Jamie’s Top 10 Essentials for Car Cleaning

Jamie’s Top 10 Essentials for Car Cleaning

Automotive YouTuberJamie Balmer

Automotive based content creator with a passion for cars old and new. Specialising in car reviews based around modified and young drivers cars as well as focusing on 4 project cars.

Cleaning your car may not be the most exciting part of owning a car, but it one that you should do your best to take pride in. Making sure your car's wheels and paint gleam is part of the joys of car ownership, so we got in touch with Jamie from Jamie FYD to curate a list of products that'll help your car go from looking clean to reaching levels of absolute spotlessness.

From car wax, odour elimination sprays and insect cleaner, you can rest assured that investing in some of Jamie's recommendations will leave your car looking as good as can be - though we have to leave the work to you!

  • Last updated: 04-06-2021
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Jamie Balmer's mybest

WatrlessClean & Protect - Blue


Meguiar'sWhole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator Mist

New Car


CarProCquartz - UK Edition

50 ml


Auto FinesseIron Out Contaminant Remover

1 ltr


Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

1 ltr


CarProBug Out Insect Cleaner

1 ltr


JW AutoshineCeramic Quick Detailer


JW Autoshine Snow Foam Gun



JaysWaxShow Wax

100 ml


Jamie Balmer's mybest Summary

As you can see, I love keeping cars clean, but I also enjoy finding products that work quickly and efficiently to protect a car for the longest long time. Maintaining more than one car can be an arduous task, so making sure that you have the right arsenal of products to make the job easier is the key to success!

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