Chloe and Talib's Top 10 Must Have Products for Off-Grid Living

Chloe and Talib's Top 10 Must Have Products for Off-Grid Living

Campervan Conversion, Travel and PhotographyChloe and Talib

Indigo & Olive is a bespoke handmade campervan conversion company based in Wales, UK. With a background in photography, couple Talib Saleh & Chloe Massey strive for creative designs inspired by their travels. With lots of experience living off grid in vans and more recently their self converted a...

'For us, the pure joy of campervaning is doing it off-grid style, whether for a weekend or full time, it's all about getting to those off-grid locations and being surrounded by nature. A few products can really help achieve this beautiful way of living in comfort and ease.'

You may be starting your journey of off-grid living or be a seasoned veteran, but wherever you fall, it is always nice to hear about other peoples' journeys, stories and recommendations. Indigo & Olive have warmly curated this list of must have products for their style of off-grid living, so take a look inside for some inspiration!

  • Last updated: 17-06-2021
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Chloe and Talib's mybest

GiandelPure Sine Wave Power Inverter



Propex Malaga5E Electric LPG Gas Water Storage Heater


SeafloPressurised Accumulator Tank & Water System Pump


Lighting InnovationsLED Spotlights


LGSolar Panel



EasyfitUniversal Bolt on Tank Kit

15 Litres


SpinfloDuplex Caravan and Motorhome Oven Grill


Chloe and Talib's mybest Summary

Sometimes what you need in a camper can feel endless, but making sure you have good quality prododucts that are reliable for offgrid living is really an investment. You don't want to find youself in that dream spot having to cut your trip short because you've run out of energy or are unable to live comfortably.

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