Monique's Top 10 Japanese Novels You Should Read

Monique's Top 10 Japanese Novels You Should Read

Lifestyle and Literature Blogger Monique Jackson

'There's an abundance of books available to us at our fingertips but it can often be hard to find something different and innovative beyond what is available in our native languages. 

Since the popularization of Haruki Murakami in the west, many avid readers have been giving Japanese literature the attention it deserves. As with any books from any country, there's so many to choose from but here are 10 recommendations to show you some of the best novels that will lead you to many more amazing books.'

We got into contact with Novel Allure to bring you this fantastic list of Japanese Literature. From Yukio Mishima to Natsume Soseki, Mo's selection of some of the best of Japan's literary geniuses really encompasses the amount of wonderfully translated prose that sits out there waiting to be read. 

All of Mo's picks are easily bought from Amazon, eBay or Waterstones, so the only thing left to do is read on and find out if there are any books to be introduced to!

  • Last updated: 10-06-2021
Table of Contents

Monique Jackson's mybest

Banana YoshimotoGoodbye Tsugumi


Kazuo IshiguroThe Remains of the Day


Matsuo BashoThe Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches


Monique Jackson's mybest Summary

If you happen to find yourself reading your way around the world and land in Japan, I do hope a few of these books end up on your to-read list. Each story is sui generis, showcasing only a few of many great stories from this beautiful country. These are ones I usually bring up in conversation when my friends, family or peers have mentioned their interest in Japanese literature.

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