Pelumi's Top 10 Tools for Content Creators

Pelumi's Top 10 Tools for Content Creators

Travel BloggerPelumi Nubi

Hi, I’m Pelumi, a travel content creator, writer and adventure seeker. When I’m not in the lab working on my PhD research, you can find me catching flights to exciting destinations. I have travelled to over 60 countries and I’m passionate about creating tantalising images that I hope inspire othe...

Creating content is no easy feat. It requires patience, skill, time and energy - not to mention a whole host of essential items that anyone who wants to create high quality and engaging content needs. Whether you're an aspiring blogger, traveller, writer or YouTuber,  it is time to take a look at what the professionals use and see if you are on the right track! 

Read on to learn about Pelumi's first hand experiences with her chosen selection and consider what pieces of kit would be best added to your set up. 

  • Last updated: 27-05-2021
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Pelumi Nubi's mybest

Google Pixel 4a Android Mobile Phone

Black, 128GB


ASUSVivoBook HD 14 Inch Laptop



NeewerLED Ring Light


LonzothCell Phone Holder


SeagateExpansion Plus Portable Hard Drive



Yeele8 x 8ft Solid Color Blurry Light Blue Background


Amazon Basics60-Inch Lightweight Tripod


GODOXFoldable Softbox Kit


NikonD5200 Camera


Pelumi Nubi's mybest Summary

Not every creator needs the exact same equipment, but it is important to know what you may need. Sometimes it can be a matter of not knowing that something exists before you realise you need it! With this in mind, we hope that you have enjoyed Pelumi's wonderful selection that is certain to help increase the quality of any creator's work, art or hobby.

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