Megan's Top 5 Best Ceramics

Megan's Top 5 Best Ceramics

EditorMegan Murray

Megan Murray is the editor of Soho Home and has ten years of experience in lifestyle journalism writing across topics such as interiors, food and travel. In her free time, she freelances at Stylist Magazine, SquareMeal and My Imperfect Life, loves decorating her rental, reading independent magazi...

'Ceramics, whether they be decorative, vases or tableware, have become the sign of a well-curated home over the last few years. Especially, if they’re handmade by an independent brand. 

Platforms like Instagram and build-your-own websites have encouraged creatives to share their work online and this has made it easier to have a unique piece in your home. I love the unfinished texture of a handmade ceramic piece, and the gradient in colour that comes from being one of a kind.'

Editor of Soho Home, Megan Murray, has kindly curated her top 5 choices for ceramics for your home. Carefully selected, each ceramic in this list has its own unique features, stories, and designs. If you are looking for ceramics to give as a gift or to accentuate your home, you are in the right place. 

  • Last updated: 24-08-2021
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Megan Murray's mybest

John Lewis & PartnersHoney Vase


Liberty LondonBon Appetit Serving Plate


Hot PotteryLiberty Lilac Jug


Hood Ceramics x Nicola MorlandJacqueline Stoneware Display Platter


Megan Murray's mybest Summary

Megan's fantastic set of chosen ceramics are sure to bring that extra sense of sensibility to any room. If you are feeling inspired, why not check out Megan's other lists in glassware and bedding! Trust us when we tell you to trust the editors!

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