Mel's Top 8 Products for Baking Sourdough

Mel's Top 8 Products for Baking Sourdough

Food BloggerMel Watt

Born with a wooden spoon in one hand and a whisk in the other, Mel is a food enthusiast based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Addicted to baking and cooking, you will usually find her testing recipes and products, and when she does wander outside, you can either find her hiking the beautiful hills of S...

'As more and more people take up artisanal sourdough bread making at home, the higher the demand for tools and sources of baking information. If you are one of those people who are wondering what the fuss is all about and looking to dive deep into world of sourdough bread baking, here are the top 10 products you’ll need to bake your very own beautiful sourdough bread with minimal effort.'

Scrumptious Eats - Mel, has curated a list of products for baking sourdough, something we all eventually delve into at some point in our lives, because sourdough is...? essential. From online retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and eBay, you can easily purchase a few things that will help your sourdough reach its full potential, and even perfect the payoff when you finally get to cut into it. 

  • Last updated: 13-06-2022
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Mel Watt's mybest

Chad RobertsonTartine Bread

Artisan Bread Cookbook, Best Bread Recipes, Sourdough Book


Le CreusetSignature Enamelled Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish With Lid


SalterArc Digital Kitchen Scales


EddingtonsBanneton Round Bread Proofing Basket



John Lewis & PartnersCopper Wire Clip Top Airtight Glass Storage Jar


QoonerBread Bakers Cutter


LakelandMagic Reusable Non-Stick Baking Tray


SabatierProfessional Serrated Bread Knife


Mel Watt's mybest Summary

Sourdough baking can require a lot of information and techniques to be able to bake your very first sourdough bread. While these are the top 10 products I recommend as your basic products, there are plenty more products that I have not listed here, which are not necessary tools for beginners but are tools that you can use to advance or invest in.

Sourdough baking requires a lot of patience, time and effort. There will be plenty of failed attempts with a lot of fun experimentations.

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