Kate's Top 10 Essentials for a Low-Waste Kitchen

Kate's Top 10 Essentials for a Low-Waste Kitchen

Low Waste BloggerKate Bamber

Kate is a low waste advocate who focuses on simple changes that you can make around your home that will help you live with less waste. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle shouldn't have to be difficult and can most certainly make your home look and feel beautiful.

Nowadays more people are thinking about switching over to a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle in order to help the environment, but it can be daunting to find alternatives for all of our daily essentials, especially for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. We contacted Kate at @my_plastic_free_home on Instagram to help us out! 

A British mum living a low-waste lifestyle herself while supporting small UK businesses, her page is the place to go to inspire us all to live more sustainably. We asked Kate to introduce some essentials for the kitchen to help us reduce waste. Read on to learn how beautiful living a low waste lifestyle can be! 

  • Last updated: 16-04-2021
Table of Contents

Kate Bamber's mybest

ecoLivingCompostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths


EcoCoconutKitchen Cleaning Brush


Bower CollectiveGrapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refill



NeatCleanRefillable Multi-Surface Cleaner


Elephant BoxElephant Box


Elephant BoxStainless Steel Pint Cup


KeepCupPress Brew Cork


ecoLivingBamboo Charcoal Water Filters

8 Pack


smolDishwash Tablets


ecoLivingReusable Baking Liner


Kate Bamber's mybest Summary

Who knew that there were so many low-waste alternatives for our daily kitchen essentials, all available from small businesses in the UK! Whether you're looking for sponges, washing up liquid, a baking liner, or are stocking up on everything for a fully low-waste kitchen, we hope you found something suitable on this list. Once again, head over to Kate's Instagram at @my_plastic_free_home for more bathroom, skincare, and childcare alternatives, plus a lot more. 

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