Silke + Kieran's Top 10 Essentials for Health & Wellness

Silke + Kieran's Top 10 Essentials for Health & Wellness

Photographers, Videographers & Content CreatorsSilke + Kieran

We are a couple who worked professionally as contemporary dancers, touring all over the world, but gave it all up to travel the world our way discovering along the way how to make it work and earn a living using anything we could from playing music to working as photographers and now as 'influenc...

'Here you can find some of our favourite products that help us to live the healthiest, happiest life that we can. From organic oils to yoga mats and yummy drinks, everything you find here will help to calm and centre your body, mind and spirit and keep you connecting with nature as you flow through life.

So snuggle up under your favourite blanket, grab a yummy, warm drink and make your way through this list. Also, be sure to share your favourite Essentials for Health & Wellness with us over on Instagram - @SilkyRonTheRoad'

Silke and Kieran have worked with mybestUK to really get to the bottom of health and wellbeing. With a wonderful handpicked selection (including some promo codes), make sure to pick up a few tried and tested recommendations to give your body, mind and being the love it deserves. 

  • Last updated: 28-06-2021
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Silke + Kieran's mybest

Nirvana Nature CureNeti Pot


Pro 11 WellbeingAcupressure Mat and Pillow Set


YogoUltralight Folding Yoga Mat


AsakukiEssential Oil Diffuser


Héctor GarcíaIkigai

The Japanese secret to a long and happy life


Lady ApothecaryHarmonia

Hormon Balancing Masala Chai


Silke + Kieran's mybest Summary

Using a combination of these items in our daily routines really has helped to centre us and bring us closer to nature but the one thing that we haven't included because it is free is Love. Love is so powerful and if you start your day with Love, spend time with the people you Love, doing things you Love this is the real key to a healthy and happy life.

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