25 Best Workout Channels on YouTube in 2020 - Are you ready to Exercise?

If you're like the rest of the world right now, you have been spending a lot more time inside, working from home and unable to do your regular workout classes or go to the gym. One of our main tasks nowadays is to stay fit and healthy, and what better way to do that than take part in fun fitness classes on YouTube? 

We've found 25 of the best workout channels on YouTube to share with you today, with a mix of cardio, HIIT, strength training, yoga, pilates, and dance! Whether you're looking to exercise with a child or are a senior looking to stay healthy, we'll have something for you below. 

  • Last updated: 19-06-2020
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How to Choose a Workout Channel on YouTube

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of fitness YouTube channels and unsure about which one to choose? Not to worry: we are here to give you a helping hand. There are various points to consider when choosing a channel to follow.

  1. Think about your fitness goals. For example, do you want to lose weight or build muscle? Or perhaps you want to improve your overall mood and health? 
  2. Use our guide to peruse through some of the available workout styles, and see how the benefits of each type align with your goals. 
  3. Consider any other features of the YouTube channel that appeal to you, such as the length of the workout videos, and whether they have lifestyle advice: you want to make sure that you find the channel fun and motivating! 

Now that you know the steps to take, let's get into the deets. 

What Kind of Workout Is Best for You? Consider the Benefits and Your Goals

HIIT, cardio, yoga, pilates... when browsing YouTube for a fitness video you'll see a multitude of different workout types. In this section, we'll explain the difference between each type and their respective benefits to your health and fitness!

Cardio Gets Your Heart Beat Pumping, Perfect for Improving Fitness

Cardio Gets Your Heart Beat Pumping, Perfect for Improving Fitness

Benefits of cardio:

  • A lower heart rate, stronger lungs, weight loss, stress relief 

We recommend this for:

  • People who want to improve their overall fitness 

When you hear the word "cardio", you probably think of sports such as running, swimming, and cycling. Exactly that, cardio refers to any sort of exercise that leads to a higher heart rate. Any workout that gets your body moving and your heart pumping over a long period of time counts, so cardio also includes brisk walking and using the elliptical machine. 

The benefits of cardio include a lower heart rate over time, stronger lungs, weight loss, and an improved mood, so we recommend this form of exercise for people who want to improve their overall health and get fit, as well as those looking to reduce stress. 

Healthy adults should aim to get 30 minutes of cardio at least 5 days a week. While running and walking are great, they can be difficult to do nowadays, which is why cardio workout videos that you can do at home are great! However, any cardio newbies should try to start out slowly to avoid pushing themselves too hard. 

HIIT Gives You Great Results in a Short Amount of Time

HIIT Gives You Great Results in a Short Amount of Time

Benefits of HIIT: 

  • Weight loss, high results in short amounts of time 

We recommend this for: 

  • People who have limited time 

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and, as the name suggests, it refers to workouts that involve intense but short workouts where you push yourself to the limits, followed by multiple intervals of rest. 

HIIT can be done for any form of exercise, whether running or using weights, so it can seem similar to cardio or strength training. The difference is that you'll get higher results in a shorter amount of time, meaning that it requires less time to complete a workout.

While HIIT workouts are great for inserting into a packed schedule of Zoom meetings, it should not be the only form of exercise you do, so it's also important to fit regular cardio workouts in too. Nevertheless, we recommend HIIT workout videos to those who don’t have the time to do a full cardio workout every day but want the same health and weight loss benefits

Strength Training Helps to Enhance Muscle Mass and Improve Metabolism

Strength Training Helps to Enhance Muscle Mass and Improve Metabolism

Benefits of strength training:

  • Improves metabolism, builds and maintains muscle mass 

We recommend this for: 

  • People who want to increase their muscle mass and lose body fat

Strength training refers to any workout which helps to increase and preserve lean muscle mass. These workouts can require free weights or weight machines, such as those you can find in the gym, but many strength-training exercises can also be done with your body weight, such as push-ups or crunches

You may picture strength-training workouts to be only for bodybuilders, but workouts that build muscle are essential for everyone: building your muscle when you can guarantees that you'll be strong and capable when you get older. Strength training also improves your metabolism, making it fantastic for losing weight even while you're not working out, too. 

We recommend people who want to improve their muscle mass and get stronger, as well as those who are serious about losing weight, to try doing some form of strength-training exercises at least twice a week.

Yoga Helps to Strengthen the Body and Calm the Mind

Yoga Helps to Strengthen the Body and Calm the Mind

Benefits of yoga:

  • Builds flexibility and strength, helps with lower back pain relief and stress

We recommend this for: 

  • People who want to manage their stress and anxiety 
  • Those looking for a low-intensity workout 

Yoga is a physical activity that focuses on breathing, meditation, and a series of postures (or asanas) to stretch the muscles in order to bring strength to the body and therefore awareness and harmony to the mind, too. Being a low-intensity exercise, yoga is fantastic for beginners, especially with at-home yoga videos in which the teachers will often teach you modifications to particularly tricky poses. 

This workout option has a ton of both physical and mental benefits. Practising yoga regularly can help increase your flexibility and muscle strength, as well as relieve lower back pain. The focus on mental wellbeing through breath control and meditation means that it's perfect for managing stress and anxiety too, so it may help you to sleep at night. 

We recommend yoga-based workout videos for people who want both physical and mental benefits during this worrying time, and who want to get stronger and more flexible while also managing stress and anxiety. 

Pilates Can Improve Body Strength, Posture, and Flexibility

Pilates Can Improve Body Strength, Posture, and Flexibility

Benefits of pilates

  • Improved body alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility 

We recommend this for

  • Those looking for a low-impact but results-based exercise 

Pilates, similar to yoga, is a low-impact method of exercise involving controlled movements which aim to improve body alignment, strength, and flexibility, whilst controlling the breath. Particular emphasis is put on creating a strong core in order to aid one's balance, although the exercises target other areas of the body, too. 

The low-impact nature of the exercise means that it can be practised by people of all ages, and is great for beginners as well as more advanced athletes. Consider choosing a Pilates-based workout video if you want to improve your strength, posture, and flexibility. Pilates is also a great choice for those who don’t particularly like the spiritual wellbeing aspect of yoga and want more fast-paced, results-based workouts. 

Dance Workouts: A Fun Way to Get Fit!

Dance Workouts: A Fun Way to Get Fit!

Benefits of dance:

  • Weight loss and improving posture, muscle mass and coordination 

We recommend this for: 

  • People who like the idea of working out to music, and find it hard to stay motivated doing regular workouts 

Last but not least, dance! Dance is, needless to say, one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit. Although (debatably) more fun other cardio workouts, dance can have the same health benefits, so we recommend these types of workout videos to those who find it hard to stick to regular cardio workouts but like the idea of exercising to music. 

Dancing is fantastic for losing weight and improving posture, muscle mass, and co-ordination. While dance classes in person can be intimidating, especially for beginners, dancing on YouTube allows you to work on the moves at your own pace, while not worrying whether you look silly or not! 

Looking for a Workout for Seniors or Kids? Consider Specialised Workouts

Looking for a Workout for Seniors or Kids? Consider Specialised Workouts

If you are a senior or are looking for a workout video for children you may want to find something tailored to that age group

Keeping active even as you get older is important for staying healthy and independent. According to the NHS, older adults aged 65 and older should try to do a form of physical activity every day. This should ideally include a mix of moderate-intensity activity and vigorous-intensity activity, as well as activity to build your strength, balance and flexibility throughout the week. 

Moderate-intensity activity can include gentler activities such as walking, whereas vigorous-intensity activity refers to exercise that gets you breathing more rapidly such as dancing - both of which are options in our recommendations list! Gentler activities such as yoga or pilates are great for improving strength and balance. If you are inactive at the moment, try to start slow, and consult with your GP if you have any worries. 

Looking for a Workout for Seniors or Kids? Consider Specialised Workouts

Children and teens aged 5 to 18 years old should do a mix of aerobic exercise and muscle and bone-strengthening exercise every week in order to stay healthy. However, it can be hard to get motivated to be active while stuck at home, so try to find something fun that your child will enjoy doing regularly - even better if you workout together!

Other Factors May Help You Decide

While the type of workouts on the channel is the main thing you'll need to think about, the length of videos as well as whether they have live workouts and lifestyle advice can also help you decide. 

How Much Time Do You Have? Video Lengths Can Vary

How Much Time Do You Have? Video Lengths Can Vary

The length of workout videos on YouTube can vary greatly, from short ones around 10 to 15 minutes, up to videos around 45 minutes long, or longer! If you only have a short amount of time every day or want to fit quick workouts into your breaks, it might be worth going for a channel that mainly posts shorter videos. 

Live Workouts Can Feel More Interactive

Live Workouts Can Feel More Interactive

Some channels also post live workouts every week, great for if you miss the feeling of participating in workout classes in person

With the instructor talking in real-time and a live comment bar where you can send questions or comments, you'll feel like you are working out with a big group of people online. Putting the time of the live workout class in your diary is also a great way of staying motivated to do the workout. 

Channels With Lifestyle and Diet Advice Are Great for Overall Health Improvement

Channels With Lifestyle and Diet Advice Are Great for Overall Health Improvement

Finally, some channels also provide videos with lifestyle and diet advice. As you should know, staying healthy and fit isn't just about the exercise you do; the things you eat and your daily routine are also important. Subscribe to channels with other sorts of content if you want healthy recipes and other inspiring tips! 

12 Best Multi-Purpose Workout Channels on YouTube

Now that you know the things to look out for when looking for the perfect workout channel, let's move on to our recommendations! We've scoured YouTube for the best fitness channels and, while this isn't all YouTube has to offer, these were our favourites.

While some channels focus purely on yoga and pilates, and other just on dancing, most workout channels you'll find on YouTube have a wide range of different workouts to suit whatever area you're planning on targetting that day, whether the legs or the whole body. Now, check out these channels and get ready to sweat! 

1. Fitness Blender

Simple Workout Videos to Bring the Gym to Your Home

Fitness Blender is made up of husband and wife Daniel and Kelli, and together they have created over 600 free workout videos for their YouTube channel! Watching their videos is an easy way to start the journey to a healthier body with no need for a gym membership. 

Looking for more? Head over to their website where they have a lot more content, including meal plans, tailored programs for whatever goal you have in mind, and a customisable workout calendar that you can create for free if you sign up.


  • HIIT, pilates, strength training, and cardio workouts 
  • Videos from around 10 minutes to over an hour! 
  • Healthy recipes and healthy living tips on their YouTube channel and website 

2. Nate Bower Fitness

Workout and Get Fit While Learning About Boxing

Nate Bower is a boxing instructor, personal trainer, and competitive athlete, who posts regular boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts and boxing classes on YouTube. Most of his videos are around 15 to 30 minutes in length, so are easy to fit into your daily routine. 

Although Nate sometimes uses boxing bags and dumbbells, many of his workouts can be done without any equipment. Another plus point? Doing these workouts means that you can learn a new self-defence skill which could come in handy one day! 


  • Boxing, HIIT, strength training workout routines
  • Around 15~30 minutes 

3. POPSUGAR Fitness

Making Popular Workout Trends Available to All

POPSUGAR Fitness, with host Anna Renderer, brings popular workout classes and trends as well as live workout classes to YouTube for free! With a variety of fitness trainers and celebrity trainers teaching exercises such as boxing, HIIT, yoga, cardio, and dance, you are sure to find many videos that you love. 

With motivating music and inspiring trainers, POPSUGAR Fitness is the place to go for whatever workout you're feeling like doing that day. Start doing the videos regularly to aid in weight loss, stress relief, and a healthier lifestyle


  • Occasional live workouts
  • Cardio, HIIT, strength training, boxing, and more 
  • Videos around 15 to 30 minutes 

4. MadFit

Sweat While Working Out to All Your Favourite Songs!

Love working out to music? Then you'll love the workout videos on the MadFit channel. Maddie posts many workouts to popular hit songs to keep you motivated, as well as targetted workouts for the abs, legs, arms, and so on. 

All her videos are in real-time so you'll be able to go through the whole workout together. Her videos are suitable for beginners so that people from all fitness levels can get their body moving! 


  • HIIT, cardio, strength training, yoga, dance 
  • Videos from under 5 minutes to over 30 minutes 

5. Natacha Océane

"Fitness, Food and Fun" for Weekly Inspiration

Want a dose of fitness and health inspiration on top of workout videos? Check out Natacha Océane's YouTube Channel! Natacha posts plenty of vlogs, food-related videos and lifestyle tips on top of short HIIT and flexibility fitness videos. Think of her as a friend to cheer you along on your fitness journey. 


  • HIIT, flexibility, strength training 
  • Also posts diet and lifestyle advice, vlogs 
  • Fitness videos around 10~20 minutes 

6. Chloe Ting

Get Your Body Summer-Ready With Chloe Ting

Looking for a way to target specific areas such as the abs, thighs or butt? Look no further: Chloe Ting regularly posts short fitness videos that aim to help you tone up and get fit and healthy. 

If you're unsure where to start, check out Chloe's website, where she has various free workout programs such as the Summer Shred Challenge, with an itinerary of videos to do every day with the intention of losing weight and getting fitter in 4 weeks. 


  • Workout videos around 10~20 minutes 
  • Targets  abs, butt, inner thights, and body fat 
  • Also posts lifestyle advice and food-related videos 

7. Pamela Reif

Fun and Addictive Workouts to Keep You Motivated

If you're looking for fun but short workouts that you can do quickly during your work breaks, check out Pamela Reif's channel! Pamela's videos feature a sequence of easy-to-understand timed moves which you do to music. The clear instructions make them great for beginners, too! 

She has many innovative workout videos, such as "happy dance workout" and "chair workout", so go ahead and click on Pamela's channel and find a video you like! 


  • Dance, cardio, HIIT and strength training workouts
  • Videos around 10~30 minutes 
  • Regular live workouts 

8. Roberta's Gym

Workout With a Animated Character

Not too bothered about working out with an actual person? Check out Roberta's Gym on YouTube! The workout videos on this channel are led by a 3D animated character to show you precisely how to do each move. 

Each video contains simple workout routines made to help you burn calories and fat, all without any equipment or a gym membership. The instructions in the videos are easy to understand, and with the number of calories burned shown on the left of the screen you are sure to feel motivated as you join in. 


  • Body-weight workouts and targeted exercises
  • Videos around 20~30 minutes

9. Sydney Cummings

Longer Workout Videos to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Sydney Cummings is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist who owns Royal Change, a fitness and nutrition company. She is passionate about fitness and personal training so regularly posts longer HIIT, cardio, and strength-training workout videos on her YouTube channel that can easily make up your whole workout for the day. 

She also has a website on which you can get access to a 3-month workout program if you join her Sydney squad. In the meantime, whatever level you're at, try out one of her videos and get ready to feel the burn! 


  • HIIT, cardio, strength training 
  • Videos around 30~60 minutes 

10. Koboko Fitness

Body Weight Exercises and Health Information for Women

Want to tone up your body and gain muscle without any equipment? Look no further: certified personal trainer Kola Olaosebikan from Koboko fitness regularly uploads bodyweight exercises for women targetting areas such as the butt, lower body, abs, and arms. She also has many videos with general health and fitness information and diet advice. 

Although her workouts are hard and effective, her upbeat attitude and constant smile are sure to keep you going! If you're interested in a program, head over to her website for more information. 


  • Bodyweight strength training 
  • Workouts around 10~15 minutes
  • Also uploads health, fitness and diet information 

11. Body Project

Get Your Heart Pumping With Motivating Cardio Exercises

The Body Project YouTube channel, headed by Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett, is made up of high energy, fun workouts to get you sweaty from the comfort of your own home. With plenty of cardio as well as HIIT, resistance training, pilates and yoga, you're sure to find a workout to suit you, to help you feel better about your body. 

While their YouTube channel only has a limited selection of videos, head over to their website to get started with their program for free for a large selection of on-demand workout videos and exercise programs.


  • Cardio, HIIT, resistance training, pilates, and yoga 
  • Videos around 30 minutes 
  • More available on the Team Body Project website 

12. Heather Robertson

HIIT and Cardio Workouts to Tone the Body

Certified personal trainer and fitness cover model Heather Robertson posts HIIT and cardio workouts on her YouTube channel multiple times a week. Many of her videos target areas such as the upper body, legs, abs, and arms, so they are perfect for if you are looking to tone a specific area. 

With no equipment needed, her videos are always easy to understand with a timer and simple instructions on screen, and fun music to keep you going. Heather aims to help you work hard so that you can play hard too, and that sounds good to us! 


  • HIIT, cardio, and full workout videos targeting the legs, upper body and more
  • Videos from around 15 to 45 minutes 
  • More information on her website

2 Best Strength Training Workout Channels on YouTube

It's all about that muscle! If you are looking to build muscle, lose body fat, and get seriously strong, these channels are the places to go to in order to workout from home. 

1. Fraser Wilson

Short Strength-Training Workouts to Help You Gain Muscle

Fraser Wilson regularly posts strength-training, mobility, and HIIT workouts on his YouTube channel, many of which are under 10 minutes long and don't need any equipment. Looking to build muscle in a particular area? Many of Fraser's videos are targeted to the abs, legs, as well as the whole body, so there's sure to be a video to suit your needs. 

As well as workout videos, Fraser also uploads videos containing general fitness information as well as diet and supplement advice. If you like the style of his videos, head to his website where you can receive tailored meal plans, workout plans and email support if you sign up to his very affordable program. 


  • Strength training, mobility, HIIT
  • Many videos under 10 minutes 
  • General fitness information and diet advice 

2. Scott Herman Fitness

Home Strength-Training Workouts to Build Muscle

Scott Herman regularly posts strength-training workouts on YouTube, whether to work out the whole body, or just the abs, biceps, or legs. No weights? No worries! Many of his workout videos only require body weight, although some use dumbbells if you'd prefer to use them.

Apart from workouts, Scott also posts videos about lifestyle, meal prep, and general fitness updates, so his channel is a great place to go for some strength-training inspo. If you're not sure where to start, head to his website where he also has meal planners and programs tailored to various goals. 


  • Strength training workouts 
  • Videos about lifestyle, meal prep, and fitness updates 
  • Workouts around 10~15 minutes 

5 Best Yoga and Pilates Workout Channels on YouTube

Looking to stretch the body and build strength and flexibility while perhaps trying to calm the mind? Check out these yoga and pilates channels! 

1. Yoga With Adriene

At-Home Yoga Videos to "Find What Feels Good"

We're sure you don't need to be introduced to her, but just in case, next up is Yoga With Adriene. Adriene has been posting at-home yoga videos on YouTube since 2012 and now has over 7 million subscribers. Always positive, easy-going and reassuring, the Yoga With Adriene motto is "find what feels good", as that is what she encourages you to do in each yoga pose. 

Want to do yoga to manage stress or anxiety? Lose weight? Relieve lower back pain? Feel more confident? Whatever you're looking for, with Adriene's wide range of videos you can probably find it. Now, inhale... exhale... and start the video above to start on an amazing journey! 


  • Yoga routines
  • Some videos aimed at seniors and children 
  • Yoga routines are from under 10 minutes to just under one hour 

2. Blogilates

Pilates Routines to Work Out the Whole Body

Cassey Ho, a certified fitness instructor, has been on YouTube on her channel Blogilates for 10 years now! She posts pilates videos which target various parts of the body, whether the arms, waist, inner thigh or whole body. Although aimed at people who want to lose weight or tone up, Cassey is a believer in promoting a healthy lifestyle and body image. 

What's more, many of the videos on the Blogilates channel are Pop pilates, meaning you get to work out while listening to music and having fun too! Start playing the video above to join her other 5 million subscribers.  


  • Pop pilates workouts
  • Posts diet and lifestyle advice 
  • Mostly short videos from 10 to 20 minutes 

3. Shona Vertue

Yoga for the Mind and Mobility

Interested in the physical benefits of yoga but want to know more about the technical details of each pose? We recommend that you try out the Vertue Method workouts uploaded by Shona Vertue. Shona regularly uploads both yoga sequences and bodyweight exercises, aimed to help improve your strength, flexibility and fitness. 

Shona particularly focuses on mobility, which is the ability to move the joints. Improving mobility will help to prevent injury and allow the joints their full range of movement. With Shona explaining the benefits and technicalities of each posture in detail, you can trust that your body and mind will be in safe hands! 


  • Yoga and strength training 
  • Regular live videos 
  • Videos from around 10 to 45 minutes 

4. Boho Beautiful

Calming Yoga in Beautiful Settings

If you like the idea of doing high-quality Yoga videos which are set in the middle of gorgeous natural backgrounds, take a look at the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel! 

Boho Beautiful, made up of couple Juliana and Mark Spicoluk, while focussing on yoga, also features pilates, vegan recipes, meditation, and vlogs. Their workout videos are perfect for both beginners and more advanced yogis, so go ahead and check it out! 


  • Yoga, pilates and meditation
  • Vegan recipes and vlogs
  • Videos around 10~30 minutes 

5. Jessica Valant Pilates

A Must-See for Anyone Interested in Pilates

Anyone interested in learning more about Pilates should check out the Jessica Valant Pilates channel. Jessica, a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor, regularly uploads a mix of short pilates and strength training workouts as well as general information about healthy living and fitness.

With her knowledge of injuries and anatomy combined with her love of teaching, her workout videos are both effective and safe. Head over to her website for more workouts and information about women's health.


  • Pilates and strength training
  • Information about healthy living and women's health 
  • Videos from around 10 to 20 minutes 

3 Best Dance Workout Channels on YouTube

Lacking motivation? Let's check out some dance workouts from a variety of different genres which will surely get you pumped up to get fit! 

1. Afrifitness

Burn Calories to Fun Afrobeat Dance Videos

Afrifitness is a training style created by Rachael Okesola which incorporates African dance, resistance training and HIIT, all to the sound of Afrobeat music! Rachael is an expert in African fitness and wellness, and she strives to make fitness accessible to everyone, as well as motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle and get fit. 

One of the many good points of choosing to exercise to the Afrifitness workouts is that you can burn plenty of calories while learning new dance moves at the same time: win-win! Head over to the Afrifitness website to sign up to access a wider range of workout routines. 


  • African dance, resistance training, HIIT 
  • Videos from around 10 to 25 minutes
  • More information on the Afrifitness website 

2. The Fitness Marshall

Get Ready to Dance Your Way to a Healthy Body!

The Fitness Marshall is created by Caleb Marshall, who creates original dance workouts which are uploaded weekly for you to enjoy. With dances to multiple popular hit songs, you'll definitely find a song that you want to work out to. 

Before you start, check out the description in the video playlist, which will mention whether the workout is a warm-up, a main workout, or a cool down. Caleb recommends that you make your own customised workout with 2 warm-ups, 8 main workouts and 1 cool down, so go ahead and pick your favourite songs to dance to! 


  • Dance workouts around 3 to 4 minutes 
  • Occasional live sessions 

3. Mike Peele

High-Energy 30 Minute Hip Hop Dance Classes

Mike Peele is the creator of hip-hop fit, a series of hip-hop dance classes to help you lose weight, tone up, and reduce stress while having fun moving your body to music. They are high-energy and supposedly help you burn 300 to over 1000 calories per class! Plus, you can show off your new dance moves to everyone afterwards. 

Unlike other dance videos on YouTube, the advantage of hip-hop fit is the 30-minute length and the fact that they include warm-up stretches too, meaning a video can make up your whole workout. They are also extremely easy to follow for both beginners and advanced dancers. 


  • Hip Hop dance classes 
  • Videos around 30 minutes 

3 Best YouTube Workout Channels for Seniors and Children

We know that both seniors and children have their own unique needs when it comes to fitness, but don't worry; these channels are tailored to suit those very needs, so check them out if you're looking to get the whole family in shape! 

1. The Body Coach TV

Fun PE-Style Workouts for Kids

Joe Wicks is known as The Body Coach on YouTube. With a degree in sports science and experience working as a personal trainer, you can trust that his videos will be sure to give great results. Focussing on HIIT exercises, Joe posts weekly videos that you can do from home. 

Starting from March 2020, Joe has started a series called "P.E with Joe", which are live workouts posted every day Monday to Friday aimed at kids (and their families) who are unable to do P.E lessons at school. Some of his videos in this series have over 1 million views! 


  • HIIT exercises
  • Videos aimed at kids, families, and some at seniors
  • Live workouts every week
  • Videos around 10 minutes to half an hour

2. Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Walking Workouts to Help You Lead a More Active Life

If you aren't confident about more intense workouts and are looking for a gentler way to stay active and healthy, check out the Walk at Home channel. 

The Walk at Home workout is created and led by Leslie Sansone and involves - surprise surprise - walking, lifting the knees, moving the body and arms, and other gentle exercises that anyone can do from home! 


  • Cardio, HIIT, strength training walking workouts 
  • Videos around 10~30 minutes

3. Senior Fitness With Meredith

Health and Wellness for Older Adults and Seniors

Aimed at older adults and seniors, Senior Fitness With Meredith includes low-intensity cardio, balance, HIIT and strength workouts that won't put any unnecessary pressure on your muscles and joints. Meredith also makes many seated workouts for those who have difficulty standing. 

While many of her videos don't require any equipment, some involve common tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands whereas others include regular household items like frying pans! Check out her channel too if you are interested in videos including information about senior health and fitness, as well as live stream workouts. 


  • Cardio, balance, HIIT, yoga, and strength workouts
  • Aimed at older adults and seniors aged 55~75 and older
  • Regular live streams 

Other Ways to Stay Healthy During the Lockdown

Other Ways to Stay Healthy During the Lockdown

It's great to stay active every day during the lockdown, but there are other steps that you can take in order to stay healthy and happy. 

Try to stick to a routine despite being at home more than usual. That could mean trying to wake up, go to bed, and eat meals at the same time every day. It can help to plan your meals, and when doing this make sure that you include many different nutrients in your diet, as well as five portions of fruit and veg a day. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, too. 

Other Ways to Stay Healthy During the Lockdown

Staying at home means that many of us aren't getting as much vitamin D, so if you are worried about getting a deficiency, try taking some vitamin D supplements. While doing a range of different exercises at home is great, you should also try to go outside to get some fresh air and sunshine too if you can, whether to your garden or the park.

Lastly, while scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and TikTok can make you feel less alone, staying connected with your friends and family is also vital for your mental health. Plan Zoom or Skype dates and pop them into your diary to keep your (virtual) social life going. 

Products to Help on Your Fitness Journey

Products to Help on Your Fitness Journey

While you can definitely get fit at home without any extra equipment, sometimes it can be nice to work out with a product, whether a simple yoga mat or a skipping rope to use during cardio or HIIT exercises. Take a scroll through some of our other articles! 


Phew, grab a towel and take a sip of water - we're done! While we have introduced 25 of the best workout channels on YouTube, there are many more, so keep on digging to find more amazing channels to follow. We hope that with our help you are able to find a workout that you love, and start working towards getting fit and healthy! 

Author: Brigid Bernard

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    Top 10 Best At Home Fitness Equipment in the UK 2021
    Stuck at home without access to a gym, you may be finding you need some creative ways to stay fit and active during this period. Home workouts have become the new normal and getting some equipment to help you on your fitness quest will keep your activities interesting and your motivation up, so we've compiled a guide and product ranking to get you kitted out. Whether you'd prefer to focus on low impact exercises for seniors or beginners, cardio for weight loss or strength training to build muscle, we've got an option for everyone, all of which you can order from Amazon and eBay. We've included trusted brands like TRX and plenty of compact and budget buys, so you can stay happy and healthy without the high costs. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Running Belts in the UK 2021 (Ronhill, Nathan and More)
    Top 10 Best Running Belts in the UK 2021 (Ronhill, Nathan and More)
    When out running, it can be hard to know how to store the things you want to bring with you. Carrying them in your hands is inconvenient and uncomfortable, and clothing doesn't often have enough pockets to hold everything. This is why a running belt or bum bag is the perfect companion for everyday jogging and marathons alike.Whether you'd like to take your phone for music, a gel for energy or a key to get into your house, make sure you have a belt that can carry it all. To help you find your best fit, we've ranked a variety of designs from hydration belts with water bottles to minimalist no bounce waistbands, all available from Amazon, eBay and John Lewis. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Winter Golf Gloves in the UK 2021 (Callaway, Footjoy and More)
    Top 10 Best Winter Golf Gloves in the UK 2021 (Callaway, Footjoy and More)
    Golf clubs up and down the country are usually full of fair weather golfers on sunny summer weekends, but the colder months tend to attract a hardier crew who brave the harsh British winter elements. If you’re one of the stoic few who hit the course in the rain, ice, and snow then you’ll know how important it is get properly togged up to keep the chilblains at bay – and a proper pair of gloves are integral to this. To help you out, we’ve scoured the top-rated options online to bring you a listing of the best warm winter golf gloves for men and women. We’ve included offerings from popular golfing brands as well as some more budget-friendly options from Amazon and eBay to keep you teeing off in even the most inclement British weather! 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Hiking Socks in the UK 2021 (SmartWool, Darn Tough and More)
    Top 10 Best Hiking Socks in the UK 2021 (SmartWool, Darn Tough and More)
    Hiking, whether over short distances or long, is a healthy way of exploring the great outdoors. Unfortunately, long spells of walking can take their toll on your feet. One simple but effective way of making sure your feet stay in tip-top condition is by buying a good pair of hiking socks. This small bit of clothing can make all the difference. They can help to prevent blisters and keep sweaty feet fresh, even after days of walking. We've compiled exactly what you should look out for when buying this fundamental bit of hiking kit, and sussed out the best options for both men and women available from Amazon, eBay and John Lewis. 
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  • Top 10 Best Back Massagers for Chairs in the UK 2021 (HoMedics, Snailax and more)
    Top 10 Best Back Massagers for Chairs in the UK 2021 (HoMedics, Snailax and more)
    Nowadays, it’s difficult to bring to mind an occupation that doesn’t put some kind of stress on your back. A trip to a professional masseuse will get you feeling better, but many full-time workers struggle to find the time, not to mention the money. Luckily, back massagers, can be used from the comfort of your own home and offer a satisfactory substitute for a trip to the massage parlour.These days there are so many massage products vying for consumers’ attention it can feel impossible to know which one to choose. So, before you fork over your hard-earned money, read our handy buying guide on massage chair pads and pillows to make sure you’re picking the right product for you and your muscles. We've even ranked the top 10 best back massagers in the UK on Amazon, eBay and Argos!
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  • Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks in the UK 2021 (Birdhouse, Loaded and More)
    Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks in the UK 2021 (Birdhouse, Loaded and More)
    Having been included in the next Olympic Games, skateboarding is a sport on the rise. Nowadays you'd be hard-pressed to find a town, village or borough in the UK without a local skatepark to be proud of, making skating super accessible for just about anyone with a passion to rock 'n' roll.Whether you're chasing a beginner deck for children taking their first leap of faith or the coolest street cruiser to coast around your local area, you can be certain there's a good deal to be had on Amazon, Decathlon and eBay. Our picks feature brands like Birdhouse, Bamboo and Loaded, who are all leading the charge in making decks that'll last for modest prices. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best At-Home Ab Workout Machines in the UK 2021 (WonderCore, Opti and More)
    Top 10 Best At-Home Ab Workout Machines in the UK 2021 (WonderCore, Opti and More)
    You might be surprised to hear that an abs workout is about more than just getting a six-pack, although that can definitely be a welcome side effect! Strengthening your abs, your obliques and your core – in other words, your mid-section – is a great step towards achieving all-round health and fitness, so we're here to show you the best equipment you can use for doing just that. Exercising at home can make it difficult to motivate yourself, but with exciting products from brands like Wondercore that can be found on Amazon, eBay and Argos, you'll discover a cheap alternative to paying for a monthly gym membership. Whether you're a beginner learning how to do a crunch or a plank expert testing your lower abs, we'll help you take your ab workouts to the next level. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 8 Best Power Meters in the UK 2021 (4iiii, Avio and More)
    Top 8 Best Power Meters in the UK 2021 (4iiii, Avio and More)
    Cycling is a sport that many people are passionate about, with serious cyclists looking to get the most out of every ride. Having the ability to measure and track your performance is extremely important, whether you’re training hard for a race or event, or simply want to see the tangible gains in your fitness routine. That's why a power meter could be the thing to take you to the next level.Power meters allow you to accurately measure the forces you’re applying when cycling, so you can compare one training session to another, see where you’re easing off without realising, and check if one leg is stronger than the other. With options for everyone from seasoned pros, those just looking to get a bit more feedback from their rides, our ranking of the top 10 best in the UK list will help you find the best power pedals, cranks and hubs on Halfords, Amazon and eBay!
    Sports and fitness
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  • Top 10 Best Adult Scooters in the UK 2021 (Hudora, Micro and More)
    Top 10 Best Adult Scooters in the UK 2021 (Hudora, Micro and More)
    Scooter may have previously been seen as a kid's toy and something you've had to leave behind as a fond memory, but happily, nowadays this is no longer the case. With many of us looking for greener and healthier ways to travel, kick scooters have come back in a big way. Our guide will help you work out which style is best for you, whether that's a fast, foldable one for commuting, a lightweight trick scooter or even one with big wheels and off-road suspension. We've also reviewed the best to buy online from Amazon, Argos and more from brands like Micro, Hudora and Razor. Get ready to make your journeys far quicker, more entertaining and with much less pollution! 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Workout Benches for Home Use in the UK 2021 (Flybird, Opti and More)
    Top 10 Best Workout Benches for Home Use in the UK 2021 (Flybird, Opti and More)
    Whether you’re building up a home gym or you're just getting started, you're here because you know that an adjustable weights bench is the focal point of many strength and bodybuilding exercises. From curls to presses and even working the abs, it enables you to reap the benefits of each rep and every set, all while offering support and promoting better posture for injury prevention. However, picking the correct bench isn’t always as simple as one might think, especially if you live in an apartment or home limited space. In our article, we’ll look at all the considerations that need pondering and share our 10 favourites to order online right now at Amazon, eBay and Decathlon. We've got folding benches, benches with leg curls and cheap benches under £100, so there's something for everyone. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Skipping Ropes in the UK 2021
    Top 10 Best Skipping Ropes in the UK 2021
    One of the more cost-effective pieces of home gym equipment, a skipping rope is an excellent accessory for exercise and fitness. No longer considered specialised equipment for use only by boxers and young school children, regular use of a skipping rope will help you burn calories at a rate twice as effective as swimming. Especially when weighted, they will give you a full-body tone, working out your back, shoulders, arms, legs and wrists. Selecting the right skipping rope for your workout isn’t quite as simple as liking the way it looks. It’s important that you consider length, construction materials and weight. You might even want to go for a smart skipping rope, easily tracked with a phone app to maximise your workout effectiveness! Whether beginner or advanced, we've found the best skipping ropes on Amazon, eBay and Argos to help you get fit for the new year.
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Changing Robes in the UK 2020 (Olaian, Vivida and More)
    Top 10 Best Changing Robes in the UK 2020 (Olaian, Vivida and More)
    We've all had that awkward experience with a towel coming loose while struggling to get changed at the beach. That's why in recent years changing robes have become quite the revelation for anyone who loves the surf and the water. By freeing up your hands and providing protection from the weather, they make getting changed on the sand or in cold car parks a little more enjoyable.These towelling dry robes have taken the watersports world by storm, with reputable brands like Olaian, Vivida and Culthood catering toward water babies and hardened sea veterans alike. Amazon, eBay and Decathlon have far too many quality changing robes to choose from, so we've made your life a little easier by whittling them down to the very best of the best! 
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  • Top 10 Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming in the UK 2021
    Top 10 Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming in the UK 2021
    For those of us living in the British Isles, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a fantastic coastline as well as a plethora of rivers and lakes ready to be taken advantage of by open water swimmers. Whether you swim for leisure, exercise or are training to take part in the next triathlon you will most likely require a pair of goggles.Goggles allow wearers to see clearly both above and below the water. Our buying guide provides useful tips on how to find the most suitable pair for outdoor use. In this article we share our top 10 best goggles for outdoor swimming from big names such as Speedo, Aqua Sphere and Michael Phelps to buy online on Amazon and eBay!
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Cricket Bats to Buy Online in the UK 2020
    Top 10 Best Cricket Bats to Buy Online in the UK 2020
    Picking up the right cricket bat will fill you with confidence as you step up into the crease and enable you to play the game the way you like. In order to avoid disappointment, you should consider several different design elements when picking up a new bat. However, there are thousands out there, all aimed at adults and juniors of varying styles and levels. Our buying guide will help you decipher harrow and long handled bats, English willow and Kashmir woods, and which weight to go for. After that, we’ll show you our favourites on the market today. We’ve got budget options under £100 and beginner picks too, all available on Amazon and eBay from big hitters such as G&M, New Balance and Gray-Nicholls. 
    Sports and fitness
  • Top 10 Best Running Shorts for Women to Buy Online in the UK 2020
    Top 10 Best Running Shorts for Women to Buy Online in the UK 2020
    With the warm weather just around the corner, many women will be looking to ditch the running tights for something a little more breathable. However, nothing will kill the buzz of your summer fitness escapades more than a garment that's soggy with sweat or prone to chafing and constant readjustment. Whether you'd prefer a modest 7 inch length, a split design for bigger thighs, compression shorts that don't ride up, or a pair for marathons with gel or phone pockets, the online options are endless. Our nifty buying guide is here to help, plus we'll also share our top 10 picks from brands like Nike, Asics and Under Armour. We're sure to have a pair to get you feeling comfortable and confident out there!
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