Emily's Top 10 Books by Amazing Solo Female Travellers

Emily's Top 10 Books by Amazing Solo Female Travellers

Travel BloggerEmily Luxton

Emily Luxton is one of UK's leading travel bloggers, with a strong focus on solo female travel, adventure, and "deeper travel". Whether it's eating her way around a new culture, or throwing herself into a new challenge (and out of her comfort zone), Emily is all about really getting to know the w...

When I was sixteen years old, I checked a book out of the library that genuinely changed my life. The book was Kira Salak's The Cruellest Journey - the story of a woman who kayaked the length of the Niger river solo - and it was the book that first made me want to become a travel writer. 

A few weeks before, my grandad had given me a book by a male journalist about his travels in Africa. It was my first discovery of the travel writing genre and I was spellbound. I headed to the library in search of more, and checked out the only one I could see that had been written by a woman. Salak's story was a huge inspiration to me, and it set me on the road to where I am today, a full-time travel writer and blogger! 

Since that day, I've always tried to seek out travel books written by women, especially women who travel solo. From Victorian adventurers to contemporary women taking on the most unimaginably difficult long-distance journeys, this list contains a few of my favourites.

  • Last updated: 08-04-2021
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Emily Luxton's mybest

Kira SalakThe Cruellest Journey: 600 Miles By Canoe To The Legendary City Of Timbuktu


Cheryl StrayedWild: A Journey from Lost to Found


Dervla MurphyFull Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle


Freya StarkThe Valleys of the Assassins and Other Persian Travels


Nellie BlyAround the World in Seventy-Two Days: And Other Writings


Noo Saro-WiwaLooking for Transwonderland: Travels in Nigeria


Karen BlixenOut of Africa


Robyn DavidsonTracks


Isabella Lucy BirdUnbeaten Tracks in Japan


Kristin NewmanWhat I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir


Emily Luxton's mybest Summary

Some of the journeys mentioned in this list might sound a little bit impractical or inaccessible to more 'normal' travellers. But remember that a journey doesn't have to be a 1,700 mile trek or a 600 mile kayak for it to be an adventure

As long as you're pushing yourself out of your comfort zone just a little, trying new things, and testing your limits, you're on an adventure! And the books on this list truly capture the life-changing magic of adventure. I hope these awesome books by kick-ass solo female travel writers help inspire your own travels!

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