Mel's Top 10 Best BBQ Essentials

Mel's Top 10 Best BBQ Essentials

Food BloggerMel Watt

Born with a wooden spoon in one hand and a whisk in the other, Mel is a food enthusiast based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Addicted to baking and cooking, you will usually find her testing recipes and products, and when she does wander outside, you can either find her hiking the beautiful hills of S...

'As the world opens up once again and summer quickly closes in, it’s the perfect time to gather all the BBQ equipment you’ll need to celebrate the easing of restrictions and to be able to do so with your family and loved ones safely once again.

I have gathered all the equipment you’ll need for a BBQ summer blowout. Here are my top 10 best BBQ essential products of the year.'

Mel of @_scrumptious_eats_ has worked magic to create the perfect list of essentials for your BBQ. We all know that the summer time is a precious blip on our otherwise rather rainy islands, so make the most of it and peruse some of the best things you can buy! All items are ready to order to your door, which gives you more time to be with your loved ones from retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis.

  • Last updated: 31-05-2021
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Mel Watt's mybest

Heston BlumenthalEverdure Portable BBQ



MeaterTrue Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer


ColemanCool Box Xtreme

47 L


OxoGood Grips Stainless Steel BBQ Turner & Tongs

Set of 2

Log BarnNatural Eco Wood Firelighters


John Lewis & PartnersStainless Steel BBQ Grill Topper & 6 Skewers


Christian StevensonFire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook



GoodHome RockwellBarbecue Grill

55 x 28 cm


Rayinblue18" Triangle Metal BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush


Mel Watt's mybest Summary

One of my pet peeves in the summer are the swarms of midges that can spoil your time outdoors. If you are prone to insect bites, I recommend you use an insect repellent and make sure you use sunscreen to protect your skin.

When alcohol is involved, it can be easy to forget our safety. Be prepared for accidents and make sure you have a first aid kit handy. This is specially important if there are kids present, as they can be prone to accidents.

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