Pelumi's Top 10 Best Products for Safe Travelling

Pelumi's Top 10 Best Products for Safe Travelling

Travel bloggerPelumi Nubi

Hi, I’m Pelumi, a travel content creator, writer and adventure seeker. When I’m not in the lab working on my PhD research, you can find me catching flights to exciting destinations. I have travelled to over 60 countries and I’m passionate about creating tantalising images that I hope inspire othe...

Feeling the itch to travel and explore the world more than ever now that we are stuck at home? You're certainly not alone! A quick look through the gorgeous travel photos on Pelumi's Instagram at @black.kintsugi is sure to fill you with wanderlust. We're hoping and praying that we'll be able to get on the road soon, but in the meantime it's a good opportunity to think about how you'll travel safely when the day comes.

For that reason we've asked Pelumi, experienced travel blogger known for her gorgeous blog Black Kintsugi, to share her top 10 essential items for safe travelling with us. From compression tights to security padlocks and - of course - disposable face masks, Pelumi has shared some fantastic recommendations that we should all add to the shopping basket right away so that we're all ready to travel when the day comes!

  • Last updated: 19-02-2021
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Pelumi Nubi's mybest

Travel BuddySecurity Padlock - 4-dial Combination


Safesound A Security Alarm to Use When You Feel Unsafe

2 Pack


SKINSSKINS Women's DNAmic Primary Performance Compression Long Tights


Black Girl Sunscreen Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30


General MediMini First Aid Kit


MengshenSafety Wedge Door Stop Alarm

3 Pack


AMBORAnti-Theft Laptop Backpack


Anker Power Bank


VIROSADisposable Face Masks


INEOSSanitiser Spray for Hands


Pelumi Nubi's mybest Summary

"Seeing the world is so exciting but it's also very important that you do it safely! Wish you an amazing trip and remember to have so much fun!"

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