Emily's Top 10 Must-Haves for Solo Camping

Emily's Top 10 Must-Haves for Solo Camping

Travel BloggerEmily Luxton

Emily Luxton is one of UK's leading travel bloggers, with a strong focus on solo female travel, adventure, and "deeper travel". Whether it's eating her way around a new culture, or throwing herself into a new challenge (and out of her comfort zone), Emily is all about really getting to know the w...

Last year, I discovered a new hobby: solo camping! I've always loved taking camping trips, but I'd never tried it on my own before. Turns out, camping alone can be a really enriching experience - the perfect way to get away from it all and have a mini adventure, even if you only visit a campsite a few miles from home!

If you're solo camping, it's pretty crucial to pack light, because you'll be carrying it all yourself. The last thing you want is to take multiple trips lugging all your camping gear from your car. The less you can take, the better. You don't need camping chairs and a fold-out table, or oodles of fancy camping cookware. A few basics and a picnic blanket are more than fine, and will save you carrying tons of gear back and forth. This guide contains all my must-have items for your first solo camping trip, to help you pack light, stay safe, and have the best time possible while you're getting back to nature.

  • Last updated: 22-03-2021
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Emily Luxton's mybest

Mountain Warehouse Festival Fun 2-Man Tent




Active Era300 Warm Mummy Sleeping Bag


PavilloInflatable Matress


SummitStainless Steel Tiffin Camping Cook Set

Set of 6


Summit Trio Camping Light Set


Amazon Basics Portable Security Case


SummitFirst Aid Survival Kit


Water-to-GoFilter Water Bottle


Emily Luxton's mybest Summary

One of my top tips is to pack all your food, cookware, and camping stove into a plastic box with a lid. This will keep it safe in your car, and protect it from the elements while you're on the campsite. But the box can also double up as a kitchen unit and table for prepping and eating your meals! It also makes it much easier to pack everything up and transport it.

As I mentioned before, you don't need tons of fancy gear for solo camping. A few basics are more than enough, and the real trick is to travel as light as possible. I hope you enjoy your first solo camping experience!

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