Will’s Top 10 Must Haves for Photographers in the UK

Will’s Top 10 Must Haves for Photographers in the UK

Photographer and Business OwnerWill Lamerton

Digital entrepreneur based on the North Devon coast in the UK. Having started three successful businesses over the years, I use my skill sets in digital content creation, social media marketing and web design/development to help build compelling, digital-first businesses for my clients.

'Whether you're a beginner at photography or a seasoned professional, there's a number of must-haves for any creative and getting the right equipment will help you in the long run. Below are my top 10 recommendations, taken from a list of equipment that I've compiled over the years being a full-time professional photographer myself.

These products are chosen in the aid of making your creative life easier and helping you to create the best quality work that you can! There's a lot of products for photographers out there, but this list can help you separate fact from fiction as I describe ones that have worked for me and importantly, why they work and help me be a better photographer.'

Will's curated list of must haves for photographers will surely get you on the right track and introduce you to things that you didn't know you needed. 

  • Last updated: 13-05-2021
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Will Lamerton's mybest

EsddiStudio Light Box Brightness Foldable Shooting Tent


AdobeAdobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

20GB | Photoshop + Lightroom


DjiOM 4 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal


Neewer6-In-1 Timer Shutter Release


Lee FiltersDSLR starter kit


ManfrottoBefree Advanced GT Camera Tripod Kit



ZacroProfessional Camera Cleaning Kit with Blowing Bottle, Cleaning Solution


SekonicExposure Meter

Flashmate L-308X


PolaroidSnap Touch 2.0

Inch Prints on Sticky-Backed Zink Paper


Will Lamerton's mybest Summary

I hope my recommendations were helpful to you, as I showed you a few of the products that I use day-to-day working as a photographer. Whether you try out just a few or all of them, I'm confident that they will help improve your photography and the work that you create so that you can enjoy your your hobbie or profession even more.

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