Chloe and Talib's Top 7 Products for Campervans

Chloe and Talib's Top 7 Products for Campervans

Campervan Conversion, Travel and PhotographyChloe and Talib

Indigo & Olive is a bespoke handmade campervan conversion company based in Wales, UK. With a background in photography, couple Talib Saleh & Chloe Massey strive for creative designs inspired by their travels. With lots of experience living off grid in vans and more recently their self converted a...

'This list of loved products is all about creating an aesthetically beautiful tiny home on wheels.'

Chloe and Talib who you may know as Indigo & Olive have curated this wonderful list of products for your campervan. It isn't every day you are able to easily browse through hand picked selections of items, so this list really is something special. 

'If you love the idea of using your campervan off-grid, check out our article "Top 7 Must Have Products for Off Grid Living".'

Additionally, if you're looking to live off the grid, make sure to check out their second article which will help you make your dreams a reality!

  • Last updated: 08-06-2022
Table of Contents

Chloe and Talib's mybest

Just FabricsLinen Upholstery


This Moving HouseFarmhouse Sink


Lakeland PaintsEco Paint

Washable Matt Paint


Fired EarthTiles

Alhambra Blue


OsmoWood Oil Treatment

2.5 litres


HamidGiralda Jute Rug

100% Natural Jute Fibre


MscWhite Coloured String Fairy Lights


Chloe and Talib's mybest Summary

We hope these tips have helped give you ideas for a more personal, beautiful home. We always visualise the space as a home rather than a van when we are designing, with no limits, and then work out ways to achieve them in a campervan. we think this is how you can create something original.

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