Pelumi's Top 10 Best Products for Safe Travelling

Pelumi's Top 10 Best Products for Safe Travelling

Feeling the itch to travel and explore the world more than ever now that we are stuck at home? You're certainly not alone! A quick look through the gorgeous travel photos on Pelumi's Instagram at @black.kintsugi is sure to fill you with wanderlust. We're hoping and praying that we'll be able to get on the road soon, but in the meantime it's a good opportunity to think about how you'll travel safely when the day comes.

For that reason we've asked Pelumi, experienced travel blogger known for her gorgeous blog Black Kintsugi, to share her top 10 essential items for safe travelling with us. From compression tights to security padlocks and - of course - disposable face masks, Pelumi has shared some fantastic recommendations that we should all add to the shopping basket right away so that we're all ready to travel when the day comes!

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Pelumi Nubi
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  • Travel Buddy
    Security Padlock - 4-dial Combination

    Pelumi Nubi

    Travelling with a lock means that I can keep my belongings safe whenever I am travelling. I have found this to be super useful especially when staying in a hostel and having other strangers share a room with me. 

    Some hostels offer to rent a padlock from their reception desks but that usually come with a fee and they are usually the ones with a key, which sometimes get misplaced when you are out and about hence can add an extra layer of complexity to your travel. However, when travelling with your 4-dial combination padlock you can be sure that your belongings remain safe!

  • Safesound
    A Security Alarm to Use When You Feel Unsafe

    Pelumi Nubi

    Since pepper sprays are not allowed on plane most of the time, getting a travel security alarm is the next best thing. This can be used when your safety is at risk. For example, if you find yourself in a compromised position and you are getting unwanted attention especially from the opposite sex. 

    Pressing this alarm get the attention of people around you and hopefully someone helps or at least the person who causes you to feel distress panics and leaves you alone. I just love how small they are, and they can be super discrete to put into your purse when travelling.

    SKINS Women's DNAmic Primary Performance Compression Long Tights

    Pelumi Nubi

    I pride myself to be the queen of comfort whenever I am travelling; you would usually catch me flying with some leggings and a large baggy top and trainers. But the day I discovered compression long tight my travel experience was changed for the better

    It's been scientifically proven that making use of compression socks when flying helps with circulation and prevents blood clots from forming, so now imagine having those same benefit but for your whole leg! I absolutely love the increased circulation of oxygen when I am flying hence keeping me generally safer than when I just wear my normal leggings.

  • Black Girl Sunscreen
    Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

    Pelumi Nubi

    I am covering my face in embarrassment whilst typing this. For the longest time, I thought that because I have dark skin I did not need to wear sunscreen! I was very wrong. 

    I think what truly stopped me for wearing it was the white streak that formed when I used most types of sunscreen, which left my skin looking ashy and grey. However, I came across this sunscreen for black girls and honestly it's now one of my must have safety travel items because it means I can now enjoy long days on the beach without worrying that I am exposing my skin to sun damage.

  • General Medi
    Mini First Aid Kit

    Pelumi Nubi

    I have found carrying a travel-friendly first aid kit to be super handy whenever I am on the road. You just don't know when you might need it! Inside my kit I usually have some gauze, alcohol wipes, safety pins, disposable gloves, band-aids and some additional items to ensure that if something happens to me or anyone that I around me, then basic first aid can be administered which sometimes is super essential. 

    It's also important that I mention that for your safety you should brush up on your first aid training, in order to know exactly how to tie a bandage in order to prevent bleeding, and so on. Also, ensure you have travel insurance that can cover an accident. Getting foreign medical treatment can be very expensive.

  • Mengshen
    Safety Wedge Door Stop Alarm

    Pelumi Nubi

    Do you find yourself booking a private room in an Airbnb home or staying in a questionable area of town? I found having this door stop alarm stopper to be super handy to stay safe from any invading predator. If someone tries to force entry into my room the alarm is set off and I am immediately notified even if I was asleep. 

    It's important I mention that you should take out the battery before travelling so you don't accidentally set the alarm off. Trust me, these bad boys are so loud and a must have to staying safe when travelling! Finally, I love that it also comes in a pack of three so that way you can share them out to family and friends.

    Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

    Pelumi Nubi

    If you find that when you travel you always go with a backpack, then it's time to invest in a backpack that has been designed to be thief proof. I mostly travel with my laptop which has very important documents on it so having a backpack that comes with a password lock and double metal zip is a must have for me. 

    Most pickpockets are so skilled and usually slice through the small pocket at the front of the backpack. That's why I love this particular backpack; there is a hidden pocket in the back which means that I can safely store valuables such as my passport and money without worrying about theft!

  • Anker
    Power Bank

    Pelumi Nubi

    Having a fully charged phone whilst exploring allows me to stay safe because I can call for help if I am in distress. I can also use the map function on my phone and navigate myself home. 

    One thing that makes a trip a little harder is when my phone battery dies before I arrive at my destination, because everything is usual stored on my phone from check in information to important addresses. Hence for safety reasons I always have a power bank on me so that whenever my battery gets low, I can charge up!

    Disposable Face Masks

    Pelumi Nubi

    With the current pandemic, having a face mask is now a safety essential when travelling! Most airlines and tourism destinations have a must wear mask policy when visiting. I would recommend getting a pack of disposable masks when travelling. 

    I found wearing a fresh pair after a few hours the best - especially when whenever I am wearing makeup - in order to prevent skin irritation and I generally have a more pleasant experience overall. Ensure that you are wearing your mask properly in order to benefit from its safety benefits. Fitting your mask properly to go over your nose and mouth is super important.

    Sanitiser Spray for Hands

    Pelumi Nubi

    I also want to address a common mistake that I see which is people using hand sanitisers with lower than 60% alcohol level, or those that are alcohol-free. These have been found to be less effective as a defence mechanism again various viruses.

    The higher the alcohol percentage, the better it will be able to destroy the outside proteins which are essential for virus survival and replication. Ultimately washing your hands with soap and water remains the most efficient way to say safe whilst travelling. But in a situation where there is no way to wash your hands then ensure you are generous with the use of your hand sanitiser.

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