Megan's Top 5 Best Bedding

Megan's Top 5 Best Bedding

EditorMegan Murray

Megan Murray is editor of Soho Home and has ten years of experience in lifestyle journalism writing across topics such as interiors, food and travel. In her free time, she freelances at Stylist Magazine, SquareMeal and My Imperfect Life, loves decorating her rental, reading independent magazines ...

'The bedroom is such an important space – it’s our sanctuary from the outside world, a place to relax and unwind, and most importantly, get a good night’s rest. I believe that a well-made bed can have the power to calm you after a stressful day or put a spring in your step in the morning – from both an aesthetic and comfort perspective. 

While quality bedding can sometimes feel a little expensive, it can transform a bedroom and define the look of your space. Whether it be organic linen sheets with a stylish crumple or crisp, hotel-worthy bedding that has five-star quality, your bed will look and feel all the better for investing in beautiful, comfortable bedding.'

Quality bedding can go a long way to provide a peaceful night's sleep and keep your bedroom looking its best. Working with Soho Home editor Megan Murray, we present to you some of the best bedding you can buy. From online retailers such as John Lewis and Soho Home, we are sure you'll find the perfect choice for your sleeping quarters.

  • Last updated: 24-08-2021
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Megan Murray's mybest

Secret LinenDuck Egg 100% Linen Bed Linen

Single - Emperor


Crisp SheetsWysteria

Double Duvet Set


John LewisClassic-Style, Scallop Edge Creamy Duvet Cover and Bedding Set

Single - Super King


Soho HomeLuna Duvet Cover - Charcoal

Double - Emperor


TielleClassic Hotel Duvet Cover

Single - Super King


Megan Murray's mybest Summary

While finding the perfect bedding may take time, we hope this list has made it easier for you to make the decision. Along with Megan's wonderful insight into how different fabrics feel and can present themselves, we hope that your future sleeps are as peaceful as ours!

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