Victoria's Top 10 Essential Road Trip Products

Victoria's Top 10 Essential Road Trip Products

Travel BloggerVictoria

Founder of Bridges and Balloons, a blog about travel to special places, featuring detailed itineraries and accommodation guides. Specialises in road trips, Airbnb, glamping, creative family travel and cake.

One of the best ways to explore any country is a road trip! With the automobile of your choice, you can explore any area from tip to toe, both famous destinations and small country lanes, with the freedom to take any road of your choosing. While road trips are a great way to get to know the UK better, they're also a fantastic way of travelling across Europe, or even far away countries and regions such as New Zealand and California! 

But like any kind of trip, it's important to be prepared before you start in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Victoria at @bridgesandballoons is an experienced road-tripper who has compiled many detailed road trip itineraries on her blog Bridges and Balloons, so we knew we had to ask her for her top 10 road trip essentials! Whether you're a road trip connoisseur who is looking to add to their wishlist or a beginner thinking about what to pack for that very first trip, you're in the right place. Keep on reading to find out Victoria's amazing recommendations! 

  • Last updated: 15-03-2021
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Victoria's mybest

Apple iPhone 12



Ray-BanOriginal Wayfarer Sunglasses



TomTomCar Sat Nav




OdolandCamping Cookware Set


Chilly'sStainless Steel Water Bottle


AeroPressCoffee and Espresso Maker


Lonely Planet Great Britain Travel Guide


Yogi BareYoga Mat


Victoria's mybest Summary

Now that you've read about Victoria's road trip recommendations, we hope that you're as excited as us about packing your bags, hitting the open road, and enjoying the road trip of a lifetime. While going without a plan is exciting, it's always worth taking the time to create a rough itinerary, too! So make sure you check out the detailed road trip itineraries on Bridges and Balloons. Good luck! 

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