Emily's Top 9 Items for a Cosy Reading Space

Emily's Top 9 Items for a Cosy Reading Space

Book BloggerEmily Woosey

Book blogger, podcast host and breakfast lover Emily is never found without a book in her hand and a breakfast on the table. With such an unhealthy obsession with new books, her to-be-read pile is slowly getting bigger than her read pile.

'It is no secret that I love a cosy reading space! I am a morning reader (hence The Breakfast Book Club) so I love nothing more than getting cosy on the couch with my morning coffee to read a book. That being said - we're not all early risers so I'm going to walk you through my top ten items as if we were creating a space, that way we won't miss anything out!'

@thebreakfastbookclub's Emily has worked her magic to curate this list to turn any space into a cosy one. From luxurious chairs to Miroco milk frothers, this list is comprehensive and written from the perspective of a true book lover. All of these items are easy to purchase online from retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis! 

So for when those rainy days make you want to escape to another world, check back here to see how you can create your perfect setting.

  • Last updated: 08-06-2022
Table of Contents

Emily Woosey's mybest

Happy SailedButton Down Pyjamas Set

For Women


Whittard of ChelseaCoffees of The World Gift Set


Rainbow Cool StuffSherpa Throw Blanket


NextSherlock Buttoned Chair


MiuleeTasseled Cushion Covers


Marymarygardens | NextBlack Metal Magazine Rack | Bronx S Side Table


Jo Malone LondonOrange Blossom Home Scented Candle



MirocoElectric Milk Steamer Liquid Heater With Hot & Cold Milk Functionality


Emily Woosey's mybest Summary

'So there you have it! Set your reading space up, grab your snacks and get cosy with a new book! I've just realised I didn't include a book in my choices but surely if you're setting up a cosy reading space you've already picked a book! 

If not I'd recommend a RomCom - they're feel good and will make you feel all cosy on the inside as well! Beth O'Leary or Sally Thorne are two authors who are perfect at creating that cosy, warming vibe!'

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