Jani's Top 10 Photography Books Getting Started With Filmmaking

Jani's Top 10 Photography Books Getting Started With Filmmaking

Photographer and FilmmakerJani Ahonen

Jani is a professional photographer and filmmaker from Finland with over 15 years of experience in both fields. He has studied at some of the best schools and universities across the globe, leading him to become an expert in creative industries. Today he is the creative director and the owner of ...

'When I first started studying filmmaking, I would buy numerous books only to learn that most of them weren't that great. Now, as someone with a bachelor's degree from one of the best universities focusing on film production, I can tell you which books out there are worth reading if you want to have a fast start to your filmmaking career.

For this recommended reading list, I have carefully selected those books that offer the most comprehensive education on each area of filmmaking, whether that is directing or editing. By reading these books, you will instantly make yourself a more skilled and knowledgeable filmmaker.'

Filmmaking is as much about the practical as is the theoretical, so it is important that you are balancing your time learning and investing in knowing more about the world of filmmaking. Thanks to Jani of JP Harrow Portraits, you can easily pick up a few books from sites such as Amazon and Waterstones to really tighten up your skills.

  • Last updated: 21-06-2021
Table of Contents

Jani Ahonen's mybest

Steve D. KatzFilm Directing: Shot by Shot - 25th Anniversary Edition

Visualizing from Concept to Screen Paperback


Steven D. KatzFilm Directing: Cinematic Motion

A Workshop for Staging Scenes


Judith WestonDirecting Actors

Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television


Judith WestonThe Film Director's Intuition

Script Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques


Roberta MunroeHow Not to Make A Short Film


Eve Light HonthanerThe Complete Film Production Handbook


Gustavo MercadoThe Filmmaker's Eye

Learning (and Breaking) the Rules of Cinematic Composition


Francis GlebasDirecting the Story

Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation


Jani Ahonen's mybest Summary

Making your first film can feel scary at first, but overall, the process is a lot of fun when you are well prepared for what is to come next. I'm very familiar with all of the books I have listed in this article, and I honestly wish I have read them earlier. Even if you can only read one or two books from this list, you will be on a great track to becoming a great filmmaker.  

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