Shannon's Top 9 Products for Productive Mornings

Shannon's Top 9 Products for Productive Mornings

Hair Blogger and EntrepreneurUK Curly Girl

Shannon of UK Curly Girl is a natural curly hair blogger, YouTuber and owner of 'O So Curly'. She's a huge fan of natural beauty and hair products, and a self-proclaimed 'product junkie'.

'As an entrepreneur, it is so important for you to have a great morning routine as it sets you up for the day! Getting up on the "right side of the bed" sparks momentum and if you affirm you're going to have a great and productive day it's most likely that you will! I use the below products for my productive morning routine to make sure I perform the best I can for myself and my business. Check out my must-haves below!'

As one of the most well-renowned entrepreneurs for curly hair in the UK, @UKcurlygirl (Shannon) has kindly curated a list of products for productive mornings. You may be wondering in what ways you can boost your morning flow, but fret not, we got the pros to plan it for you. 

All of UK Curly Girl's picks are easily bought online from retailers such as Amazon and eBay, so we have taken most of the hassle out of the shopping - all you need to do is decide what's best!

  • Last updated: 08-06-2022
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UK Curly Girl's mybest

BrevilleBlend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker


Intelligent Change IncThe Five Minute Journal

A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day


DymoLabelWriter 4XL Label Printer


GrdeAlarm Clocks Wake Up Light With Sunrise to Sunset Simulation


Jbl Over Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Pure Bass Sound 1

JblOver Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Pure Bass Sound

Tune 500BT


BaByliss Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer 1

BaBylissHydro-Fusion Hair Dryer



O So CurlyReversible Satin Bonnet


Grandma SharkWhiteboard

45 × 60 cm


GimdumasaBlue Light Filter Blocking Glasses


UK Curly Girl's mybest Summary

I hope these tips help to inspire your new morning routine to improve your productivity so you can perform better in all areas of your life!

View Shannon on Instagram here.

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