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Jenna Hope has an undergraduate and a masters degree in nutrition. She is registered with the Association for Nutrition and is hugely passionate about ensuring that products which claim to be healthy really are as they say. Jenna works with individuals, brands, corporate clients and the media to help people with the smart ways nutrition can change their life.

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  • 10 Best Vegan Yogurts 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    10 Best Vegan Yogurts 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    If you've been searching for a healthy and delicious vegan yogurt, also spelt yoghurt, for breakfast or a snack, you've come to the right place. These days there are plenty of dairy-free, plant-based alternatives to traditional yogurts, and we're here to help you discover the best ones. We'll also get the sage advice on vegan yogurts from nutritionist, Jenna Hope!Whether you prefer coconut, almond, oat or soy, in this article we share a few handy hints to help you decide which vegan yogurt to buy. With gluten-free options, greek-style yogurts and ones made with live cultures and probiotics for improved immunity and gut health, read on for our ranking of the top 10 vegan yogurts available in the UK from Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and more.
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  • 10 Best Oat Milks 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    10 Best Oat Milks 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    Is it just us or is the world finally coming round to the joys of plant milk? More and more people are embracing the vegan lifestyle, and even those of us who aren't total converts are making small changes. Recent research into dairy-free alternatives has shown that while almond, soy, coconut and rice milk have some environmental side effects, oat milk is a hero. Sustainable, nutritious, and often organic, oat milk is a great addition to your morning cereal and coffee, frothing into a barista style latte, or in dessert recipes like smoothies, pancakes, and ice cream. We've picked our ten favourites from loved brands like Alpro and Oatly across UK supermarkets, and ranked the best tasting buys with top health benefits. We'll also hear advice from nutritionist Jenna Hope on the benefits oat milk in your diet. 
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  • 10 Best Healthy Yogurts 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    10 Best Healthy Yogurts 2022 | UK Nutritionist Reviewed

    Yogurt makes a delicious snack or fuss-free breakfast and can be great for digestion and bone health. But finding a healthy one can be tricky since brands often pack their products with hidden sugars and unnatural flavourings. Onken, Alpro and Yeo Valley all have a huge range; but which is the best? Whether you prefer low-fat, Greek-style, flavoured or dairy-free vegan yogurt, it’s good to be aware of what makes a yogurt healthy and what to avoid. To help you pick a satisfying, creamy yogurt that will give you a boost of protein, calcium, and probiotics without unnecessary calories or a sugar overload, we have come up with a list of the ten best products available in the UK. We've also sought out nutritionist Jenna Hope's advice to give you a better insight into the versatility and benefits that yogurt has to offer. 
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