Monique's 10 Subscription Services That Are Actually Worth It

Monique's 10 Subscription Services That Are Actually Worth It

Lifestyle and Literature Blogger Monique Jackson

'Subscriptions have come far from just simple streaming services. Now you can so much more at a regular frequency that makes your life easier. 

Nowadays if you don't have enough time many people turn to subscriptions. Whether or not you're busy, there are many subscription services that are fun to have anyway and the range is incredible. Food, books, self care, and so much more. There are thousands of subscription services waiting to be enjoyed for all of your tastes. Here are some I've enjoyed over the years.'

Monique of Novel Allure has curated a list of subscription services that you will want to be subscribed to. It can be overwhelming trying to find what types of services are on offer, and whether you really need them, so let Monique guide you to making some well informed decisions.

From Korean snacks subscriptions to artisanal candle companies, there is sure to be at least one subscription that you didn't know you needed!

  • Last updated: 10-06-2021
Table of Contents

Monique Jackson's mybest

Fetch Cider Club Fetch Cider Club Subscription Service


Osusume BooksOsusume Books Subscription Service

Flaming LicksFlaming Licks Subscription Service


Iggy BoxIggy Box Subscription Service


Loot CrateExclusive Anime and Manga Collectibles + Gear


SatisfictionSatisfiction Subscription Service

Caravan Coffee Roasters Caravan Coffee Roasters Subscription Service 1

Caravan Coffee RoastersCaravan Coffee Roasters Subscription Service

The Perfume SocietyQuarterly Subscription


DaebackSnackFever Subscription Service

Monique Jackson's mybest Summary

Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular as many of us have less time to shop around for specific products. Plus, they're really convenient. Whether the box is for fun or to make life easier they're convenient and there are so many out there to choose from.

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