Mel's Top 10 Low-Calorie Ice Creams

Mel's Top 10 Low-Calorie Ice Creams

'When you're on the road to better health, weight loss or simply want to maintain your weight, a little ice cream indulgence without the guilt is often necessary, and a low calorie ice cream is the perfect alternative to calorie laden ice cream to keep you on track.

There are 6 factors I look for in a low-calorie ice cream: calories, flavour, texture, protein, bit content (if bit content is expected), and price. All of these I took into consideration. With an increase in demand for low calorie ice cream, what better time to create a top 10 of my best low calorie ice cream on the UK market. Here are my top 10 low calorie ice cream you need to try!'

Mel of @_scrumptious_eats_ has kindly curated a list of low calorie ice cream to help you find something perfect for you. Whether it be to lose weight or simply because you prefer the flavour, we are sure that this list will have something new and exciting that you can try.

What's more, there are low calorie ice cream for vegans as well as additional information such as protein content sprinkled in too! All easily ready to order to your door from retailers such as Amazon, Asda and Ocado.

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  • Asda
    Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    It’s not every day a store brand comes first in a top 10 list but this one does and deservedly pops up in many top 10 lists. Coming in at 372 calories per tub (473ml), this soft-serve ice cream was spot on in the texture, flavour and cost departments. While most low-calorie ice creams miss the mark on mimicking the creamy, silky texture of full fat, regular ice cream, Asda hits the spot. 

    Every spoonful is packed with toasty, nutty caramel popcorn flavour. Number one on my top 10 as it hits every note I look for in ice cream, without breaking the bank. Although at one point four flavours were available in the range, they currently only have two flavours available: Caramel Popcorn and Birthday Cake. It is not clear if those other flavours have been taken off the market completely.

  • Halo Top
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Low Calorie Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    This was a difficult tub for me to put down as it tasted just like a full fat, sugar-loaded ice cream. Apart from the slight saltiness in the first bite, this ice cream is so smooth and creamy. It comes with plenty of flavourful cookie dough bits, the texture was spot on, and it is only 360 calories per tub!

    The best thing about Halo Top is the number of flavours they have on offer. All their ice creams are low calorie, with seven dairy flavours and two plant-based flavours for vegans

    They also have ice cream bars if you're more into individual single servings. If you are looking for more protein in their range, the Gooey Brownie flavour has 5.2g per 100ml. Now that's a lot of protein for those looking to up their protein intake!

    The only reason why I chose to place them second on this list, is because of the high price range. Otherwise, my only concern is how popular they are. There have been many times when I have come to the store to buy one of these, only to find one tub left. And sometimes, none at all. Thank goodness for online shopping!

  • Ben and Jerry's
    Moo-Phoria Chocolate Cookie Dough

    Mel Watt

    While this one is slightly higher in calories than the other low calorie ice creams on this list, if you enjoy indulging in a tub of Ben & Jerry's regular ice cream but want to be free of guilt after the destruction, you'll be glad to know their Moo-phoria range contains far less calories than their regular ice cream. But don’t expect it to be any less satisfying, as it’s just as good as their regular range.

    Ben & Jerry's mission statement to use good natural ingredients in their products, find ways to improve quality of life all over the world and to develop their business for economic growth ensures you are left with a clear conscience once you've reached the bottom of that tub. Now that’s something we all want from a sweet treat!

    This was my favourite flavour in their range, with 2.9g of protein per 100ml of ice cream, the highest amount of protein in the Moo-phoria range. However, since you are here in search of the best low calorie ice cream, it is necessary to point out that the Salted Caramel Brownie has the lowest calories in this range, with 535 calories per tub!

  • Oppo
    Vanilla Pecan Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    An award winning, carbon neutral brand, serving only the finest, natural and exotic ingredients in their products, this flavour contains pecan nuts all the way from Mexico and uses Madagascan vanilla pods for that quality vanilla taste you expect from premium ice cream.

    Boasting 60% fewer calories than regular ice cream on the market, that makes them a healthy choice for those looking to reduce their calories. With 12 flavours served in tubs and sticks, 2 vegan and 2 dairy-free options, you'll be spoiled for choice.

    This ice cream is so creamy, the texture is great and the pecan praline bits are small but evenly distributed, so every bite has a crunch. I don't know about you but this flavour combo takes me back to the '90s, making it one of those classic flavours!

  • Jude's
    Low Calorie Vegan Cookie Dough Brownie

    Mel Watt

    A guilt-free, low calorie ice cream and a brand that aims to go above and beyond to be carbon negative by 2030, how could you say no to this? It is a rare thing and one that excites me to see cookie dough brownie in low calorie form, and vegan too! 

    Unbelievably, with 460 calories per tub, this flavour combo is their highest calorie ice cream in their low-calorie range. Although it contains a lower amount of protein, at 1.2g per 100ml, than the others on this list, it is a fantastic, creamy and light textured ice cream, with a good amount of cookie dough brownie bits. I would recommend this to a brownie lover, like myself!

  • Alpro
    360 Caramel Macchiato Swirl Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    At 360 calories per tub, this low-calorie vegan ice cream is perfect for those who prefer a light, fluffy texture. A milky flavour rather than a rich creamy flavour, the sweetness is not overpowering as can be found in some products containing sugar alternatives. 

    This is most likely due to the reduction of sugars in their low-calorie ice cream and, most importantly, that they do not contain any sugar alternatives. It is perfect for those looking to lower their sugar intake and avoid sugar substitutes.

    The Alpro 360 range comes in three different flavours. All at 360 calories per tub, vegans out there will be glad to know they are all plant-based. The protein content is somewhat lacking in this range but, the reduced sugar more than makes up for it. 

    On research, although their regular ice creams are higher in calories than their 360 range, they are, however, still lower in calories in comparison to other regular ice creams. It is worth noting that this is the second lowest calorie ice cream on this list that avoids the use of alternative sugars and uses only natural food colouring in their products. A very healthy ice cream indeed!

  • Haagen Dazs
    Caramel Swirl Gelato Mini Cup Collection

    Mel Watt

    This award winning gelato’s texture is oh-so-very dreamy and smooth. It is so creamy and the caramel swirls throughout give it a perfect balance of sweetness. I’ve always been a big fan of Häagen Dazs and very familiar with their ice creams, but I couldn’t tell these apart from their regular ice cream! 

    The packaging on these say it contains 150 calories per cup, however, their website states each cup contains 139 calories- a very welcomed revelation! If you are watching your protein intake, there are 3.6g of protein per 100 ml of this ice cream.

  • Oatly
    Strawberry Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    The first of its kind to use oats in ice cream, 15% of this ice cream is made up of real strawberries! Technically not advertised as low calorie, this ice cream flavour comes in at only 197 calories per 100g, which fits perfectly in this top 10 list.

    We all know oats have many benefits, and Oatly has made it easier for those on the road to better health by creating healthy ice cream, which is teeming with health benefits. Not only does this contain oats, but this flavour also contains beetroot concentrate, uses natural flavourings, and contains no milk or soya. It's the perfect vegan ice cream, too!

    I’m a big fan of oats and anything vegan so I highly recommend this to oat fans, vegans, and those with lactose intolerance.

  • Magnum
    Vanilla Caramel No Added Sugar Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    For those die-hard Magnum fans, this one is for you! Or if you're one of those people who simply love to take that first bite into a crisp layer of chocolate goodness, you will love this no added sugar version. It serves as their low-calorie option, at 154 calories per stick, to their regular ice cream without compromising on taste and texture. 

    The protein count per stick is also impressive, at 2.2g per 100ml, with each ice cream stick weighing in at 90ml. As Magnum has been around for years, it is a wide-known fact, and one we sometimes take for granted, that Magnums are in every major shop and local corner store in the UK, a very positive note. 

    So, brace yourselves when I tell you there is a downside to this range. Unfortunately, the downside is that there are only two flavours in this range. With the popularity of this no added sugar addition to the low-calorie ice cream market, I am sure more flavours will be welcomed with open arms.

  • Graham's
    The Family Dairy Goodness Chocolate With Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

    Mel Watt

    A Scottish brand, delivering good quality ice cream for years, this Chocolate with Dulce Leche ice cream sits at 350 calories per tub one of the lowest in calories per tub I have tested. With a good chocolate flavour base and hints of the dulce leche flavour, the dulce leche does not over power the rest of the flavours. 

    Unfortunately, the texture has a slightly 'gummy' feel, which of course can be hard to mimic without the presence of cream. Having recently checked their website, it isn’t clear if this has been discontinued, however, there are four other flavour combos available.

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