Emily's Top 10 Thrillers for Halloween

Emily's Top 10 Thrillers for Halloween

Book BloggerEmily Woosey

Book blogger, podcast host and breakfast lover Emily is never found without a book in her hand and a breakfast on the table. With such an unhealthy obsession with new books, her to-be-read pile is slowly getting bigger than her read pile.

'The colder months call for spooky, atmospheric reads if you ask me. Because of that, I've compiled a list of my top ten best thrilling and creepy reads. I've tried to include a variety of plots and characters with the themes in each of these books being completely different to the last ensuring you could read all ten and not confuse the plots. 

There are books that are so close to reality they're petrifying or others that read like an intense TV drama, I am sure there is something for everyone on this list!'

Emily from The Breakfast Book Club has once again teamed up with mybest UK to bring you this thrilling list of reads for the colder months. From top thriller writers such as Alex Michaelides and Rumaan Alam, dive into a new world and set the scene in a darkened room with your favourite cup of tea. All of Emily's picks are available from Amazon and Waterstones, so there's no need to rush out in the rain.

  • Last updated: 05-10-2021
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'I love an atmospheric, thrilling read in the colder months. I've tried to include a range of thrilling books without them being too similar to each other. You could read all of these books back to back and not confuse the plot lines or characters. If I were you I'd read them in this order as well - I've tried to mix them up a little!'

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