Bailey's Top 10 Picks for Eyeshadow Palettes

Bailey's Top 10 Picks for Eyeshadow Palettes

Beauty BloggerBoyish Beauty

A boy who has a huge passion for makeup and the art it can create. Being able to transform into a different version of myself with the help of makeup is where my passion for beauty comes from. When creating video content, my love for all things tech came into place. I’m always on the lookout for ...

Making sure that you have eyeshadow palettes with the perfect formula is the first step to creating unforgettable eye-makeup looks. But how do you choose the best eyeshadow palette for you? We're always blown away by Bailey's absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow looks on Instagram, so we knew we had to ask him for his recommendations.

"I will be listing below the eyeshadow palettes that I believe every makeup artist should have in their collection, perfect for both makeup beginners and professionals. With these palettes which are personal favourites of mine, you'll be able to create any look possible! Regardless of your style of makeup, there will be a palette here perfect for you."

  • Last updated: 14-12-2020
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Boyish Beauty's mybest

BPERFECTBPerfect x Stacey Marie - Carnival III Love Tahiti Palette


P.LouiseThe 'Secret' Sinner Palette


RevolutionMakeup Revolution X Tammi Tropical Carnival Palette


MorpheThe James Charles Palette


KVD Vegan BeautyEdge of Reality Eyeshadow Palette


RevolutionXX Revolution XXpress Quad Eyeshadow Palette XXperiment


Too FacedBorn This Way The Natural Nudes Skin-Centric Eyeshadow Palette


ColourpopStone Cold Fox


RevolutionRevolution X Patricia Bright Rich In Life Eyeshadow Palette


MorpheMorphe X Nikita Artistry Eye Palette


Boyish Beauty's mybest Summary

"Thank you so much for taking the time to read my top 10 eyeshadow palette recommendations! All of the palettes mentioned are products that I believe every makeup enthusiast should get their hands on if they can. Regardless of your style of makeup, there is the perfect product for you on this list. Make sure to check out my Instagram @Boyishbeauty_ to see the many looks I have created using these eyeshadow palettes!"

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