ammonia is another popular ingredient found in many leading brands of glass cleaner. It's highly effective at cutting through grease and grime to leave your glass spotless, before evaporating quickly to leave behind a streak-free surface.

However, it can cause irritation if inhaled in high concentrations, so keep your windows open or wear a mask when using products containing ammonia.

If You’re After an Eco-friendly Alternative to Chemical Cleaners, Use Vinegar to Effectively Clean Glass

Cleaning products don’t need to contain harsh chemicals in order to be effective. In fact, eco-friendly formulas are gaining popularity as more people become aware of the impact that chemicals can have on both our health and the planet.

Plant-based ingredients such as vinegar can work just as well as chemicals when it comes to powering through grease and grime. Its acidity breaks down any film that might start to accumulate on glass, leaving it sparkling instead. It's anti-bacterial too, which is always a bonus!

For the finishing touches on the perfect cleaning routine, try our Best Toilet Cleaners!

10 Best Glass Cleaners in the UK

This ranking has been compiled by the writing team at mybest UK via careful evaluation of the points made in the buying guide and thorough research of each product and comparing multiple verified customer reviews across the EC sites used.


AstonishTrigger Window & Glass Cleaner


Cleaner TypeSpray
Suitable ForWindows, mirrors, glass furniture/screens
Active IngredientsVinegar
Best ForShrek-free, vegan, cruelty-free
Safety Advice-
Volume500 ml

EcozoneWindow & Glass Cleaner Spray


Cleaner TypeSpray
Suitable ForWindow, glass
Active IngredientsPlant-based alcohol
Best ForShrek-free, vegan, natural ingredients
Safety AdviceSafe around children and pets
Volume500 ml

MethodMint Window Glass Cleaning Spray


Cleaner TypeSpray
Suitable ForGlass
Active IngredientsCorn-based alcohol
Best ForEco-friendly, multi-surface, streak-free
Safety AdviceNon-toxic
Volume828 ml

NilcoNilglass Professional H3 Glass & Mirror Cleaner


Cleaner TypeSpray
Suitable ForGlass, mirrors
Active IngredientsAlcohol
Best ForIntense clean
Safety AdviceOnly use on non-porous surfaces
Volume500 ml
Cleaner TypeConcentrated solution
Suitable ForWindows, glass, mirrors
Active IngredientsAlcohol
Best ForStreak-free, professional, super concentrated
Safety AdviceDilute before use, pH neutral
Volume500 ml

UngerUnger's Liquid



Cleaner TypeConcentrated solution
Suitable ForGlass, windows
Active IngredientsAlcohol
Best ForStreak-free, economical, professional
Safety AdviceDilute before use, biodegradable
Volume1 L

WindoleneEmulsion Original Cream Cleaner


Cleaner TypeCream (also available as a spray or wipes)
Suitable ForGlass, windows, other shiny surfaces
Active IngredientsAlcohol
Best ForStreak-free, non-smear formula
Safety AdviceSkin irritation, allergic reaction, toxic to aquatic life
Volume500 ml

Mr MuscleAdvanced Power Window & Glass Spray


Cleaner TypeSpray bottle
Suitable ForWindows, glass
Active IngredientsVinegar
Best ForStreak-free
Safety AdviceKeep out of eyes, do not breathe in
Volume750 ml

WindexOriginal Glass Cleaner


Cleaner TypeSpray bottle
Suitable ForGlass, windows, mirrors
Active IngredientsAmmonia-D
Best ForTough stains, streak-free
Safety AdviceAirborne mist can cause skin and eye irritation
Volume950 ml

WindoleneGlass & Surface Cleaning Wipes


Cleaner TypeWipes
Suitable Forsmartphones, tablets, screens
Active IngredientsVinegar
Best ForStreak-free
Safety AdviceNot suitable for plasma/laptop screens, wood, or waxed surfaces
Volume30 wipes

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Written and researched by Sonata Winchester

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