Will’s Top 10 Products for Young Business Owners

Will’s Top 10 Products for Young Business Owners

'As a young business owner with a busy schedule, I'm always on the lookout for products that make my life easier and take away the stresses. With some great purchases, your workflow can be simplified and you can focus more on doing what you do best.

In this article, you'll find 10 of my top recommendations for young business owners that I've collected, tried and tested over the years of running my own businesses to keep my productivity at its best and be able to maximise my time effectively.'

Massive thanks to Will for curating this list of products for young business owners. While you may wonder how to start a business, following advice from those who have already done it is a great first step, and we are sure that some of these products will be exactly what you have been searching for.

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Will Lamerton
Photographer and Business Owner
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
    Crushing It!

    Will Lamerton

    Every great business owner should be trying to learn from other entrepreneurs. There are people that have been where you are, learnt a lot of lessons themselves and now, are willing to share those stories with you so that you can learn them too.

    For me, Gary Vee has always been an inspiration. He's on trend with what's happening, is a proven successful businessman and definitely someone to learn from. If you're wanting to create a strong, scalable brand, I'd highly recommend his book Crushing It! The book covers a lot of great things and key lessons that you'll be able to take forward into your own entrepreneurial journey.

  • Apple
    MacBook Pro

    Will Lamerton

    I love computers and I've tried a lot of them too. Over the years though, I've never had a computer quite like an Apple. Recently, I've settled into the latest MacBook Pro, which is an amazing tool that works right out of the box. It's powerful and well equipped to help with whatever task you need from it. 

    Whether you're writing emails, on Zoom, editing content, programming or anything else, the MacBook Pro creates a fluid experience. The only drawback is the price, they are expensive, but worth the investment if you're a business owner that has a lot of computer heavy work to do.

  • Apple
    iPhone SE

    Will Lamerton

    Another key instrument I use in my day-to-day as a business owner is a decent smartphone. We live in a digital age, where everyone is connected and you can really leverage this as an entrepreneur to reach people never thought possible even 10-years ago.

    Whether it's to take calls, reply to emails on the go, capture content, keep up with social media or something else, a decent smartphone will help you perform better. My recommendation for this is the modestly priced Apple iPhone SE. It's affordable, yet powerful, with the same amazing usability offered in most Apple products.

    I especially love the camera on this device, the content it can produce is incredible and will help any business owner show off their brand on social media!

  • Viz-Pro
    Magnetic Whiteboard Silver Aluminium Frame

    Will Lamerton

    If you're like me, although you love the online world, there's nothing quite like physical planning and writing in real life to get your thoughts down. I've always had a whiteboard and this one I love. Viz-Pro has made a decently sized one that can fit plenty of notes, is smooth to write on and easily suspended on the wall. 

    Oh, and all for what I consider a very reasonable price compared to competitors. You could easily spend 3 to 4x as much on a similar sized board, but Viz-Pro has made it for less than £40 for a great quality product. If you like physical notes on the wall, I'd highly recommend this product!

  • Mpow MDots
    Wireless Earbuds

    Will Lamerton

    I love to get my head down when I'm working and block out potential distractions. Because of this, I've always owned wireless earbuds to help with my concentration and isolate me from my work.

    I use these ones by Mpow every day, not only are they great quality in terms of audio output, they're reasonably priced and even come with an extendable warranty so you're not left having to buy another pair if they break. 

    Not that I've needed the warranty yet, it's just nice to have it there. Not only that, they're waterproof, noise-cancelling and well fitting with multiple bud options for different size ears. They're perfect to listen to podcasts, music or more whilst you work!

  • Top-Pindu

    Will Lamerton

    Following on from physical writings, I think every good business owner needs a decent notebook too. Inspiration comes to me everywhere and having a place to write it down with you at all times can really help get thoughts down for you to understand better.

    There's a lot of options for notebooks, obviously, but I like this one. It's cheap, great quality, well-made and has plenty of writing space for anything from planning, to journaling and more. I know we live in a digital world, but having a place to take notes in a physical way I think has a lot of positives.

  • Square
    Card Reader

    Will Lamerton

    If you're a business owner that takes payments on the go, then a way to take card payments is so important these days. This nifty little card reader by Square allows you to take card payments via chip and pin as well as contactless

    It also connects online too, so you can sell through your online shop and in-store too. Not only that, I love this card reader for its portability, cost-effective buy in and competitive running costs with a low processing fee in comparison to other competitors. It's a game changer for small business owners that sell in person.

  • Getihu
    Power Bank

    Will Lamerton

    If you're a business owner that has long days, business trips and you're travelling with meetings dawn till dusk, then you can't underestimate the need for a portable power bank to charge your devices. I've bought and used quite a lot over the years, but I've settled on this one by Getihu as my go to

    Although my phone and laptop battery is generally good, on my long day trips to London, having this device tucked into my bag is brilliant as back up when I'm running low. I love the LED display that shows how much charge is left in the power bank as well as the ability to charge two devices via USB at once.

  • Spotify
    Premium Gift Card

    Will Lamerton

    Following on from my recommendation for wireless earbuds, I've been a massive believer in music & podcasts to motivate, inspire and help my mood as I work. I couldn't recommend Spotify enough, it's a great platform that's very affordable, has millions of songs, podcasts and albums to listen to that really help me as a business owner.

    Whether I need motivation whilst I work in the form of podcasts, music to destress after a long day or something else, Spotify always has something to listen to. Couldn't recommend this subscription enough!

  • Matein
    Travel Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port

    Will Lamerton

    Again, for those business owners that do a lot of travelling, a decent bag has taken the stress out of having to worry about storage on the go. This bag by Matein was a great purchase and I use it regularly to carry my things on business trips and to meetings. 

    It's sturdy, has plenty of room for your laptop and other belongings as well as some awesome additional features, such as a USB port for easy charging, water resistance and anti-theft mechanisms, meaning your belongings are going to be as safe as they can be.

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