Ash's Top 10 Tomb Raider Games

Ash's Top 10 Tomb Raider Games


Communications professional, journalist, blogger, filmmaker and project coordinator. Produced a number of large-scale projects, especially within the Tomb Raider community, such as Replay Events’ Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Core Design QA at Play Expo Manchester 2016 and Tomb Raider: The Dark An...

'2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise and the arrival of gaming's greatest heroine. Over the last quarter of a century, 12 Tomb Raider games have been released for the main series along with 13 mobile and spinoff games (including Gameboy Color), and even an interactive DVD game.

My introduction to Tomb Raider was in 2000 and since then I have played every single one of the series, so here’s my personal Top 10.'

Having been a large part of the Tomb Raider fandom since 2000, Ash of Tomb of Ash has curated his favourite games into one list for Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary. Of course, please be wary of spoilers!

All of the Tomb Raider series can still be played classically on the PlayStation One or Two bought through resellers on Amazon, but if you're in need of a modern day solution, you can purchase even the oldest of Tomb Raider games on PC via videogame marketplaces such as Steam.

  • Last updated: 01-06-2021
Table of Contents

Ash's mybest

Core DesignTomb Raider Chronicles

Released 2000 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Core DesignTomb Raider and the Angel of Darkness

Released 2003 for PlayStation 2 | PC


Core DesignTomb Raider IV The Last Revelation

Released 1999 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Core DesignTomb Raider 3 The Lost Artefact

Released 2000 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Core DesignTomb Raider

Released 1996 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Crystal DynamicsTomb Raider Underworld

Released 2008 for PC | Xbox | PlayStation


Eidos USATomb Raider Unfinished Business

Released 1998 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Crystal DynamicsShadow of the Tomb Raider

Released 2018 for PlayStation | Xbox | PC | Mac


Crystal DynamicsLara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Released 2014 for PlayStation | Xbox | PC


Core DesignTomb Raider III Adventures of Lara Croft

Released 1998 for PlayStation 1 | PC


Ash's mybest Summary

Tomb Raider certainly has an interesting history as a franchise and I hope this list will encourage you to replay some of its obscurer titles in the series.

View Ash on Instagram here.

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