Celeste's Top 10 Work-From-Home Essentials for Coffee Lovers

Celeste's Top 10 Work-From-Home Essentials for Coffee Lovers

Coffee and Lifestyle BloggerCeleste Wong

Celeste Wong: Actress & Top Coffee Barista. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand, Celeste is has held top positions in leading artisan cafes all over the world for over a decade. Since migrating to the UK, she has been listed as one of London’s top five Baristas in The Financial Times and noted for her e...

Although our lives have been massively disrupted this year, one thing certainly hasn't: our love for coffee! While grabbing a delicious latte or cappuccino on the way to work would have been the norm for many, with many of us in the UK working from home that hasn't been an option, meaning we've all had to up our at-home coffee game.

We asked Celeste at @the_girl_in_the_cafe, actress, barista and fellow coffee-lover, for her personal essential items for working from home, both related and unrelated to coffee, because to her, coffee is a lifestyle. Listed as one of London's top five baristas by The Financial Times, Celeste's Instagram, YouTube, website and more are the places to go for serious coffee, food, and lifestyle inspiration! Read on to discover her favourite WFH items. 

  • Last updated: 25-12-2020
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Celeste Wong's mybest

MelittaCremio Milk Frother



EvergreenReusable Capsule for Nespresso


EmberEmber Mug²: Metallic Collection

Gold Edition


Four StoreCapsule Terrarium by NIWA Design


Sagethe Barista Pro™


MelittaEPOS Coffee Machine


One Click Coffee Filter Coffee Subscription Box


KANKANHand Wash Mandarin & Clary Sage


CAFE CONCETTOReusable Coffee Cup


Celeste Wong's mybest Summary

"2020 has been about adapting our lifestyles, so when you're working at home you want to be comfortable. Things need to be convenient and simple, but you also want it to be fun and feel a little novel too because you're at home! So you can design your favourite space whether that is for work or for weekends. The products I've shared are not only good quality but look chic and make you feel good, too, because you should feel good even when you're working and especially during these times! 

Drinking coffee is not only important in terms of activating your brain, but consumed in moderation, it is also one of the few things that is actually really good for you health-wise. But it's also a chance for you to take a break from work and focus on making or doing something different. Usually, you might go to a cafe, but now if you are able to work from home, this is your respite from the daily grind so you want your coffee making to be stress-free and taste really darn good!"

More from Celeste at: thegirlinthecafe.co.uk 

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