Victoria's Top 10 Essential Family Travel Products

Victoria's Top 10 Essential Family Travel Products

Travel BloggerVictoria

Founder of Bridges and Balloons, a blog about travel to special places, featuring detailed itineraries and accommodation guides. Specialises in road trips, Airbnb, glamping, creative family travel and cake.

Starting a family and travelling the world may seem like two things that you shouldn't mix, but Victoria at @bridgesandballoons is here to prove that you can do both! Since having her first son in 2018, Victoria and her husband kept on travelling as a family of three (now four!) and have continued having the same sort of exciting and memorable trips that they had as a couple. 

While it's definitely possible to enjoy travelling as a family with young children, evidently some adjustments will be necessary to make sure that the trip is as comfortable and fun as possible for everyone on board. So, we've asked Victoria to share some of her must-have family travel products! From a stroller which you can take with you on the plane as hand luggage, to an on-the-go travel potty, she has shared some fantastic items that you should consider purchasing if you're thinking of globe-trotting with your little one(s). 

  • Last updated: 08-03-2021
Table of Contents

Victoria's mybest

BabyBjörnTravel Cot




StorksakEco Travel Changing Bag


TrunkiChildren's Ride-On Suitcase


ErgobabyBaby Carrier


Summer InfantPop ‘n Sit SE Booster


Petit CollagePet Hospital Magnetic Play Scene Set



My Carry Potty Penguin Travel Potty




The Gro CompanyStars and Moons Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind with Suction Cups


Victoria's mybest Summary

There you have it, Victoria's top 10 essential products for travelling as a family! We hope that reading this article has helped to convince you that travelling as a family is possible and worth it, as long as you make the right preparations beforehand. If you'd like to learn more about Victoria or want to read more of her family travel tips, make sure to check out her blog Bridges and Balloons. Bon voyage

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